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The Lord of the Rings: Battle For Middle-Earth II - The Rise Of The Witch King (Expansion pack)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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Does this include battle for middle earth 2 aswell as the expansion or is it just the expansion?

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  Good game

| | See all TheMattMan's reviews (27)

This is a very good game and is just as fun as the first BFME II but this one adds much more units and heroes into the game. I was a little disappointed with the Angmar faction and the new create-a-troll hero as both of these turned out to be disappointing in game play, these were also the features I was most looking forward to on the game. However, I would still recommend this game to those who injoyed the BFME II. By the way, you can still install this game to a collector's edition.

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  Amazing Game

| | See all Sionedw's reviews (12)

This expansion packs is one of the best to play this game you need Battle for Middle Earth 2. The New faction in this game is Angmar they have some really cool new troops the Campaign is hard but not to hard and skirmishes are really enjoyable with all the new units etc this game is a must buy.

  A good lauf

| | See all miestro's reviews (12)

This game is plain and simply a good, simple, fun game. graphics arent stunning compared to more modern games, but they dont need to be. They suit the game doown to the ground. If your not looking for serious gaming just a good time then this is the game for you. (this is the same for the entire series, all brill!!)


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)


THE RISE OF THE WITCH-KING is the first expansion pack to the best-selling PC war game, THE BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH II.

So just what is new? Well, for starters, there is another faction to play or fight against - Angmar. This is the land of the mighty Witch-King of the title, a dark and frozen nation to the north of Middle Earth. Angmar units, rather unsurprisingly considering the wintry terrain, usually combine ice with their weapons to deal greater damage to their enemies! They include the Dark Rangers, massive Snow Trolls and the powerful spell-casting Sorcerers, who suck the very life-force from targeted foes!

Furthermore, all five existing factions also receive new units such as Wild Axe throwers (Isengard), Haradrim Lancers (Mordor), and Lindon Horse Archers for the Elves. Rather than just being for cosmetic purposes, these troops do actually add to the strategic game play and are good at countering most enemy units on the battlefield. In addition, the Dwarves gain an extra Hero character and there are two more for the forces of Mordor.

The fun Create A Hero tool has been revised and expanded to now include powerful Troll characters who can be fitted out with a vast array of armour and weaponry!

One aspect of the game that has been significantly improved is the computer AI, although it was already very good anyway. Now enemy attacks are much more co-ordinated, often using combined troop types and coming from several different directions at once. They are also more inclined to capture strategically important objectives (such as the resource-supplying Watch Towers) and even on the easiest levels the computer proves to be a very prudent and challenging opponent!

Even The War Of The Ring Mode has been tweaked and since the map now covers Angmar too, there are 52 territories to conquer. Several new rules have been introduced to make movement and construction more realistic, while the updated AI ensures that the computer will no longer willingly fight "lost" battles when it is seriously outnumbered, but will retreat in order to build up more forces.

Often expansion packs are simple cash-ins and missed opportunities, although gladly THE RISE OF THE WITCH-KING is neither. Anybody who enjoys THE BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH II will find this great value and I have no hesitation in recommending it!

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  Awesome longevity with an eruption of full-on Action!!!

| | See all LeeAaronLorenz's reviews (2)

An awesome follow up to BFME II, Gameplay, graphics & Nu-Characters to boot.

The tweaks in the create a hero mode are also great, in this one they have put a new cost feature in so that you don't have to fill up all ten spaces when it comes to choosing your powers. A great little touch for those just wanting Gandalfs' WORD OF POWER as a power & not have to spend to much on the hero.

There are also nu powers to unleash hell on the battle field, one of my faves is the earth quake.

The angmar army are a decent touch & the Nu-Spell casters are a deent little unit, very fly loooking indeed.

Definately on my all time top ten list of "Greatest PC Gamez".



| | See all Gandalf2460's reviews (1)

This EXTRAORDINARY strategy game contains magic, war, creatures, special features, great grafics, music from the movies etc. Its an astonishing game that could travel you to the world of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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  Great Game

| | See all palmer122's reviews (2)

Battle For Middle Earth 2 Was A Great Game.... Graphics and Game Play Was Awsome...im going to store to buy Rise Of The Witch King.... Hope Its Even Better Then BFME2.

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| | See all JayJayJay's reviews (2)

Played on this at a mates house want to get it myself but i dunno if it will attach to the collectors edition that i have. anyone know?

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  A fantastic expansion

| | See all dcabob1's reviews (24)

I was wondering whether I should buy this expansion pack for a while as I enjoyed playing Battle for Middle Earth 2. Eventually I bought it and I realised how much I had missed out on!

The Rise of the Witch King is a fantastic expansion pack that introduces Angmar to the game. New units and other game features make this a perfect advancement in the BFME series.