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USB Dual PS2 to PC Convertor XP

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Customer Reviews

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  Vista / Seven

| | See all timmycn's reviews (1)

I can confirm that the 'EMS USB Joypad2 for Vista 32' driver works in Windows 7 32bit as well :)


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  Vista 64 bit

| | See all moboy02's reviews (2)

All the above reviews seem a bit confusing and clashes. To make it clear this product works great with XP and Vista 32 Bit (using the drivers listed above), but unfortunately it doe'nt work at all on the 64 Bit version of Vista. Shame really as it could have saved me a lot of time (and money as i have to now buy the 360 Xbox joypad) trying out several drivers and different methods to try installing it.

  No Vista 64 driver!!!

| | See all rober0's reviews (1)

Used to love using this on my XP machine.

Upgraded to Vista 64 and thats the end of playing games with a psII controller.

No Vista 64 driver and not likely to be one due to astronomical fees required by micro$oft tp "sign" the driver. Ridiculous.

Use Ubuntu 64 instead or dual boot with XP!

  Vista 64 bit - no driver support

| | See all D1m3b4g's reviews (3)

I bought this product ages ago, plugged it into XP and it worked in a true plug and play fashion. From such a third party device I was delighted with the simplicity "it just worked".

Now I have Vista 64 bit because unfortunately in the last 3 years the world has moved on and there is no Vista 64 support at all. I've tried the 32 bit binaries for vista and I understand the 64 bit XP drivers do not work either.

A real shame, a product that was so spot on now rendered utterly useless. I'd suggest putting something in the advertising of this on the product page to warn people with vista 64 (which is meant to be geared towards pretty colours, simplicity and gamers) that the product simply will not work.

If you run XP - 5 Stars - buy this
If you have Vista 64 - No stars, it does not work.

Bloody vista :/

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  Works with vista 32 bit

| | See all pesaddict's reviews (2)

Had no difficulty in using this with the XP - awesome product

In vista, getting the afore mentioned driver to work needs a little jiggery-pokery. First plug it in and let vista auto install it. Then installl the 'EMS' Vista Driver. It should then come up under game controllers in control panel. Do the following for both pads Go Properties - Settings tab - Check 'Joypad' - Set all the buttons to their correct ones. - Apply. You should now be able to use ur ps2 pads and own the computer at pes 08.

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  Vista 64

| | See all MattBlaK's reviews (1)

Nope doesn't work, and no driver support.
Works like a dream on XP though. Loved it back then when I bought it.

Just a warning to Vista 64 owners.
Such a shame.

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  Vista 32-bit

| | See all darkgameover's reviews (2)

Can confirm that "EMS USB2 Joypad for 32bit vista - beta" from earlier post DOES work with PES2008. Just google the phrase and you'll find it.
One thing tho. Every time i tried to configure my sony ps2 controller in the 'Game controllers' section of vist it would seem to lock up the control and wouldnt work. Must be beacuse they are beta drivers.
My solution was to avoid using vista control panel and just go straight into the game. Select the pre game setting and choose which controller to use then start. Only need to do this 1st time.
Works every time now!
Hope it helps :)

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  Amazinng - works with PS3!

| | See all McVicar1984's reviews (1)

Had for a while and just decided to plug it in and see - works perfectly and adds 2 extra controllers to the PS3. Amazing

  Easily the best, much better than the stuff you find on ebay

| | See all shabirMichail's reviews (24)

I bought this thing ages ago,,, It is truly a masterpiece, It works perfectly with my pc, using either ps2 pad or just ps1 pads, and without any problems. simulataneously using 2 ps1 pads to play mame etc.... great fun.
Then I needed another dongle for my laptop, and this was when I think play.com stopped selling these... or i just couldn't find it.... So I went ebaying, and found some alternatives that looked practically the same, and since these products were made years later, I assumed they must be at least as good as play's.... How wrong I was, the new ebay rubbish glitches all the time so that when playing at crucial point your controller will sieze to function for about 5 seconds,,,, trying to clock punch out, was impossible... literally..that wasn't the only problem, every time I started up my laptop, I would have to change the ps pad from port 1 to port 2 (for example)..otherwise it wouldn't be recognised, and I always had to configure it....
Do yourselves a favour and stay away from the ebay rubbish, Buy this play.com,,, an absolute bargain, never falters in the slightest, works perfectly for n64 emulation etc......with ps2 pad, and with ps1 pads...
(ps - if you think that maybe it was cos of my laptop, think again, I've used this play.com adaptor on my laptop and works perfectly)..
Hope this helps.