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Halo: Combat Evolved

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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  One of the best games ever made.

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"emperor10" you are as smart as a pencil, try plaing the game in Legendary, i bet you would't last 20 straight minutes against an Elite or a pair of Hunters.
I agree with you tough, Far Cry was a great game, but after 10 yeras, the Halo story line still surprises the players, while Far Cry is stretched to its limit.
And by the way, in Halo you have a chance to survive provided by your armor, in Far Cry, you die at one touch,
this is something that only apeared in Half-life (another great game that smached Far Cry without even trying).

  By far the best HALO game.

| | See all crashtestdummy's reviews (1)

If you have never played any of the halo games, this is the PC port of the first game. Ive gotta tell you, ive played all three halo games, and this is the best, hands down.

The storyline is great, brilliant sci fi stuff with loads of twists and turns, the gameplay is brilliant, theres great 3 way battles between enemies in the campaign, and theres loads of action. They made the master chief weaker in all of the sequals, but he's an absolute killing machine in this game.

But the very best thing about this game is the multiplayer. Unlike xbox live, its completely free, and you can join massive 16 player battles easily. The maps are great for both vehicles and shootouts, and the graphics are great.

I cant reccomend this game highly enough, by far in my opinion it is the funnest HALO game you can buy.

5 stars.

  exelent game

| | See all rabino's reviews (3)

Low Minimum Requirements

933 MHz processor
Windows 98se/ME/2000/XP with 128 MB RAM
1.2 GB HD Space
Video card, 32 MB / 3D T&L capable
DirectX 9.0 or later
Sound card & speakers/headphones
Online/Multiplayer requirements: 56.6 kbps modem or LAN; broadband to run a server

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  Pretty Good

| | See all HybridEternity's reviews (10)

Although the graphics are awful, don't let that stop you from getting this. It's the storyline and gameplay that get's you hooked. This game is good if you want to learn the Halo story or just for some casual oldschool FPS style gaming.

  No Co-op Mode in PC version.

| | See all tablewolf's reviews (5)

If you wish to buy this game, having never played it before, beware that although there is a multiplayer-vs-mode available, there is no co-op mode in the PC version. However, there is in the Xbox version. This is a real shame. Obviously Microsoft and Bungee wished to encourage console owners by allowing them to have a little more as a reward for buying the Xbox. However, this seems a little mean seeing as only PC players who are Vista owners can play the sequel Halo2. I mean, how much do they want PC players to try? We had Windows XP when this game was released. Was that not enough? The enemy AI is poor. The vehicles are truly great and yet their potential is never fully realised due to the lack of Co-op. If you really want to play this game to experience it's good points, then find 2 old Xboxs that someone is giving away or selling cheap and play it with a friend. Play will sell the Xbox version, I guess. If you really want this game on the PC then try the PC demo first, you'll probably grow tired of it very quickly. It is up to you.

  If you have not played it yet 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING'

| | See all gazzagee's reviews (4)

If you like Farcry, Half-life, Doom, F.E.A.R. then get your money out, a fantastic game i've just upgraded to windows vista just so i can play HALO 2!!!

  Truly outstanding

| | See all dcabob1's reviews (24)

This game is a complete classic. New games can be created, but can never replace the simple yet outstanding gameplay of Halo: Combat Evolved. The single player missions are enjoyable and you can never fail to find a server for the online experience.

Buy this game. You won't find anything better...ever!


| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

This is a classic Xbox game on PC. Can now be found quite cheaply. Worth adding to any collection.

Run and gun type game play that works well even in December 2007.

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| | See all Moneyforuni's reviews (4)

I 100% loved this game, i have never known a game with such a good balance of weapons,vehicles, grandes etc. Awesome story line , and very good online if you have a good Internet connection. Once you start the story line you wont be able to stop it. And the online its a good laugh. Hope you enjoy!

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  The God of First Person Shooters

| | See all Freerider349's reviews (53)

This game has been around for a few good years now, and yet it still has everything a gamer might want. Every game you play is different and the games are just intensely fun. If you have not got this game yet, you are truely missing out... and if you have the game... its worth the second buy :P

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