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The Sims 3: World Adventures (Expansion Pack) (PC & Mac)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Laurawrrx's reviews (2)

Way more than I expected. Despite there being only 3 countries to visit, there's so many little places to explore and loads of extra cool features - definitely recommend it ^^

  Out of this world

| | See all roadrunner92's reviews (35)

When I saw the trailer for this, I was really excited and it didn't let me down when I got it. I love the challenges you do in the different countries and each one is unique. I like Egypt the best , especially with the tombs and mummies. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  An adventure is here!!

| | See all Glitzyqueen100's reviews (80)

You'll love this expansion pack, some great destinations your sims can travel to and some fun challenges. Overall a great game you won't get bored with.

  Good expansion, however more additions should have been made

| | See all Kaya17's reviews (4)

This was a good first expansion pack to be added on to the Sims 3, as it had a different life to the original Sims holiday/vacation.

You can explore hidden tombs, unlock mysteries, learn skills from foreign country's, make long term friendships and more! It is a fun game and i played it for hours on end, Egypt being my favorite location. I Liked the fact you could disovere hidden areas underground and had to figure out yourself how to unlock the next area, it keeps you entertained!
However maybe EA should have added a few more locations to visit, to make the excitement last longer, and to give it that extra boost, or maybe link the mysteries in each location together in places, as i eventually got bored of going to the same places and doing the same quests.
Other than that a great game to purchase as a first expansion, to give you an extra boost that the original Sims 3 gives you already!

  TIme For An Adventure!

| | See all RyanMason's reviews (3)

The Sims 3 is an epic game in its own right but each base game in the series has received numerous expansions packs. World adventures is a fun, unique and enticing addition to an already amazing game.

World adventures is rather groundbreaking gameplay in regards to the Sims series; Your sims are able to go on vacation (much like the Holiday and Bon Voyage expansions for the Sims and Sims 2 respectively), however a completely new dimension of gameplay has been incorporated into the game. You navigate your sims through perilous, sometimes challenging dungeons and labyrinths in order to gain rewards, skills and unique bonuses. The tombs are located throughout all three new locations (China, Egypt and France) and they consist of puzzles and traps, as always your sims may very well die on these dangerous journeys so have your wits about you. The narrative for this expansion pack comes in the form of challenges which you can browse through and accept, these challenges are varied and interesting, this helps keep the gameplay fresh and involving. Some challenges are of a greater scale and span over several of the new locations, this helps make what you are doing feel of a greater importance and is leading up to something that will reap great rewards.

Of course there is much to discover in these new lands; you are able to learn new skills such as Martial Arts, Meditation and Photography (all of which have a trait counterpart to help you in advancing in these skills), you are also able to get to know the locals and learn about the culture whilst marvelling at the architecture. In terms of object additions to the game there are barely any, the new items are scarce and forgettable. Conversely the architectural tools are a welcome addition, you are now able to create basements and customise the structure of your roofs. There are some new clothing items which come with the game; these are not very inspiring however they are nonetheless relevant to the expansion itself. To conclude this expansion is a great start to expanding on the already amazing and gratifying gameplay which is the Sims 3, this expansion boldly takes gameplay to a new level for the Sims, this is a first for Sims expansion packs and hopefully it will not be the last. Although I would have liked to have seen more new content in regards to objects, clothing, traits and hairstyles, what the game contains is more than worth the price and is a fabulous addition.

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| | See all lottii3's reviews (2)

I bought this game and found it misleading because i thought you could you could actually visit the eiffel tower but apparently not and go to china and just visit, but you have to do adventures to boost the visa on your passport.

I think they should have explained the game in more detail, and i hope ambitions is alot better.

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  Great Game & Fast Delivery!!

| | See all MrsTrigga's reviews (1)

Firstly i would like to say the Delivery Times with play.com were great!!! i recived the game in 2 days of ordering faster than what they state!
BUT the game is awsome if you love the sims this is just the icing on the cake! it can be harder if you want a lush home and still go on your travels but for me that adds to the challenge... what will they come up with next!!!??? Thanks Play.com

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| | See all Char90's reviews (3)

This expansion pack is a whole new breed of expansion pack, it is like an actual adventure rather than just visiting places like in previous titles. There's so many new things you can do like nectar making, martial arts it took me absolutely ages to collect every single relic so i wouldn't say you get bored easily. If this expansion pack is anything to go by then the new expansion, the sims ambitions, will be amazing

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  Sims 3 World Adventures

| | See all lauracouture's reviews (4)

at first, it's so exciting! you just want to hop on the plane and take your sims to places. but after a while, it got really boring! I'll recommend this to people who don't get bored so easily!

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  Around the world in one awesome title

| | See all aoelord3's reviews (3)

Okay so its not the whole world lol, but it is one completely new game, forget the sims 3 this makes it a whole expanded experience. The animations and places are beautiful, the secrets many and the missions engaging works brilliant with sims store items such as the asian set and is well worth any sim fans money. But beware it is addictive and time consuming to complete missions but worth it if you follow through.