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Napoleon: Total War

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Customer Reviews

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  Will this game run OK on a Sony Vaio i3?

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Looking to get a Total War game. Wondering whether it will run smoothly on an i3 processor?

  Also known as empire 2

| | See all GOANDOWNTOWN's reviews (1)

napoleon was a great game but really there was very little change from empire.Similar weapons,units,technology and nations.the only real difference was a lack of other continents and the fact that france is very aggressive.a fantastic game but if you want something different from empire then go ahead and get shogun 2

  Undoubtedly great

| | See all Bobbylank's reviews (5)

I bought this recently after misplacing my Rome version which I loved so much.

Just getting into it now but loving every second.

Some issues installing via Steam due to it trying to download the game to install buteasily found the technical help i needed on the support website and installed from disk.

  lol at the Steam haters

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Brilliant game, runs flawlessly with Steam, the problem lies in the chair, not the computer. Steam is an asset to PC Gaming - Really if its that hard go back to your dumbed down consoles with the easy colour coded buttons.

Anyway, back to the game itself. Concentrates on the 18th/19th century Napoleonic period of Europe a little after Empire Total War's setting. The nice thing is you can play as some of the 'Coalition' forces such as Britain, Russia, Spain, etc. Another great in the Total War series.

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  Takes forever to load

| | See all luksta's reviews (1)

Bought this game, started loading it onto my PC about 3 hours ago. Another 2 hours to go apparently, and I have a high end PC.

You have to load it through 'Steam' which requires an internet connection and then downloading heaven knows what for hours on end. What happened to the days of buy a computer game, whack it in the driver and play the game?

It just takes forever to load. I could load tapes onto my old spectrum quicker than this. Talk about going round in a full circle.

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| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

Rome Total War has always been my favorite of the series, and until they bring out Rome2, it will stay that way.
That said, Napoleon TW is a very solid game, its well thought out, graphically superb, entertaining and quite addictive.
The turn based map of Europe is detailed and well presented.
The land battles can be awesome, with the musket and cannon effects very pleasing. Overall stratergy and tactics remain similar to the other games, with improvments to the reserch tree, diplomacy, and trading.
Trade is the foundation to your wealth, with taxes running second, secure your trade fleets and you'll have the cash for conquest!
Battles can be won by out flanking as usual, although artillery can also win battles as they now fire faster and canister shot can wipe out many men at close range.
Sea battles are fantastic and fun to play, but make sure you have bigger ships that the enemy or your in trouble.
The only problems I have found during play are in the real time battles, but they haven't detracted from the overall enjoyment.
On land, occasional graphical glitches can cause men and cavalry to run & jump in slow motion and cannons can become stuck and inactive if unlimbered to close to objects on the field. I would say it can get system hungry here too, i've got an i7, but things can still slow down.
On water, ships annoyingly furl their sails and come to a stop when an enemy crosses their path, probably accurate, but i'm for ramming speed!
Overall, great fun and you'll end up playing well into the night if you're not careful.

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| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

Having been a fan of ROME: TOTAL WAR (plus its data disks), I was eagerly awaiting this latest game in the franchise. Happily I was not disappointed!

Anybody who has played the previous TOTAL WAR games will know what to expect here. Players assume command of one of the main nations of the period (France in the three Napoleons Campaigns or either England, Prussia, Austria or Russia in the Campaigns Of The Coalition), make turn-based strategic choices on the map and, when opposing forces inevitably meet, fight battles in stunning 3D real-time combat.

SEGA has ensured the presentation is highly polished and worked hard to ensure the graphics are top notch. Zoom in on a unit, for example, and the soldiers have different faces! This attention to detail is a huge bonus but despite the nicely rendered graphics the action only rarely slows down, even when there are numerous units on screen.

The campaign map is a nice 3D affair with various levels of zoom but this does occasionally give problems when moving units, especially in hilly terrain. Movement is simplicity itself, merely a select and click system, and the troops will march as far to their destination as time and/or movement points allow.

Running a successful empire is made easy thanks to a clear, well laid out game interphase. Governmental policies, troop recruitment, building requirements, advancing technologies and diplomacy are all easily accessible and the current date and treasury money are always displayed.
Various building types can be selected for each province - both military and civilian - and troops recruited but they all take a number of set turns to complete. Armies need generals and these can be assigned (at a cost) whenever they become available but as the number of leaders is limited careful selection of the possible candidates is a necessity.

Both land and naval battles can be fought depending on the current situation and once more ease of use is the order of the day. Units are given orders and certain conditions can be set - such as ammunition for artillery/ships, skirmishing attitudes, defending key locations and troop formation - while various weather/wind effects and terrain all contribute as to how a battle is fought. The commanding officers are displayed as units too and may become casualties of war like everybody else, although they can also inspire the troops and rally routing units to bring them back to the fray.

Despite the vast numbers of troops involved in larger battles, they are easy to manage but orders can still be given in Pause Mode if things become too hectic! The computer AI is not the strongest though and the computer often tends to favour frontal assaults which can leave it highly vulnerable to flank attacks.

Naval clashes are similar to land battles but here the wind plays a major part in proceedings. Ships can be ordered to bombard enemy vessels to either sink them, kill the crew or destroy rigging if a boarding action is preferred. Sometimes vessels can catch fire and explosions as a result are not uncommon!

Players need a STEAM account to play the game. Through it they receive free updates, can purchase downloadable content if desired - such as new units, set piece battles and scenarios - and the game itself comes with a unique code for the free Elite Regiment Pack of five additional units.

Not since the (now budget priced) IMPERIAL GLORY has a Napoleonic Wargame looked so good. After adding NAPOLEON: TOTAL WAR to my PC collection, though, that other game has hardly had a look in and this SEGA hit is surely one even The Little Corporal himself would have been proud of!

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  Very good game... when it works!

| | See all sic111's reviews (1)

Dont get me wrong, Napolean is a brillaint addition to the total war series. The animations are outstanding, the use of new tactics is a good challenge to get to grips with, and the naval warfare is just breathtaking.

However, I hate Steam. It took me a full day just to install and download all the 'compulsary' patches for a game I wont play online.

Also, I have found that the auto-managing options are really dodgy this time around. Auto-managing taxes doesnt change them, auto-managing construction only builds about one building every three turns or something, and auto-fighting is really messed up. I have been in some situations where I have a max-strength proffesional army against a half strength army of miltia units and I have lost when auto-fighting it. This can get very annoying at times as then you have to rebuild your whole army from scratch and this is time-consuming when you have objectices you need to meet.

I would recommend only buying this game if you have lots of patience - it isnt like the others at all!

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  Installing is a problem!

| | See all babbage's reviews (8)

As they have decided to use steam for this game installing takes ages, mine took 23.5 hours! They should make it how the old ones were made where you just use the disk which takes 15 min! Steam is rubbish!
However, once you finally have it installed it is good, best total war games of them all!

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  Steam nightmare. Some ATI issues.

| | See all Lannes's reviews (1)

The most fun total war for a long time The AI remains poor taking no account of leaders. But the installation is a nightmare with steam taking hours even with the game on disc. Then I had to mess with the settings in the driver to get it to run at all. (disabled Cat AI) Now it looks fantastic on my high end system. Still driver issues listed in the release notes of the latest driver 10.3 so at least there working on it. More an ATI problem than the games. But its now stable on my system so well worth 4 stars. Patch released with some new units free.

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