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Silent Hunter 5: Battle Of The Atlantic

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  WARNING READ THIS FIRST! Ubi lets its fans down

| | See all Oggmeista's reviews (4)

Oh dear me this game is a complete joke notb

It seems to me this game was released unfinished, many areas not functioning correctly or just not functioning!

It requires something like 3 patches just to be able to make it remotely playable. Yes its beautiful to look at and the mobile access pov is also really good but that's about it Half the instruments dont work. crashing is so regular it will proberbly take you as long to complete a mission as it did in real life

The fantastic modders teams have rescued the game somewhat fixing bthings that ubi just couldnt care less about, but its still far inferior to its predecessors with its simpler more arcadey style game play more bugs than cia insergents crashing more times than a blind stuntdriver

and the piece de-resistence UBI HAVE dropped plans for any future improvements to the game after the latest 1.3 patch

My advice LEAVE IT ON THE SHELF ITS FAR MORE TROUBLE THAN IT'S WORTH trust me you will regret it if you don't

Go for sh3 or 4 instead they are far superior after the patches

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  No good for offline players

| | See all Thejedi's reviews (9)

I played this on a friends pc and what a big let down all this having to be online is rubbish it now shows how bad the sales are all the games with having to be online to play have dropped in price within months so shows you this game was a waste of time. i went back to silent hunter 4 which as far better action. only good thig about this was being inside the sub and moving around about it .

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  Game - not finished

| | See all Pittnuma's reviews (1)

I love u-boats, the whole reason for getting this game, I remembered what SH3 was like and loved the game, this, this is a let down, graphically it is superb but there are so many bugs in the program, heck I can even stand on the conning tower when I'm submerged! The ai at times are laughable and the CTD's are numerous on occassions, such a great great shame.

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  buy silent hunter 3 or 4 instead!

| | See all mrpuncture's reviews (1)

Despite the check of my computers spec saying that I far exceeded the recommended requirements for the game (nevermind the min!), this game is unplayable for me.
The idea is good I guess, interact with crew to get orders, but the combination of being very graphics hungry and having a possibly slightly iffy internet connection means i've wasted my money on it.
If i'm in the mood for a bit of silent hunter, then i'll get 3 or 4 out instead.

  Silent Munter - Curse of the Pandemic Hacker Attack!

| | See all GordonTGopher's reviews (24)

Firstly let me state that i have been an avid silent hunter game fan from the dawn of the first Silent Hunter, right through to Silent Hunter 4. Now Ubisoft have brought out Silent Hunter 5 i was, like most fans, awaiting a fantastic game, how disappointed was i.
The graphics are on a par to Silent Hunter 4 but the major thing that lets the game down is the paranoid vision that Ubisoft have about Software Piracy, and the fact that you have to be connected at ALL TIMES to their server to play this game.
Now i know that not everyone has a 200Mps internet connection, but i live on Anglesey and the internet speed at best is 512kbps, when the wind is blowing in the right direction, theres a full moon etc etc. So sometimes my internet connection is down or very slow at best. Ubisoft...you have made a massive goof in my eyes and i just hope either you will redeem this and get rid of the ridiculous idea of constant online connection, if not then you might well loose your fan base for this game, i will not be buying this game until you sort this out. Other buyers beware...You have been warned!

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  Excellent U-Boat Game.....When it's finished!

| | See all Numanoid64's reviews (1)

Have played this game quite a bit and my conclusion is that it'll be great when it's finished.
Lots of things in the game seem broken or unfinished. It's hard to use the Target computer as this feature is broken. So, torpedo shots feel like guesswork. Only 2 or 3 subs to choose from (All Mark 7 Uboats!

You can walk around the Uboat, but why would you want to?
You can go on long patrols but you'll run out of torpedos very quickly. (Not like the larger/later uboats)

This game will be great when they release the required patches, but for now it's unfinished and annoying. The problems with internet connection have not been apparent to me.

Graphics are very cool.
Sound excellent.
Gameplay broken!

Shame this does not live up to the high standards of Silent hunter 3 or 4

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  Without patching the holes, this games going to the bottom

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

Firstly I played and loved SH 3 & 4.
Good Points:
- Better graphics / water effects / light effects etc.
- Can walk around sub / interact with crew.
- New Story campaigns more involving.
Bad Points:
Buggy to the point of unplayable / unenjoyable:
- Crew don't man deck gun.
- Torpedo system seems random copared to prevois games
- Can't enter sub pen on return
- Rock flost a few meters above sea bed
- Walking round sub becomes annoying (ladders)
Other points:
- Manual is more of a leaflet
- No tutorial to speak of
-Interface is much worse than previous.

In short needs about 10 patches to become playable, just is no fun as yet, but despite all that underneth does have that potential.
Should have been released 3 months later, big dissapointment.

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  Top game - but let down by DRM

| | See all MrLee1's reviews (4)

The DRM system in this game is draconian.
You have to be online at all times to play it, even after starting the game. If you lose connection, or the UBIsoft DRM server is unavailable, you won't be able to play the game. And the UBI DRM server has already proven to be susceptible to Denial of Service attacks...

Great game, just let down by insane and really over the top DRM

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  Enjoyable sinking feeling

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

My main genre of game is strategy although I haven't really played many games on the PC for years. I thought that after playing a bit of the game, I would purchase it. The downside to this game, is that you have to be connected to the internet every time that you play this game, meaning if you have a laggy connection that disconects all of the time, then really you need to think twice before purchasing, or indeed god forbid you are still on dial up. If you have played other versions of Silent Hunter, then I do not think that you will be too dissapointed with this game, I have only just closed the game down, and already feel like having another go. A highish learning curve on how to sink ships, but once you get the hang of it, then it gets quite easy. The manual is not much help really, and contains very little information as to the finer details of things, it merely covers the very basic information. Overall you need the patience of a saint and a decent broadband connection to really enjoy this game.

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