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World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm (PC & Mac) (Expansion Pack)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  good but should be able to play without requirements

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played the starter version of this game, its good but tbh after reaching certain cap level it gets boring after a while. One thing from looking up this game to buy is having to have 3 different W.O.W packs to play cataclysm itself which is irritating and can be a waste of money. cataclysm should be allowed to play straight away without having to have "burning crusade" and "Leich King". rating of 3 i give for this game

  Out of date & way to easy.

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Having played the game from what is known as 'vanilla', but also spending time to try out other mmo's as they came, i can say that i have an un-bias view of WoW. Also be advised that most original 'vanilla' players have already left WoW, most the player base is from the 'WoTLK' time, which was the easyiest expansion of the series, that is why many people find Cataclysm 'hard'.

Make no mistake,WoW 'was' a great game back in the day, but it has not aged well graphicaly, and nor has it aged well in terms of difficulty.
WoW is a victim of its own success, Blizzard's constant updates continualy make the game easyer so that it can attract a wider audiance. It also seems that Blizzard is ether running out of expansion idea's, or is loosing their imagination. As shown in their latest expansion "Mists of Pandaria".

Nowerdays it is much easyer to talk about the good points of WoW than the bad, since there are so many bad points. So...

The Community: The community is huge, you will always be able to find groups, chat, and generaly have fun.
The Compatability: The game is old and so it can easyily be played on old computers even with the latest "improvments", of which i use the term loosly.
The size: The game is big, very big. Plenty of exploring to do, tons of gear, and alot of lore.
End game access: its very easy to get into endgame content, no-one can really be left out.
Ease of use: The games controls are very simple, point, click, press.

Now for the bad points, as i said there are to many to list, but ill go over some atleast.
All the good points above are also partialy bad.
The community being huge will ofc mean u will innevitably bump into the "less civilized" types of people known to prowl the internet, unfortunatly for WoW, its large population of younger players also means simularly immature confruntations are frequent.
The compatibility is there becouse the game is outdated, and thus doesn't look anywhere near as good as pritty much any other mmo out there atm.
The size of the game when actualy playing seems small due to leveling speed, you will miss alot as you level, and the fact that less than half the content in terms of gear is actualy usable, old engame content is almost never used.
The ease of use also makes the game boring to play, the point click press style gameplay gets tiresome, there is no challenge.

PVP: Now this area is heavily argued with plenty of 'anti pvp' and 'pro pvp' communities out there, however in a non bias opinion, PVP in any game that uses 'Gear',Random Number Generation,'Specs',or anythign else that is not determind by a players PVP'ing skill, is not proper PVP. Therefor i will advise that if you want a game for PVP look for games that have set layouts for your character,ship,car, etc so that players are competing on a level playingfield. In WoW the winner of 'most' pvp battles is decided by gear and class/spec. very rarely is skill involved, which is why WoW and pritty much all other mmorpg's are not concidered eSports.

For me, the main issue is simply the difficulty of the game, not only in terms of content, but also in terms of how the game plays. Its far to easy now, unlike in its 'vanilla' days, this inclues 'Cataclysm', as although slightly harder than 'WotLK', it is still far easyer than 'vanilla' and 'TBC'.

It will ofcourse be around for a while longer due to its immense player base but if your looking for a mmorpg to play, do your best to look else where first, WoW is not a great example of a good MMO.(Its a great example of good buisness though).

Please note that i am nether 'pro' nor 'anti' WoW. This is simply a un-bias review :)

  Good game but. . . .

| | See all LMS1990's reviews (2)

This is a great game, i enjoyed starting a new character rather than leveling my main. But what you will hear alot is that it gets repetitive which is very true. I think WoW's time is running out.

  very poor

| | See all doctorbacon's reviews (30)

it a shame then turn a good game in too a very poor game would highly recommed do not buy this game then took away what fun about the game

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  Loving it!

| | See all saphoura's reviews (3)

To start with, its time the game became challenging WotLK was faceroll stuff, now heroics actually require a healer and not just run in an AoE get badges and Raids that people dont farm within 5minutes of them being released.

The use of Guild Levels etc are a great move, and mean people will stick with their guilds and not be so hasty moving around. The levelling in the game is better with each area having some lore and getting a nice cut scene + a blue item.

In the new areas they have tried really hard to make quests original and not just the usual grind, and the landscapes are amazing to be fair. As for instances, heroics and Areas being locked until certain levels and gearscore - reason for that is so that people in rubbish gear get carried through to get gear, and that you are ready for the mobs you'll be fighting for example a lvl82 couldnt do much of anything in twilight highlands - as a lvl 10 would do much in Ashenvale.

The Game is a massive improvement on WotLK which was a backwards step from TBC imo, but the game is getting challenging content and making players work for gear again, and not getting epics for killing a heroic boss. If you enjoy the game before you'll enjoy it now, its just more challenging in terms of PvE i would advise for anyone to try it, great laugh when your playing with your mates

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  A Shame...

| | See all Endeva's reviews (4)

I decided not to write a review straight off so i could play the game properly and discover everything it has to offer, so heres my breakdown of cata after 3 months and downing all current pve bosses...

Good Bits...
Flying in Azeroth
Re-Forging Gear
The tactical side of the boss encounters, can't just tank & spank now

Bad Bits
PvP is completely unbalanced
The difficulty curve from wotlk to cata is enormous, staggeringly enormous, and the new encounters are literally unpuggable, even with vent/,mumble so you have to be in a good guild, then you have the issue with everything being based on ilvl, an idea blizzard has essentially adapted from gearscore, as such skilled players may miss out as people only care about your achieves and ilvl. The guild levelling system has crippled any chance of forming a successful new guild, and made the larger 25 man guilds have an astonishing advantage. Nobody wants to tank anymore, being a tank in cata is horrific, and the balance of enjoyment to frustration leans heavily on the latter. Gearing up has now become a chore. Mastery is a stat that is useful to some classes and useless to others, its totally unbalanced, and with the exception of holy priests and ass rogues pretty much everyone is going for non-mastery gear and forging it off, so they kinda failed there. There are only 5 new zones this time round, which will take you approximately 3 weeks to complete, and then thats it basically, its just waiting on your weekly raidlock to reset. Attitudes of players is now worse than ever, with people nerdraging about everything (and rightly so in most cases with the way the game is now)

They've just unbalanced it too much to be honest. I forsee the majority of players will go to Rift as it looks to be a substantially better game. WoW has had its time, and it must move aside to allow a new game to step in, unfortunately Cata has marred WoW's reputation, and it wont be long until it dies an embarrasing, and frankly unneccesary death.

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  Fatally Flawed

| | See all sFfalenn's reviews (1)

I have played WoW for nearly 6 years now and this expansion is by far the worst.
Blizzard have now bought into the idea that if your gear isn't rated high enough then you are automaticaaly barred from areas of the game. An idea introduced by gearscore morons in WotLK.
If you aren't a tank or healer you are going to wait 45 mins to get a randon instance group and do you know why? Because no one wants to play tanks or healers. Why? because they take all the abuse from other players when things go wrong and that abuse can be really bad.
Blizzard's idea of tackling this is to make healing virtually impossible and so the abuse comes rolling in. Virtually all healing classes have been destroyed.
Others have mentioned the raft of other problems with the game now so I won't go into it further. Suffice to say, today is the last day of my subscription after 6 years and I have uninstalled the game and intend never to return

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  Poor spoon-fed banality

| | See all Razzamanaz's reviews (38)

I have played WoW since day 1 about 6 years back. Despite a few times when I got bored of it or just too tired to be bothered, I always found myself going back to. I have played AION, AoC, LoTRO, and so on, always going back to WoW. When you go back you notice how poor it is these days. I really looked forward to Cataclysm as I did with all the expansions, but this one is just the most banal spoon-fed dross ever. Don't imagine for one moment you can go to a new area ahead of being sent there, if you do, you will find no quests and nothing to do. You must be sent there first. Also, if you do move on and decide to come back and finish off all the quest you will pull your hair out trying to find where you where up to if you dropped all the old quests.

Mob grinding for those that like such things is frowned upon now and it is quite difficult. If you are a healer, especially a druid healer, expect to have a really hard time. You will have to have groups prepared to CC properly as wading in will 100% get you all killed. Healing is now an exercise in topping up and if the group is intent on agro pulling you will oom in no time at all in all fights. Priests fair a bit better, but druids are seriously damaged now.

There's a new game called RIFT due out, it looks similar to WoW and people are raving about it. If I can get along with that I'll be very happy indeed. I'll never go back to WoW this time, even though there's 4 months prepay left on my account. It's been weeks since I played it and I'm glad. Heed all that's been said before me, you will need a good group or guild to get anything done now.

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  Awesome, if a bit hard towards the end.

| | See all Kryzac's reviews (1)

Given that World of Warcraft is 5 years old now, Blizzard can be forgiven for sticking with the same graphics engine for the majority of this expansion, but what they have done with the old game is stunning, the overhaul has breathed new life into it.

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  Really good but...

| | See all 89654123's reviews (56)

So, as the title says, it's really good but you need to be in an active social guild (or have a few RL friends playing) to get the most out of this game.

The new level cap is very easily reached (I think it took me 20 hours or so) due to the quests being spoon fed to you, so you don't get lost and lose out on xp while you wonder what to do. The minimap shows you were to go, so you can fly there and do whatever, and fly back to the questgiver within a few minutes for 30,000 xp or so. Rinse and repeat and you're level 85.

The new zones are spectacular, as is the new revamped Azeroth. Being able to fly over Azeroth is very exciting.. it's just a shame that the cool ground mounts hardly ever get used now, especially the new camel mount I just got!

The graphics have been revamped. The game will still play well on lower end pc's, but now you can ramp the settings up to high if you have a good machine.

Doing dungeons at level 85 is where it goes downhill very quickly, if you don't have friends or a social guild to help you. PuG's are full of very nasty-minded players who think it's their god given right to hurl abuse for any reason, especially to the tanks and healers.

The regular level 85 instances are pretty easy and drop iLevel 333 loot. This helps you to do heroics (you need an average gearscore of iLevel 329 to be able to access heroics) and perform decent dps, healing and tanking. But expect to fail a lot. Heroics are VERY hard as of now.. just imagine doing WotLK heroics with everybody in iLevel 187-200 gear and you'll appreciate how hard it will be. Especially now that the bosses feel as hard as some WotLK raid bosses used to feel.

The max iLevel ingame (to non raiders) is 359. These are epics, whilst everything below is classed as a blue. A lot of crafted epics and epic BoE raid drops can be found on the AH which will boost your powers considerably. But prices are sky high at the moment.

The new profession of Archeology is very tedious and seems like it's not been fully implemented. Ores seem to be more available though.. maybe they spawn quicker and there's more of them? So lower level ores are now very cheap (mithril used to be very expensive but is always available for a few gold a stack now).

Gold is very easy to come by. I think I earned 3000 gold in the time it took me to level my character from 80-85. A lot of BoE greens drop, which disenchant into very expensive dusts.

Overall, this expansion is very well made and presented overall, but the lack of a social guild or RL friends make this a short-lived experience. Someone else noted that it was good for a month and I agree with them. My character is a tank in 346-359 gear, but the abuse I receive for any little mistake (not even my own sometimes) is too much for me to take. This anti-social behaviour will be the death of WoW in the end I feel. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.