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Theme Hospital

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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  Best Game!

| | See all angelstace17's reviews (5)

This has to be one of my all time favourite games. It's easy to understand and learn how to play, it's fun and makes me laugh. It's a must have!

  Classic gaming

| | See all Dalien's reviews (5)

I used to own this for the PS2 and played it all the time. The quirky illnesses and diseases with their imaginitive cures make this a great game to pick up and play for a laugh and to chill out.
There are some bugs in here but they don't spoil the enjoyment of the game, just make sure you save frequently.
At £5 this has to be one of the best deals on the website.


| | See all Coleyvision's reviews (6)

One of the Very best games to be brought out on the PC once you start to play it you wont put it down. A MUST OWN for any person how loves games 5* no doubt

  Best.. Game.. Ever..

| | See all cardiff's reviews (16)

No matter how much technology advances, some things can not be beaten. I guarantee if you've never played Theme Hospital before you WILL play it until your fingers bleed. Everyone should own this game. Buy it now!!

  Very good

| | See all jl23222's reviews (1)

This game was very good and very addicting to. Never gone past the 2nd level though. Everyone will enjoy it. Originally a childrens game, but adults will love it. and a bargain to.


| | See all JaneyWayney's reviews (3)

Theme Hospital is one of the best pc games I have played in my life - its provides hours of entertainment - my faveorite patients have to be the bloated heads that come down from a helicopter and the invisable men that you cure with potions. Well worth the money - Good Graphics - Brilliant Game!


| | See all msclark's reviews (2)

once youve started playing you lose all track of time. before you know it youve been sat glued to your computer for hours! the best simulation game around

  Get This Game Remember Why You Like Simulator Games

| | See all Tedward100's reviews (11)

This game show the greatness of retro games. It's simple to pick up and learn and is, as with all great games, very addictive.

This game uses a simple level system when you sucessfully build a self running hospital you advance to the next level which unlocks more machines, more dieases and more of a challenge.

This game does have a good comical factor. You get pop heads and reinflate them and also being hairy is a diease.

If i was being hyper critical i would have to say on the last few levels the amount of money that is needed to win is very high and takes a while to reach it even after you built the perfect hospital and you have nothing to do accept sit there and wait.

But that tiny flaw doesn't ruin a truly great classic. If you are tired with new Sim games that focus all on graphics then get back to basics with this and you won't be disappointed.


| | See all Unessential's reviews (2)

I have owned this game since a kid when it came out way back in 97. Overal i would have to say it is one of my favourite games of all time, and i still play it regularly to this day. The game (as with all bullfrog products) is high quality, there are few bugs although multiplayer functionality was missing from the initial release, i dont know if that was fixed in the budget release but if not there is a patch around which fixes it. Gameplay is involving and humourous, if your not telling handymen to clean up sick your co-ordinating a helicopter of 'bloaty head' patients into the hospital! The soundtrack is good quality, with some decent background music, the visual appearance of the game may look basic by todays standards but the gameplay more than makes up for this. The game itself can take weeks to complete, intial missions take an hour or two but later on in the game it can take weeks to do just one level, even if you do complete it fast theres plenty of replayability, no 2 games are ever the same!
If you enjoy this game i also recommend checking out other games by bullfrog, muckyfoot and elixir