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The Settlers 7: Paths To A Kingdom (PC / MAC)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Fantastic easy on the eye strategy game.

| | See all MickMcT's reviews (1)

This is my first Settlers title, purely because of the limited range available for my new Mac, but I have to say I am really enjoying it.
After a few initial problems, which were rectified with a reinstall and patch download, I started the tutorial campaign which takes you through everything you need to know. I find the visuals quite stunning but like I say I'm new to the Mac so this may be the norm....At around 7 pound this game I'd say is a must buy, even just to while away the hours while the Wife watches the soaps..Big thumbs up from me.
I did have a problem starting the game since my patch, it seems to fail to pick up on an internet connection, but I just logged into Ubisofts website then relaunched the game, that seemed to do the trick..Hope this has been of some help.

  Great Complex Strategy Game

| | See all abuion's reviews (3)

This game is my favourite strategy game. It is more complex and diverse than any other game I have played. If you have a permanent broadband connection then do not hesitate to buy it.

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  Restrictive Game play

| | See all Gadgetsnbits's reviews (6)

Firstly as many people state the constant connection required to play this game is annoying - and slow.

However the biggest issue I have with the game is that it is very limited. As a long term Fan of the civilzation series I was hoping the extra hands on building / gathering process would add to the city / town building process. however there are limited maps and no single player free roaming scenario. Computer players gather Win Points much easier that human players

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  Good game, ruined by DRM. DO NOT BUY!

| | See all pheos1's reviews (2)

The game is ok and a good continuation of the series, alothough its did crash a couple of times.
My main problem is that this game is crippled by DRM. You need to be permently connected to the internet to play and also hand over your personal data to register an accounf in order to even start it up. It is also dependent on Ubisofts servers being online which they frequently are not. The game saves all your savegames to the Ubisoft server and even on my 20mbit home connection this take upwards of a minute. What happens a few years down the line when they decide to dicontinue support for the game? My game becomes unplayable?
As I bought this to play mainly on my laptop whilst traveling It is useless to me as I rarely have a stable internet connection. For this reason the game will be retuned. Shame on Ubisoft for ruining the game with greed and paranoia and shame on Play for not telling you that the game is crippled

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  Well Designed and long lasting Strategy Game

| | See all shadiec's reviews (6)

I very rarely write reviews to a game, because I feel its very much down to the opinion of the person playing, if the game is good or not.

But........ i can hand on heart say, that with this game, any strategy fan will appreciate and enjoy the lengths they have went to in this game. The music, graphics and gameplay are simply fantastic.

This game cannot be rated high enough in my opinion and hasnt been given the credit its deserved. I would almost go as far as to say its a masterpeice in Strategy game design. I've played almost all Strategy games since the first command and conquer series (Even Dune!), so I'm pretty clued up on this genre's evolution. So I can say with pride how amazing this game is, and feel confident in my reasoning.

I will most definately be purchasing any future games or add-ons this series makes.


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| | See all ChrisUK333's reviews (8)

I would probably say it's the best strat i have ever played. Graphics are beautifull, the music is fantastic...The Settlers is a peacefull, magical world.

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  General, Trader, Heretic ; you decide!

| | See all Gamer05's reviews (1)

I've never played a game in the Settler series before ; so you could say I took a gamble with Settlers 7 : Paths to a Kingdom...

I've been playing the game practically non-stop since I've bought it, the Campaign serves as an extended tutorial and the story line is reasonably interesting. I've yet to try Skirmish or Online games yet due to the lurning curve the game forces you to take.

The graphics are outstanding without the framerate suffering in due course ; and each building has it's own routine and animation - fights are also spectacular to watch at first glance, considering the developers have cartoonised the populace and army similar to the design of Battlefield : Heroes!

Once you've got to grips with the game ; you notice it's far different to any other RTS out there - yes you can probably rush with a military force and conquer lands, but in the same method you can bribe your way through the land or simply send fanatically church dwellers to convert the population. This differentiated the game for me - because the game runs a "each to his own" approach.

If you're new to the world of settlers, I suggest you purchase for this reasonable price - one of the best games I've bought in a long time!

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  Briliant game, even with draconian DRM !!!! )))

| | See all LuckyGamer's reviews (6)

I absolutely do not know what the previous people who put down reviews are talking about. First of all mouse is working fine from start, no problem there. Secondly, this game is fantastic from the interface to the animation and the game strategy. I have been playing almost straight for 3 days and its brilliant. I can advise to do Campaign part of the game at first, as it will teach you few tricks which can be useful to you. The game is made in such way that you are really need to focus on what strategy you will put in place, which make game challenging and very interesting. The only little down part for me is DRM system, I have lost connection to the server few times and had to start game from the last saving point. Saying this I still give the game 5 stars, well deserve is. Thanks very much Ubi developers.

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  Fantastic Evolution

| | See all Malaci's reviews (1)

All the best of settlers 1 and 2 without any of the down sides. I am surprised at the poor reviews of this game so far. Settlers 7 has a steep learning curve that requires dedication to overcome. If you are looking for a simple and lazy game take a pass on this one, if you are looking to get stuck in to a rich and complicated strategy game get it now.