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Half-Life 2

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  never got to play it

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Was really looking forward to playing this game and purchased it second hand on Play trade. However, due to the piracy procetion software on the game, the unique game key will only work once for the original person who buys it, rendering it impossible to use. The company were unable to change or reset the code for me which meant i had to return it to the seller. Be very aware of this when thinking about buying this game.. second hand it will NOT work

  All hail the crowbar!

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This is the game that got me hooked on shooters. In that respect I guess it has a lot to answer for! And, along with Episodes 1 and 2, it remains my favourite to this day. Valve have taken their 1998 classic Half-Life and improved on it in every conceivable way. Much improved graphics, much improved physics, much improved AI, and much improved weapons, most notably the wondrous gravity gun. Once again it mixes a wide variety of spectacular environments with some satisfying puzzles and some fantastic combat. It also develops the story started in the original and fleshes it out nicely. Another important gain is the introduction of Alyx and her father Ely. Alyx will be a welcome companion and will, periodically, fight by your side. This is a big factor in HL2 -- the introduction of team play. You will have small bands of resistance fighters with you sporadically during play in the single player mode and this adds a team element which greatly increases immersion and the sense that what you do matters. I could bang on about this game for ever and a day, but just let me say this: play it -- you won't regret it.

  best game ever in my eyes

| | See all nukem2011's reviews (72)

Half life 2 is still a stunning game that looks grate playes grate and makes u feel like your there this none stop action game has broken down in to episoeds that carry on from here grate game that you dont need a top pc for im useing a latop toshiba a300 with a 3650 card and dual core amd 2.1 running all on high 1400 by 900 and this game runs like a dream buy this amazing game works with vista


| | See all ForSaleForumCoUk's reviews (8)

Brilliant first person shooter with superb visuals and especially the real worls physics. But it nowwww, from me :) I have Orange box available inc this, CS source, Episode 1, Epsode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. Happy Xmas :)

  Revolutionary Gaming

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I was dribbling in anticipation after reading the previews about HL2 because of the gameplay and the astounding graphics (Although seeing wrinkles on computer generated characters isn't exactly my niche, it was amazing to view). I brought it the day it was out and I was not disappointed. Although if there is one draw back, you need a pretty hefty PC to run it smoothly, I would suggest 2GB Ram and a 512MB graphics card. Overall it's definately worth the money. BUY IT NOW!

  Great game - when it decides to work

| | See all Elevation's reviews (32)

Half Life 2 as a game is pretty much everything everyone says it is. Since it was made other developers have gone on to use the Source engine to a much better effect (Vampire: Bloodlines and Dark Messiah being just 2). It has puzzle elements in the game - often these involve weights to gain access to the next area. This would be good except for the fact I'm wanting to play an FPS not a brain trainer. The one major downfall and why I could not possibly give this a higher rating is the DREADFUL Steam system. Being bullied into signing up online, which for those still without internet connection means you cannot even play a game you have paid out money for, is not the best way to get gamers on side. The Steam application itself is somewhat of a parasite - forcing it's way into your startup entries which is ridiculous considering this is hardly an essential Windows component. It also silently sends data which is a characteristic of malware. Also when throwing it's little tantrum it gives the message "Unable to start in offline mode" - and nothing else. Which is about as useful as pack of burgers at a vegetarian convention. Appallingly made Steam aside, this game does have real class, atmosphere, and wow factor. So enjoy...for the duration of the time it deigns to allow you to play it.

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  Absolutely Mind-blowing!

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As a child i grew up on fighting off world creatures with a crow bar in my right hand and a flashlight in the other. Half-Life was superb during the time and now many games have taken on features from this awesome game!

Half-Life 2 is brilliant. My dad; my brother and I were hooked until we had destroyed every last little bugger that caused us hastle on the game!

It is truely amazing and i advise any and all to buy this game and play it for yourself!

If you've played Half-Life 1 then your in for a mind blowing treat because this shall rock your socks off!!! The weapons are greater; the risk is still apocoliptic and the stakes just get better!

Control a huge ammount of weapons or unleash aliens from another world upon your foes!

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  Still one of the best 1st person shooters for the PC!

| | See all dragonlord's reviews (442)

Back in 1998 I brought myself a PC and one of the reasons was to be able to the first Half Life game. Ten years later I buy myself a new PC and I just had to buy myself a copy of Half Life 2. Just as I thought it would be the story and gameplay are some of the best examples of this type of game yet. Alongside Goldeneye on the old N64 the Half Life games are my favourite 1st person shooters. If they make another Half Life game I will have to make sure my PC is powerful enough to run it. Half Life 2 still looks pretty good by todays standards but the most important part to me is that the gamplay is ace.

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