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Mount & Blade: Warband

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  Good if not repetative

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Firstly you can tell straight away that this is very much an indie game - graphics are pretty substandard and the look an layout is very basic.
That shouldn't put you off though, underneath is a unique game that can provide you with hours of fun.

In essence you take control of a warrior who using the 'sandbox' style gameplay has to build himslef up through diplomacy and bloodshed.
The battles are worth the price alone, the movement is fantastic and very responsive - can become quite bloody and fun when you and your armies are charging an enemey Lord.

The gameplay can become quite repetative, there isn't really enough variety in the missions and tasks you can do for the various factions and as such can become a litle tedious, but overall its a lot of fun and a great way to waste a few days.

  A very nice product!... With one annoying limitation...

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I really like Warband, it's a very nice game. It involves you in the story of a medieval land divided among various realms which struggle to prevail on the others. The player is totally free to do what he wants: he can decide how to live (you can be a bandit or even a sovereign's liege for example), who will be his allies and who will be his enemies, and finally try to be the king of the whole land himself!
The game doesn't present outstanding graphic features, but shows a detailed range of sound effects and presents music themes that fit well in the various ambients.
The gameplay is very intuitive and particular, and it makes the game a sort of Action-RPG title with some little strategic components. Beside the single player campaign, there's an online multiplayer mode which is really amusing and challenging.
The only negative part of my review is about the presence of a mandatory Steam activation: I think this is a big limitation for the optical disc version of this game (the direct download version of Warband doesn't have such an absurd costrainment, it just has a generic product key). The player is obliged to get and use a Steam account, and if he doesn't accept, he can't start the game!
Be careful, I'm not blaming Steam, I know that a lot of players use and like it, I'm just saying that any player (especially non-hardcore players who simply desire to put the disc in their pc, install the game and start playing without being part of a gaming community) doesn't deserve to be put in front of those bonds without any possibility of choice. That's the cause of my rating for this product.

  Warband... and you'll live like a medieval mercenary.

| | See all WingedCat's reviews (1)

Mount & Blade: Warband, don't have great differences from the prequel but is a game on it's own, something like a redifined version. Is not a game focused on graphic, that seem simple but also very nice, it's a game focused on a great gameplay, a mix between RPG and Tactical. The setting is not too much Fantasy, is more like Medieval but with Fantasy Factions based on historical cultures.
A great Game!!!! ...Must have.


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I bought this after wanting a medieval RPG and have spent hundreds of hours on it already after only a few weeks. It is so addictive and has a continuous single player so will keep you playing for ages.

Multiplayer is even better, especially one mod- cRPG which loads of people play. I recommend this game to anyone who likes games such as assassins creed, guild wars, WoW etc.

  A very good game

| | See all JerryBowman's reviews (4)

I brought this off taleworlds site but thats beside the point.
This game a sequal to Mount&Blade(M&B) is a very good improvement this time a little bit more RPG'ing like trying to win the heart of a lady start your own faction this time instead of being a rebel better graphics but still not too much so you have to have a good computer so its PC Friendly :) Also whilst I dont play multiplayer it has a mulitplayer feature which I played in the beta and it was good fun so this game if you have played M&B its a must get, besides just think of the mods for this game.

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  Mount and Blade Warband

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What a load of rubbish!! This game is identical to the first game, with slightly improved graphics. Absolutely nothing new besides the multi player, and is a disgrace that the producers of this game are selling it as a brand new game when it is the same game just slightly more polished. Disappointing really cos the first game was fun and I was hoping for more. :-(

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  Small but Mighty...

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Skill based gameplay in a medievil setting that is very addictive! With more content on the horizon, this small games developer is going to do very well for itself. Considering the solid graphics, gameplay and overall design it is more than worth the price tag! Do look into this one, you'll be glad you did...

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| | See all barnabumbleb's reviews (5)

In a brief overview;

More or less an expansion to the previous game, using an improved game engine, a larger map and generally better everything else... really quite a good game though, the free trial is downloadable from taleworlds.com

the game is the only game which can be considered as a simulator of medieval combat with a totally orignal real time combat system that is skill based. it also accuratly protrays the different cultures, economy, social dynamics and politics within a feudal system.

based in fictional land of Calradia where different kingdoms colide, this is a totally unprecedented free roaming with no forced storyline, you construct your own character and choose your own path through the world to success or failure.

Warband includes a new multiplayer aspect to the series whereby you take part in larger battles that work in a similar way to C&C Renegade (if you know that one).

To be quite frank everyone ive ever known to play this game series has fallen hoplessly in love with it, i urge you to download the trial version.... do it!

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