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Supreme Commander 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  They completly missed the point

| | See all merlinsystems's reviews (1)

I will rarely criticize a game publicly as I believe that it is up to everyone to decide for themselves, but after having experienced this excuse for a sequel to Supreme Commander, which in itself was a remake of Total Annihilation, I felt that I must say something. For all those who played the first one because they missed an RTS with lots of diversity and massive battles and thought that the developers did not do too bad a job DO NOT BUY THIS GAME they have failed epically at capturing any of the good point of the original and what they have added is only mediocre. For people who want an RTS with no depth and pointless units and the annoying Steam engine running in the background go ahead and buy it but I recommend you do not spend more than two pounds on it otherwise you will be paying too much. I have one good thing to say about it and that is the graphics are pretty good. What more can I say.

  Not quite the worst RTS i've played

| | See all RTSIan's reviews (4)

if you want a challenge, like supcom or value anything good about RTS games this is NOT for you!!! i loved supcom and FA but this took less than 24 playing hours to complete and as for the tech system well...Surfisive to say its completely different the other most important thing is the economy is horrible if your used to supcom1.

Basically this game is a crime against everything that supcom is i have only given it 2 stars because of the DLC and multiplayer otherwise i only have it to complete the collection

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| | See all rthomas96's reviews (4)

This is fantastic game even if you just want to play the campaign but i get the fun out of this when me and my friends play a multiplayer match against some bots, its great fun. I never played supreme commander 1 and alot of people say that supreme commander 1 was better but i havent played it so i cant share my view. If your looking for a new strategy game with a bit of fantasy violence then this is worth every penny!

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  Amazing game!

| | See all LloydHester's reviews (1)

I played this since release, and haven't managed to put it down since!
people often compare this to Starcraft + C&C,
And It is not like either, I prefer Supcom, Purely on the fact that base management is a lower priority, so you can focus more on your units. That being said, The game can feel a little rushy, but there are some counter defences against rushing that seem very effective early game, Turrets are non portable but 3 are easily enough to take down the enemy commander if he tried to rush you with it. The experimental's look AMAZING and the quality they have put into the new downloadable content is just incredible, the sheer dedication that the producers bring to a non-subscription based game is one of the many good reasons why I rated this game 5 stars!

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  Just a average rts

| | See all karlos000's reviews (1)

This game is an average rts, all the ellements of any other rts are there, except for its precurssor Supreme Commander. Supreme Commander 2 leaves all the things that made Supreme Commander stand out. Too add to this many people are finding a recuring crash wich shuts your computer down or CTD's. As of this time the updates still havent removed this bug.

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  Dear Sweet Jesus.

| | See all TeHChIcKeN's reviews (1)

This has got to be one of the worst Sequals i have ever played. Total Annialation and Supreme Commader 1 were in my eyes some of the best RTS games ever made. If Supreme commander 1 was a Farrari, this game at best, is a 3 wheeled, battery operated buggy.

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| | See all archer10227's reviews (3)

i would recommend this game to anybody who likes rts games this is something for everybody in this game it is one of the best rts's i have planed ever

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  Hugely Disappointing

| | See all detonator's reviews (8)

I've been a long time fan of Total Annihilation, and when Supreme Commander 1/FA came out they were awesome. Tons of units, so many game features and functions, awesome base building and a decent economy that required some learning and skill to use.
Kinda like TA but with some new features and nice graphics.

This is unfortunately not the case with Supreme Commander 2. As a lot of of the previous reviews have stated, it has been hugely dumbed down and simplified. They have made it like every other strategy game out there and taken away from the franchise what people loved about it so much - the complexity and the amount of things you could do in the game. You now only have a hand full of units (which are quite boring), hardly and base structures and a simpleton economy. They've also implemented an upgrade system which to me feels like an excuse to not to have included more units. I don't think i've ever been so disappointed with a game before! I feel they've let a load of hardcore fans down massively.

If you're a fan of TA and SupCom 1 i'd advise avoiding this game at all costs, just stick with the "originals" or you'll be hugely disappointed. I hope if they make a third they take it back in the right direction again.

It gets 2 stars as the graphics are good and if you like instant action it does this reasonably well.

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  Gets Too Repetitive

| | See all Xerane's reviews (6)

Overall a great game, designed to run on low end computers so runs really smooth, but its nothing like the original Supreme commander game at all, The "Experimental" units that you can build have far too low HP, poor damage and really slow, for example a spiderwalker can now be destroyed by a simple 10 tank squad.

As for the repetitive side, match after match you must rush to build a aduquit defense as the enemy send a ridiculous amount of units at you, 16 gun ships at a time which can destroy your commander in a matter in 10-20 seconds.

Moving onto the graphics and new unit movement, its amazing, they have excelled here but taken too much of a interest in this and not gameplay as i said its too repetitive and boring.

Overall a worth to buy game but as a warning you will get a weeks fun out of it and it will be back in your games pile forgotten about.

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  Giant Robots Are Fun

| | See all abuion's reviews (3)

Supreme Commander 2 is a very good game. The campaign serves as a really long tutorial and it introduces you to the fractions of the game and their units. The plot is average, but there are some really interesting campaign senarios. However, the best aspect of the game is multiplayer. Waging war with 300 units against your opponents is pure fun and a joy to watch. The game has some problems which, according to the developers will be patched, but they don't prevent from being a good game.

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