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Dead Space 2

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Great game!!!!

| | See all rupertthebear's reviews (4)

Best game of 2011 by far.Thank god somebody came up with something good i've been trawling through all the other hopefulls but this is top of the pile ......Love it ..Good graphics ..Good story..a must have if you like computer games A+++++


| | See all Senseless's reviews (14)

Loved the first (which you can pick up for next to nothing now BTW), and loving this installment even more. Just like the first, this game really drew me in. Excellent story and set pieces, that compliment this creepy, shooter, sci-fi adventure...

The GFX and sound are excellent and the controls, which needed a little tweaking on the first, in the settings; worked right out the box, spot on, first time.

Have been playing solid all weekend, since by copy arrived, and not a single bug or crash to desktop in sight.

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| | See all snoopios's reviews (3)

I didn't really know what to expect from this game to be honest. I thought it was going to be another sequel to a game where you play the game to beat it rather than to play it for enjoyment. This however was definitely not one of those games!! It is so much quicker with everything compared to the first one and there are so many little things that they altered from the first one that really make the game what it is. The fact that the story (started from the original Dead Space) continues in this game really well is what surprised me. There are quite a few games (like Bioshock and Bioshock 2) have connections between each other but don't follow on.
Even though i've given it a 5 star rating, it's not quite a 5 star. There are a few issues that i found quite annoying when playing the game like when you go to open a door, if Isaac is facing the door, but the camera is looking behind (if you are checking for any Necromorphs sneaking up behind you), the door won't open so you have to have Isaac and the camera facing the door. Also, aiming seems to be a bit of an issue. Even if you are blatantly aiming at something (mainly something trying to kill or eat you) sometimes the shots won't register and go through them which gets really irritating and also you sometimes have to wait for the thing you're trying to kill to either get back up or regain stability otherwise the hit won't register and you end up wasting ammo.
All in all, amazing game and i thoroughly recommend playing the first before even considering playing this one cause it makes it that much more enjoyable and understandable. Also, Dead Space 2 is a lot harder than the original so you could use the original as a practice/warm-up for this one. BUY IT!!

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| | See all Tomcat59's reviews (1)

Game loads fine & plays okay but has a lot in game bugs.I could not progress pass the end of chapter 2 Cut scene jumping from train to train. Check the forums as a lot of users have the same problem

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  Fantastic Game!

| | See all truereview's reviews (8)

I'll keep this short but sweet. a genuinely excellent title, you can see that a lot of work and effort has gone into its making, possibly better than the original, very polished. It will need a fairly high spec to run smooth. And for all those who felt burn by the shoddy port that was dead space 1, fear not, this actually feels like it was developed for the PC. dont miss out, by it now!

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| | See all billyblunder's reviews (2)

exactly as the other review said but I would also add as a gamer from Doom 1, 2 and 3 Quake ,Halflife etc etc this is the best I have ever played. Multiplayer is not for me I prefer COD for that but if you are a true gamer that likes to be scared in a single player environment buy this.

  BENCHMARK GAME. brilliant

| | See all PointBlank68's reviews (14)

Truley brilliant. Ive just played dead space 1&2 back to back and can honestly say its the best gaming experiance ive ever had in 35 years of gaming.Hardley anything comes close except Metro 2033. (another great game) to really get the full effect of the game is to take your time to enjoy the enviroment your are in and notice the attension to detail...Its amazing....I read on a forum someone said it took only seven and a half hours to complete.... Utter rubbish that, guy must of rushed through.Its taking me roughly 1 hour per chapter.As I tend to find myself exploring and enjoying the inviroment and seeing all the hard work the team have done putting this together, Truley amazing. Well done to all the producers, And whens the next one comming of this callibar!!!! ONE WORD BENCHMARK.

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