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Fallout: New Vegas

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Amazing game, ruined by Steam

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Having played Fallout since its inception I was utterly amazed when Fallout 3 came along. New Vegas takes the genius of Fallout as an FPS and makes it truly amazing. New mods, factions, weapon modding, even the ability to make ammo... all genius additions.

When you install this game you are forced to open a Steam account. Steam servers are notoriously slow and I struggled to get an account set up. Why you need a Steam account when you've bought the DVD is completely beyond me. Having to have a Steam account left an extremely bitter taste in my mouth, especially as it adds a dedicated source of Steam advertising to your computer.

Would have been 5 stars without Steam.


| | See all matporkyhoof's reviews (1)

A truly amazing game, with some improvements from Fallout 3, but plenty of familiar elements to keep you happy.
Beyond the usual karmic choices of good and evil, or shades in between, the introduction of factions and your reputation with each of these multiplies the playability several times over. Whether you wish to be an all rounder, a goody, baddy, crazy, or whatever as with all epic RPG's it is truly immersive on that front. Literally hundreds of engrossing mini or huge quests, all of which are totally non linear or time dependent, which is exactly how it should be.
Some real positives for me - being able to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel for a change rather than them being the archetypal goodies :) Mainly I liked having 2 companions and exploring different companion combinations, and giving them new kit to beef them up!
Negatives unfortunately for me is that the number of perks seems drastically reduced! You have to be pretty specific, even though you cap at level 30! Serious shortage of item vendors in my opinion - only really 3 or 4 across the entire wasteland!
Apart from these minors, New Vegas is an evolution of Fallout 3, for the better mostly. If you are looking for something to take up at least 30- 40 hours of solid, ' I will just do one more side quest before I stop' campaign - then this is a vital investment. With a minor break between starting and finishing games, the re-playability using different factions, weapon types and end games is certainly value for money. Fully recommend to all serious RPG fans, even if you havent had the pleasure of Fallout 3.

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  Amazing, Huge and alot hours worth of fun.

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Have to say i disagree with Fewzzypop fallout new vegas is well worth the price and is not an addon of fallout 3, Vegas is HUGE and will keep you entertained for DAYs while it does use the fallout 3 engine it's been updated and some of the new systems are great although hes right they do use some of the same textures but they are good textures anyway.

Also the customizablity of Vegas is that of fallout 3 and oblivion so anything you dont like can be changed and anything you wish to add to the game can be added with mods.

This is one of the very few games that is actually worth the price, most games get boring or completed within the first 5-8 hours of gameplay this doesnt.

If you liked fallout 3 you wont be disapointed with this, cant wait for some DLCs to be released.

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  Another Helping of Fallout 3

| | See all Dopsuperstar's reviews (7)

As other reviewers have noted this game is basically an add-on pack using the Fallout 3 engine.It does have a few new features and has more pleasent eye candy, and the interaction with your companions is much better.If you liked Fallout 3 you would like this game as well.
The reason I cant give it 5 stars is the fact its quite buggy I have updated drivers and added the patches that are available so until they release another patch I am going to have to save quite often.
Overall, in my opinion the best RPG game there is

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  Another Excellent Game

| | See all snubbles's reviews (1)

If you were a fan of Fallout 3, you will enjoy this game. It is basically fallout 3 with a few new features and a different storyline.

Five Stars :)

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  is this great game being released on mac?

| | See all hotspot's reviews (1)

could anyone tell me if they are releasing on mac or just the pc?

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  Fallout Expansion Disc

| | See all Fewzzypop's reviews (20)

If they released another expansion for fallout3 this is what you would get, only a few tweaks have been made.

Fallout3 was fun , you had the wasteland and derelict citys , do you miss megaton? i do! In FO:Vegas its just a little plain , barren desert , none of these monuments , citys etc.

This should have been a addon , most even call it Fallout3: New Vegas.

Infact you can add alot of this with mods.

But does it make it a bad game? nope , its fallout and its fun! , just dont go expecting a upgrade or newer engine , infact all the textures etc are all from fallout3 so hard to see why its so expensive , when all theyve done is add a new world space (small one too). Everything you see is reused from fallout3 , Vegas is a mod.

Still great fun though!

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  Best RPG i have played, BUY IT!

| | See all Raptorex's reviews (10)

This is easily the best RPG i have played and anyone remotely interested in RPG's will find a lot here to like. My only quibble is the inventory management which probably takes up a bit more time than id like due to the many items in the game. Also ive found myself accidentally picking something up, only having to scroll thourgh my hundreds of items to try and find what it was to free the space again, other than this the game is top tier and gives you many weeks of great entertainment which far exceeds the asking price!

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  Pure Joy

| | See all Freehit's reviews (1)

Well let me just start by saying this game is a must buy for fallout fans or RPG in genral.

My hat goes off to the creators because this is a true follow on. For those of you that can still remmber fallout 2 well this is the sequal, take the events from fallout 2 spool it forward a 100 years or so and you have fallout new vegas. Unlike fallout 3 that just places you as a randon vault dweller sent out into the world this game carrys the story on to the fullest. always wondered what happened to those people you help or killed in fallout 2 well now is your chance :)

As for the graphics well there simply stunning the sun moves with the time of day the glare of the sun can blind you the super mutants look like real people (well if people were hulk like)

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| | See all leegend3004's reviews (165)

Well it is goodbye life for quite a while now that i have this. I am so glad that i got this as i never did get fallout 3 and so decided to treat myself. I am not even gonna think about how many hours i will play this for but i think it maybe somewhere after christmas and beyond. Graphics excellent, sound brilliant especially the radio stations the vegas style tunes from many such as dean martin and many other artists are all great additions for the atmosphere. The story is also great and missions you do are all interesting and intense stuff. If you want a game likely to last for sometime this is it. Only flaw that i know of is no multiplayer but on a whole this is a great fps/rpg. Buy.

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