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The Sims 3: Ambitions (Expansion Pack) (PC & Mac)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  let me down completley

| | See all 753669's reviews (1)

I bought sims 3 and and sims 3 ambitions and once I installed sims 3 it was working perfectly alright but once i installed the ambitions it started to crash every 20 mins or 15 mins. and i couldn t play it like that

  What a game!

| | See all roadrunner92's reviews (35)

I love the additons with this game. At last there are some new and decent jobs on offer and you can even control them at work. I love the fireman profession when you get to rush around in the fire engine. The fashion designer too, as you can style all the other sims.


| | See all purplebutterfly8's reviews (39)

This expansion pack adds so much to the game, there are so many new things to discover. Like building a time machine, blowing things up, getting tatoos. I've barely started and already found so much to do! I especially love the architect career, going round re-designing people's houses. Definitely worth getting.

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| | See all ukuli68's reviews (1)

Can anyone tell if this is a multi-language version including Finnish language? I'd like to buy this for my wife but she wants to have it in Finnish.

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  This game definitely diserves 5 stars because its amazing

| | See all butterfly2011's reviews (3)

Im so glad i bought this expantion its definitely worth the prise you pay for it. I found that this expantion was better then the holidays one. Iv had this game for over a month and im still not bored with it. The game definitely make sure that you are able to do quite a bit when you go to work with your sim and it keepy you busy. Also the fact that you have to do the laundry in this game make the game more realistic. overall i found that this game is amazing.

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  not that bad

| | See all sexychick2000uk's reviews (1)

A lot of people been complaining about expansion, when the jobs are not that bad , only one i don't like is the stylist job . i must admit there are some jobs you cant mix under one house hold if u want a family. i managed to raise family's OK. The jobs are fun and different which makes the fame more interesting to play, Love the washing machine and iron people. As for the crashes i never had any and i have had the game for over for over a month.

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  Highly anticipated - bit of a let down

| | See all crower21's reviews (3)

When i saw the news that Ambitions was coming out i was excited that we were getting another expansion pack so soon. Upon seeing it i immediately looked at what would be involved in this expansion pack. The chance to follow your sims at work and develop their careers hands on. This was an entirely new aspect of the sims that we have all wanted for a long time. The pack was pre-ordered right away after i read just about being able to control your sims at work.
Now that its installed and ive played it for a little while, i have to say i feel a little let down, yes you get an entire new game play mode by being able to control your sim as a fire-fighter, an architect, a stylist, ghost hunter etc... but where is all the other stuff we expect from a new expansion pack, the new clothes, new items and new features? i did feel a little cheated, but when i started looking closer you discover some little things that they've changed, the ability to place empty lots in current towns, the addition of the education career, the ability to be self-employed based on your skills, the re-developed genetics link so children adopt more of the parents features. I fell in love with these aspects of the game, but soon started to dislike the ability to have control of your sim at work. With the open gameplay like that it makes it difficult to be able to run a traditional family in the game, if one of your sims is involved in one of the new "professions" as you need to be with them almost all the time for them to be able to advance and develop at their career, leaving the rest of the family underplayed and neglected.
Its the little things that ive managed to warm to that have made having this expansion pack bearable and has to an extent changed my playing style a little bit so that i can enjoy the professions for a while before developing the sims life and family. In general i would advise to buy the expansion pack, you may feel a little let down at first, due to the lack of new items, clothing etc... but its the little changes and the way you might change as a player of the game that make this expansion pack worth buying.

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| | See all lottii3's reviews (2)

I bought this game on saturday and it arrived today (wednesday) so its really quick as a deliver.

The game itself is basically what you see is what you get which is an amazing game, the sims can go out get tattoos done or a young adult can go and visit the fire station without having to get a job there. I found this game really good because you can choose what you want your sims to do in their job and its different every time you try it.

I think this game is worth the money and you wont get bored easily with all the careers and chooses to make :) It is alot easier to play then World Adventures

I hope this helps :)

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  Hardly worth it

| | See all Bekaroo's reviews (6)

I was really excited when I read the reviews and saw the screenshots and downloaded for EA the first day it came out. After hours of gameplay I realised EA had come up with great ideas to further your sims careers. Instead of sitting at a house view of your sims you can now follow them to work and depending on what career you choose you can follow them into the building also.

In these career professions you can also take the 'evil' side by stealing things from the sims houses that you're meant to be helping. Or leaving sims trapped or on fire.

However good these perks may be though, there are always downlfalls. Game play with one sim starts off amazing but tires quickly when you cannot have more than one sim on your lot with the new professions provided. I tried bringing up a new born baby with two parent sims. One of my parent sims was a fire fighter and unless you are constantly there with them when they're on a call out, they start up conversations, take showers, watch tv or just come home. I personally find this a BIG FAULT. I and others I have spoken to have found this almost impossible to have a normal family sim life with these new careers.

As for the new 'stuff' they include, there's not much, a few odd bit's of furniture. A few new changes off clothes and maybe a few new hairstyles. Is it worth the money?? I would say.... No.. But maybe if it was closer to 15 pounds rather than 25, then yes.

But I'll let you be the judge of it.. All I'd say is that they NEED to bring out Pet's again! (I'd rather save my money for that expansion pack instead)

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