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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (49 reviews)"

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  End of an Era.

| | See all PLayGamer353's reviews (4)

I have been playing FPS on the PC since they began, followed MoH and CoD franchises through every game and expansion there was. With Black Ops I was really getting to the end of my patience with the CoD franchise. Upping the prices and charging for map packs which historically were free, really nagged me, its like a kick in the teeth to the dedicated followers.

When I installed the game, to my surprise I could have finished the entire campaign before my tea went cold..... if it was not for an annoying cut scene every two steps lasting for twice as long as it took me to clear the level on the hardest settings...I have sworn never to support the CoD franchise again. Over priced and short lived.

  Strange controls

| | See all chaziltasm's reviews (3)

Black ops is a good game but on pc the controls are slightly strange, like when you go to turn around it ups the sensitivity, so it's like it has 2 separate sensitivities. It is very strange, and I find it hard to get used to.

  Great singleplayer, not so great multiplayer.

| | See all LMS1990's reviews (2)

Single Player - Absolutely brilliant! I've always loved the single player mode in the COD series, and Black Ops is no let down!

Multiplayer - It is good but COD multiplayer has never been the same since COD2. Multiplayer has lost its community, Clans have gone and friends no longer around. A real shame.

  Glitchy Rehash of COD 4&5

| | See all MCB2310's reviews (9)

What's new, only one things, bugs and instability. It really is that bad, Steam doesn't help either. They have done nothing to sort out balance issues, the maps are insanely complicated making it a game where most just sit still and don't move around. COD4 was the pinnicle, this is the nadir. To top it off, multiplayer cheating is off the charts. As for the single player, hah it's laughable. Press W to go down a rope, press S to launch plane, it is for people who don't understand electric, let alone a game.

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  There's better elsewhere...

| | See all BlackCatsFTM's reviews (5)

I bought this game on release and completed the single player in hours. Then I played multiplayer till my soldier maxed which didn't take too long (this game even rewards you for dying stupidly!). I put up with the lag, tiny maps, steam, arcadey gameplay, plasticy (non destructable) scenery and small team sizes. Once I'd hit level 50 I went straight back to playing Bad Company 2 and instantly regretted the time I'd been away. I still play Bad Copmany 2 today where after many, many hours of entertainment I'm still only level 40. I've never once been tempted to go back to play Black Ops. My Advice, in case you haven't guessed, don't buy this, buy Battlefield BC2 instead. In my opinion it's so much more rewarding, in fact better in every way imaginable and currently about half the price! Seriously you'll thank me for this....

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  This should have been multi player only !

| | See all Kenny2001's reviews (4)

This is the most disappointing game i have ever bought.
Its far too short and the story line is laughable.
Single player mode is utter rubbish, I mean truly awful
The cod franchise has just become a cash cow and they are milking it to death.
Its five minuets of game play and five minuets of cut scene then five of game play and another five minuets of cut scene.
Its like pulling teeth, I found the whole experience tedious to say the least with no flow to the game at all.
I bought this game because the reviews were so good but the reviews were good for the last cod game and that was poor too,
maybe they should have let it die with dignity at cod modern warfare.
The only good thing i have to say is multi player is OK, they should have made it on-line only and charged half the price.
in summery ? save your money and buy something else.

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  Disappointed - Unoriginal and seriously short!

| | See all Coxy2703's reviews (1)

I'm an avid fan of all the Call of Duty range, but without doubt it feels as though they've rushed to put this together. Graphics, engine and storyline are all of a lower level than Modern Warfare 2 that was released a year ago. Thanks to Steam, it also informed me I'd played and completed the main single player campaign within 4.5 hours.

I wouldn't gripe if it wasn't for the fact that I've come to expect a lot from the CoD range, and for such a high price, this didn't deliver.

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  Answers the Call

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

Call of Duty has delivered again.
They have produced another polished hollywood style, action shooter, and still lead the field.
As a game its fun, graphics are top notch, weapons and sound great and the story is your typical modern tale of terrorists etc.
The only negatives are very minor, and stand out only as you always expect the best from this franchise.
You could say the story is a little unoriginal, with the flashback interrogation type scenes have been done before. The game does seem to have a whiff of comercial hollywood blockbuster, and may have lost its sole a bit, especially with the hight price.
That said, it is quality, and an absolute must for shooter fans. It's much better than the new Medal of Honour, but if you want to pay less, and haven't played it, get Battlefield Bad Company 2, also a brilliant shooter.

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  Good Fun ....

| | See all dazzabazza66's reviews (42)

....but let down by the way it runs on many peep's computers. I had to upgrade my cpu to a quadcore to get this to run smoothly. Other than that, I think the game is good, being a 44yr old male that only plays the campaign mode this review is only for that. I don't play the multiplayer so cannot comment. Provided your pc meets the title's minimum spec it should play decently. Just enjoy .

  Not Up To Scratch

| | See all Mainframe's reviews (9)

Modern Warfare 2 is better than this game in virtually every way. Better engine, better gameplay, better graphics, better online play, better maps... This game just feels far too 'noob friendly'. I'm all for attracting new players to the franchise, but not at the expense of quality gameplay and balance.

Wait for the next installment of Modern Warfare, it'll destroy this completely. In the meantime, keep playing Modern Warfare 2, it's still a better game than this.