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Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Bulletstorm. Great promise,Brutal Killing and gr...........

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super fast delivery as allway's from play.com.......but.......after unwrapping it and placing the DVD in the drive and hitting the setup exe to start the install i came to a sudden stop......
the game asked for me to input the serial code ,i got the booklet and turned to the back of the booklet where the code should be printed ........and it wasnt there.......i was pretty miffed at this point......
after two short calls to EA support i had a replacement code and by way of a sorry for your problem i had an extra code for d/loadable content for free.....
now the missing code is in no was play.coms fault,the game was brand new and sealed ,just the code for some reason wasnt printed on the booklet....i've printed this info so if anyone else has the same problem they know what to do.....
As for the game it's awesome ,gameplay is great and the graphics are detailed.
all in all i love this game and would recommend it....


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An awesome looking and graphically gorgeous and intent game.
anyone knowing the likes or serious sam 1 and 2 will no that the storyline is pretty much non existant but that in no way spoils or lowers the game.

The amount of kills,ways of killing,carnage and destuction combined with the intensity of the game will keep you placed on ure chair for a long time.

varieties of kills = Kill points.
kill points = currency so to speak to spend on upgrading weapons,clip sizes,add on etc.
also getting the lasso electro whip glove will allow you to grap and pull enemies out of cover towards you,then kicking them over a cliff=Vertigo kill= 250points
or shoot them on the legs to trip them,as the stand kick them in to a giant cactus= prickly kill=200points
loads of different ways to kill.
my fav is fire the sniper rifle,as the bullet near slow mo gets activated,then the enemie try to run and dive for cover,whilst shouting obcenities at you,then move mouse to alter path of bullet towards head=no head=head kill

good trailers on youtube to watch and see for yourself.

for me this is a no serious,fun game of utter killing and carnage and plenty of varied enemies.giant level bosses,and huge man eating plants.

Phenom X2 955 Quad
4gig ddr3
ati 4850
and maxed out on all settings at 1920x1080 HD and no slowdown or glitches

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  Bulletstorm, now with added lightning!

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You start off in space where you are introduced to the main character.
After a very short introduction where you get the feel of the controls your airship crashes on a planet filled with not-so-friendly hosts.

In bulletstorm there's only 1 real objective that's constantly in the player's mind.
Kill, everything, as brutal as possible.
Killing an enemy rewards you with 'Skillpoints'
These skillpoints are currency for weapon upgrades and ammo.
The more brutal your kill, the more skill points.
Meaning that killing an enemy gives you 10 points, while pulling him towards you and kicking him into a cactus making blood splatter all over the place gives you 100.

although all the standard weapons, like a pistol, shotgun and machine gun are at your disposal, the best thing about this game is the Energy Leash.
This bad boy lets you pull enemies towards you from a distance.
When you pull an enemy the game will enter a slow motion giving you a chance to find a good angle to kick him.

Bulletstorm is an extremely fun game with very cool moments.
One of the boss fights was personally the most intense one I have ever seen in a FPS game.


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  Bulletstorm. Great promise, awful execution

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I was really looking forward to this game. A mindless brutal shooter where you get rewarded for ingenious ways of killing people. I installed the game with no issues, but I couldn't even get past the Games for Windows Live activation screen. It fails to activate without even trying to make a connection. Mine isn't an isolated case either. Its well documented online and there is no one fix for it. So here I am left with a new game I can't even start. The support coming from EA and MS on this issue is woeful also.
Until this game has a patch available to fix these issues I would avoid it.

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