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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Fifa v PES no contest

| | See all Oggmeista's reviews (4)

I got this because of hearing all the plaudits and critical acclaim. Liked it for about 20 mins then realise3d how repetitive one dimensional and yawn boring it is. this is pretty much an arcade game with real licences and I have to say great commentary..but ultimately its BORING and has no soul. PES is always different always exciting and live and breathes the beautiful game

Let me tell you despite what some on here might say the only real aspect this has over Pes are the sharper graphics the licenses and the commentary, oh and the gimmicky 11 players per side online P

In all other regards PES eats this for breakfast. Im speaking of its playability player Ai realism, Ball physics Ive uninstalled it after about a week all I can say is try again EA because Konami is still the King.

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  best fifa ever on pc

| | See all melannie's reviews (1)

ive bought every fifa ever on pc since they came out and this is 100% by far the best, i even bought pes 11 pc too from play.com also but although they are both good games i have to say that fifa just pips pes at the post, pes is too boring, where'as fifa is constant action, hope they keep it this style for fifa 12 and make it even better too, its by far the best footy game on pc with pes 11 breathing down its neck.

  Best Fifa title in many years for PC.

| | See all HIghwayUK's reviews (2)

I've had every edition since they came out, and I whole heartedly say this is the best edition in the last 4 years in terms of fluid gameplay. all the previous 3 year's edition have been stuck using the 2006 engine with very few tweaks including the world cup 2010 edition. 2011 brings the updated 360 editions graphics finally to PC, while not dx10/11 grade yet they still look amazingly better textures and fluid animation compared to previous efforts. Gameplay has all the manual passing and shooting options of the console editions if you disable all the auto assists and play on world class level.

EA do simply tweak rosters for the yearly updates but as this one is a engine update as well it's a must buy for footie fans, there's still life in this old dog yet 91%

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  ripped off

| | See all redjon71's reviews (2)

I bought this game because i saw my son on his xbox 360 version & all i can say is i feel cheated, To start with its basically xbox 360 fifa 10 with some updated scenes and menus & why do ea think we as pc gamers are gonna be fine with outdated code from a ported console version from last year & we cant be goalkeepers unlike the consoles . My advice is dont buy it & if you do then prepare to be ridiculed by all console players . not happy bunny about this farce of a release. ea money grabbers doing what they do best, ripping people off.

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  good game

| | See all godmode's reviews (1)

I hear theres no personality and pro passing for pc gamers.Why is this ,maybe they wanna give us a next gen football as this is a great game ,but leaving out the new features is just a little dig at us pc gamers .Why ea WHY!

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