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Rage: Anarchy Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  An excellent action game!

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This is another very fun action game from id software that is much larger in scope than any of their previous titles. It's been unfairly critisised for not having deeper gameplay elements but the pre launch hype and marketing was misleading with claims of similarity to Fallout 3. Rage is a fairly straight forward action game with some cool side quests and mini games: a purists FPS. The graphics, sound, overall atmosphere and mood are simply superb.

Despite what people are saying in some of the reviews here, Rage is not a buggy game. The texture 'pop in' issues were the fault of AMD who did have compatible video drivers ready for the Radeon cards when it launched. That problem is long gone and the game is silky smooth if you have a mid range card with the latest drivers (1 gb video RAM ideally).

This is an XBox game first and foremost and there are no graphics options or enhancements for PC gamers with good hardware. A pity I agree so if you have an XBox give that version a try first.


| | See all Dakota359's reviews (1)

Rage runs perfectly on my nvidia hardware, and is the best fun action game I'v played in a while. It really has got alot of unfair
criticism. Dont be afraid to buy....

  Really don't get all the hype

| | See all jayksmith's reviews (7)

I can't understand all the rave reviews about this game I really can't.
Its not as good as fallout, graphically or game play wise
The combat is rubbish
The driving element is childish
The AI is rubbish.
The graphic detail is rubbish
It was to easy
It was over before it had begun.

It doesn't stop there I was just starting to get into the game and I had done the last mission. The driving was to easy. On hard I never had to call a tow truck. The monarch car just blew through anything. The combat was tedious and frustrating. I think nowadays some sort of duck and cover system is expected. The bullet damage was unrealistic and some bad guys needed several head shots to kill them.
The barter system was flawed as several items had a higher resale value so you could just buy stuff and sell it straight back at a profit.
The racing was very frustrating it took me several races to realise you only won certs the first time you raced it so no replay value at all. However if you wait until the end and just blow up loads of the authority cars which are ridiculously easy to destroy the chap in the bar will give you dozens of racing certs.

A real pity because with a little more work this could have been as epic game. All it does is unfortunately continue the decline of PC gaming.

I have read reviews where people say it is the best game ever?!?!? I can only think that this is the only game they have ever played then.

Lastly because it is a steam game I am now stuck with it. I hope the DLC is free!

Oh and I never suffered from the issues most pc people did so cant really comment on it.

  Great fun

| | See all Simzey's reviews (12)

This game is great. After the patch it worked with no probs. If you're a hardened first person shooter fan that likes a bit of rpg element, you will love this game. It looks great. Story line is good. Weapons are effective and upgradeable. Loads of items to collect and combine to make better items. The linear fps side of it is nicely broken up with side quests and in map games and races. The vehicles drive well and the races are good fun. Loads of places to explore. I can't stop playing it. Nice one id.

  Not amazing, but not all that bad!

| | See all 13irKy's reviews (1)

Having played other games from the developer over the years (Quake, Doom etc) I purchased this for a pure FPS experience. Judging the game in this way i did thoroughly enjoy it. It did definatly live up to the ID games of old, Lots of corridors, guns increasing in size every so often, a few jumpy moments, lots of blood and exploding bodyparts. AWESOME! Add an extra racing and vehicle dimension to break the game up a little and i was hooked from start to finish.

I am a PC gamer, in the console dominated world of today though developers concentrate on pleasing the console users (the market speaks for itself.) The PC release was bugged, but after a big of digging etc i managed to get through all the graphical glitches and enjoy the game! (There are patches out now to give more graphics options etc, easily obtainable, especially on steam.) With the new options the game looks real pretty.

Other options you get are online multiplayer which after only playing for a little, seem ok. The racing is a bit of a cop out with people stealing your kills, but then what game don't you get that? The co-op however was really enjoyable and i definatly recommend it!

So to sum it up, I love FPS games, this is a worthy addition to my collection. I feel they couldve done better and made it a little less linear as with all the Fallouts etc out right now you need something other than upgrading guns to kill bigger or more armoured creatures. The racing was defo a plus, it broke down the game for me when i got a little bored of the missions! Even just to do the jumping achievement!

The Game is defo playable now and although not among the greats (Half Life et al) Its defo worth a play through! 4*

  Rage: Anarchy Edition

| | See all gazzas126's reviews (3)

not worth the money, wait for sale time...it's buggy as hell even after patch, textures still take a second or two to load, linear as hell and if i had known it was only an 8-10hour game i would never have bought it and its an obvious console game, id game's ripped us pc gamers off, (that wont happen again)

  Full of Bugs - a console game for console people

| | See all ChrisPaulson's reviews (1)

This game was designed for consoles players, not for adults with an attention span.

The nice graphics please you for a couple of minutes but after that it's a poor game set in corridors with poor cardboard cut out AI and not much to recommend it.

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  Brilliant fps

| | See all AceRimmear's reviews (1)

Some people with Amd cards did have problems on day 1,this was a driver issue and not a fault of the game, a driver update fixed it. As for me my nvidia 560ti runs it perfectly even with the 8k texture fix (google it). The fps bits are nicely broken up by exploration and some rpg elements. All in all a great game

  Good game

| | See all Grafix's reviews (6)

On launch day there was a huge mass of bugs apparently, as you can see from the review by 'COD4Fan'. However, the developers insisted it was due to drivers. I have not experienced any problems and neither has my friend who I have co-op'd with. Great fun on co-op playing together. As for single player, I haven't played that yet.

Don't let all these 'bug' reviews/comments stop you from buying it, seriously. Most people I know worked it out within 10mins and all of my subscriptions on YouTube, they sorted their game in minutes as well.
You like the look of it? Get it.

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  Horrendously bad console port

| | See all COD4Fan's reviews (3)

Horrendously buggy, random crashes and screen tearing, 1-2 second delay on textures loading, no graphics options to speak of. Surround sound doesn't work properly.

A massive letdown and frankly I can't believe this game was ever tested properly on PC. Releasing software in this obviously unfinished state should be illegal.

Currently rating 3.2 out of 10 on Metacritic from users.

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