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The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Premium Edition

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  I didn't want this to finish!

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I loved the story and characters throughout this game, they really come alive and the world itself is so full of character. Your choices are never really clear cut as they were in Baldur's Gate style games: you very often have to go for the lesser evil, trying to stay true to the road you have chosen for your witcher, and it's not so easy.
Combat is deeply satisfying (I only wish I had understood how to use the riposte skill much sooner than I did), the graphics are very good and voice acting is great. I'll definitely play this again, changing my choices to see the different outcome; the question is whether to do that right away or wait after I've played something else.
Definitely one of the best RPGs ever, for a mature audience.


| | See all messykebab's reviews (1)

good game but the requirements for this title are to much. u need an absolute beast of a machine 2 play this on full spec, such a shame.

  Oh we love the PC yes we do, we do

| | See all 29xthefun's reviews (43)

I have never really been an RPG fan but this game I had a look at as it was getting rave reviews. Also nothing that great has been out for a while.
The graphics in the game are stunning, and I mean amazing. It really does put the PC back on the map as the best games machine. Everything looks so good in the game to the point you are happy to just walk about and explore.
Exploring is also a great aspect, you never feel like you are following a made path like in say Quake. And at times you make bad choices and learn from them.
The story is for me pretty good but if you are not into fantasy style books then you may be a bit board as it has all been done before. But this does work well and you do get an epic feel with the game.
Sound is also fantastic with a great mix of FX and music to keep you happy.
If you are a novice to this style you may be puzzled at the different controls for spells, mixing potions but this game is worth the research to get what is going on.
This is a game for adults and I do recommend not letting under 18s play it.
Playing on a Phenom 2 X4, 450 Gforce with 4GB ram it runs flawless. Also a decent sound card will give you a better all round experience.
Well worth a play on a rainy day for all fans of PC gaming.


| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

Everything that has been said about this game is true. it is beautiful. engrossing and enjoyable but be warned. it is also uncompromisingly ADULT. As an adult this is a good thing but if I were buying this for one of my sons I would have think twice. There is plenty of reasonably explicit sex. swearing (including the dreaded C word) and violence. This is most certainly not for kids. which I think is a good thing because video games have long had the image as infantile. meaningless exercises in entertainment. This on the other hand is a good step forward to establishing the video game genre as a legitimate art form. Brilliant.

  fantastic..but a note on 1.2 patch

| | See all nexus654's reviews (1)

great game...you should buy get it if you are thinking of it.
Just wanted to quickly say something about the recent patch 1.2 update. The ultimate magic suit play exclusive is now obsolete cos ALL the exclusive dlc items from the different stores now come with the 1.2 patch including but not limited too the magic suit, the mysterious merchant, alchemy suit etc.
just thought you should know since play still seem to be advertising it as exclusive witch is technically wrong!

  The Witcher

| | See all DemonKnight's reviews (53)

After finally getting over the fact that after you put your serial code in and waiting for it to connect to the tinterweb for it to download a file to play i was away and playing (shame the Servers were offline or maxed out for 2days so could not even play it)
Well anyway finally after that all went smooth and i now found myself to be playing a very graphically impressive game,with a decent story and some great gameplay.

Anyone reading this will have experienced,fable,the witcher or at least dragon age etc so any fans of any of them should be very happy inthere element here.

for 24.99 you get a nice 2 discs game,a dvd and soundtrack,some cut outs of gerald and a map and instruction book and game book as well as a cursed coin (my wife can have that i think)

Only been playing for 5hours and am finding it to be extremely enjoyable,difficulty is spot on with me picking the next one up from easy and still thats taxing,as your going to have to parry as some of the enemy have towershields so its a matter of block,roll and heavy hit them from behind of the side etc.

On a negative side the keys cannot be re-difined so you have to use W,S,D,A to move,E-block-Space-roll-Q-use magic as well as a few others,i would have prefered arrow keys

and when you turn gerald around,he stays in focus for you but the entire scenary gets blurred so that can be disorientating and confusing.

All in all this is one game that needs to be in any RPG fans collection


1.Do as many side quests as you can and use youtube walkthrough if u get stuck as you need as much experience as you can as ure going to hit a brick wall if you dont have much health or vigor.
2.spend experience ( in my opinion ) on 200% dodge and vitality on the sword upgrade path,sign path your going to need to upgrade the Quen sign as this acts as a shield and electrifies the enemy and this sign is vital when you meet the Draug leader in the ghost world as it is WELL HARD on normal level.
pick up anything and everything to sell and use.
meditate and make postions and bombs with the ingredients and plants you pick up as well as coating your sword with oil.
add armour to your jackets and runes to your swords.
all in all a game that you dont want to end.
currently starting chapter 3.

  Just get it...

| | See all Giovanni1983's reviews (3)

One of the greatest (if not the greatest) RPGs of all time. Beautiful graphics, great story, top notch voice acting and totally fun gameplay and character development. The combat is great, hard to master but rewarding when you get the hang of it. Should be your first choice if you want a fun game to play. Just get it and see!

  Easily the Best RPG title of the Year!!

| | See all Cerus432's reviews (8)

An absolutely brilliant game! CDProjekt do such a good job they make a AAA studio like Bioware look like amatuers, especially after that copy/paste excuse of a game they passed off as Dragon Age 2.

CDProjekt put so much love into this game that it really does show, towns and villages come to life, the characterisation is sublime, even for some of the lesser npc's that only feature in sidequests. The environments look amazing, the banter between characters is done very well and the story quickly pulls you into it.

Combat is pretty unforgiving but it makes it a fun challenge, unlike other games in the genre you don't have party members or a tag along mage you can rely on to top up your hp every time you are hit, even potions will make your hp go up slowly and they cannot be used during combat. You have to rely on your skills during a fight; leaping to the attack, sidestepping, dodging, parrying your enemies while making sure they don't manage to corner you or get behind you, It adds a nice bit of realism to RPG combat making them require some planning and skill instead of quaffing a load of pots to win a fight.

Make sure that you pick this up especially if like me you were deeply dissappointed with DA2. Bioware had better take some pointers from these guys they know how RPG is done.

  Great stuff.

| | See all Simzey's reviews (12)

Truely epic game. Great value for money. Great graphics. Good story line. Realistic but taxing combat. Easily better than Dragon Age 2. Character development is not quite as sophisticated as some RPG's but this is probably a bonus for non veteran RPG fans.
All in all; well worth the price.

  Great Game, shame about the bugs

| | See all yubbauk's reviews (2)

Great Game, shame about the bugs, just like the original witcher, first off wow great game just like the original so good that even with the bugs (keeps crashing, sound problems), still want to play it, just finished theres about 30-40 hours gameplay :-)