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The Sims: Medieval - Limited Edition (PC & Mac)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Great idea as a whole but not as good as it seems

| | See all Kaya17's reviews (4)

I was excited about purchasing this game, but was disappointed when it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

I didn't like the fact you can't build your own buildings in the game, which you couldn't fully decorate yourself either as you could only add a few objects in. Also the camera angles got annoying and it was difficult to see the rooms properly as u couldn't make the walls go down all the way round, only on the front.

I also felt you didn't have as much freedom as in previous games, because as soon as one mission was completed you had to go onto another one. It soon got boring and made me not want to play anymore.

However the fact you had to do missions was a good idea, made it different, even if it was a bit to much sometimes, you didn't have all the needs in the original Sims games which made it easier to play and I liked the different set people you could control, and the fact you could hunt for your own food and be more of a whole group in the game.

  good game

| | See all gourmaillon's reviews (1)

the update breaks it.
i didnt have any issues when playing befor the update, then it updated and told me i would lose my currant quest progress. then when i came to play again there was loads of graphic issues (i have two GTS450) and i cant make new heroes and it crashes loads now.

  good game,

| | See all kaytie's reviews (7)

firstly this game is definately not what I expected. competely different to play than normal sims. was difficult to get the hang of to begin with. you have to do quest which aren't always very interesting. i feel this game could be better as it is quite limited what you can do with your sim. i only play for a short timeas it can get really boring quickly. unless you want to try something different i would stick with the original sims.

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  Not as bad as you think

| | See all Tasha159's reviews (1)

At first, i though, What the hell? wheres all the rooms? Its so small! But after playing it a while, I figured out why, Who needs a fancy toilet room when you dont really need it, the only bars you gotta take care of is Energy and Hungry, whatcha need a Bathroom for? or an entertainment room for? your sims has basic needs and Sleep and eat, And after all it is in the Medieval ages, Who had fancy bathrooms back then?

You get an experience of being a knight, A Physician, Jacoban Priest, Merchant, and Many more! Love how the game works with buffs and debuffs to set how focused you really are on your task, Its a great game! It aint your normal Sims game, If your expecting that, Then don't, If your up for a differant type of sims, Then try it out!

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  A step in a different direction but is change always good?!

| | See all LivingLegend's reviews (5)

I think the first thing you must be aware of this is not the sims but that isnt a negative reflection on the game, just if you play this like The Sim 3 which uses the same game engine you might be slightly disappointed.

The game is slightly more focused towards quests, tasks and building a kingdom. So although the freedom is there you are more driven to achieve your overall aim, this has been well counter balanced against the need to micro manage your sims, giving you more time to complete your goals.

The idea of needing 10 different Heros is indeed a very clever one, you no longer have the luxury of focusing all your attention on a single SIm, for instance is you want a great knight, you need a good blacksmith to make the best armour, who needs a good market to buy the best supplies to build said armour as not everything can be found within the kingdom.

Now the change that has caused a major area for concern is that each kingdom ambition has a set end to that achievement, once achieved you have to start all over again with a new kingdom with totally new Sims with no skills, just a different ambition and although there is a free roam option after you finish the ambition, it feels slightly pointless as you are given nothing to really achieve. Personal I think this is an odd and potentially foolish move.

If you are a Sims fan then you will probably enjoy this as although its not the traditional Sims style we have all come to love, the game play still holds a warm feeling of similarity. However, it seems to have lost some of the Sims magic and provides you with the sense they have simply cashed on their brand image.

Its a decent game but based on the questionable changes to the game play and the price which is rather steep, its only a solid 3 stars.

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  disapointed :(

| | See all dannyk90's reviews (17)

they do not let you build now !!! That was the major reason why i play Sims to be creative but instead they have already built it for you, all you can do is add a few more furniture and colour some parts in.
Even the graphics aren't up to this year.
I uninstalled after finding out you can not build anymore. This is EA destroying another game as they did with the major shock of the great C&C series which they released 'Twillight' telling everyone EA had just given up.
This is EA desperate for money.

  Good But buggy

| | See all DevilsVenge's reviews (10)

Bits of the game seem rushed... some of the quests are pretty boring, go here get this and do this.
Like other reviewers the not beingable to change character is frustrating, as they get boring after awhile, if you cannot complete quest then your stuck...(Like me).
Dunno if its for every sim user.... linear compared to others obviously as you cannot change profession and no individual progression bars for stuff like knowlegde and strength/fighting.
No creating buildings seems to be massive loss to the game as i know people who play sims only for making houses and such so removing that seems strange to me.

Overall good but buggy and no making houses :(


| | See all seanstrong75's reviews (12)

I love this game. Fair enough it is not the same as other sims games but that is one of the reason I like it so much. Don't get me wrong I love the other sims games but this gives you something new and exciting. One more thing Beattz19 stop moaning so much if it ain't for you then that is fair enough, but there are no faults with the game maybe the faults are with your system. I have found no problems with the game and it will keep me entertained for a long time to come.

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  Disappointed !!

| | See all Beattz19's reviews (1)

Too many flaws in the game but it was a brilliant idea, setting the Sims back in Medieval time and had my hopes up.
First of all I thought that there wasn't much creativity in the game e.g. All the buildings have been refurbished which leaves little for the imagination. Also you are limited too only a couple of rooms per structure which is terrible and you cannot design the actual building itself like the old Sim games.
The game is very slow throughout which got very boring for me personally. By eating and sleeping every time you done part of a quest and another downside is that you always have to have a quest active which is a pain because you have to pick one hero role for each quest. You can't swap through halfway of a quest unless it requires two separate roles. I could go on and on about other things but just want to give others warning before they purchase the game ,as it is not worth the money unless it was cheaper!!!!!

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  Definitely Addictive

| | See all EmmyLou16's reviews (1)

I had this on day of release and have not stopped playing it since. I am a huge fan of the Sims series and was not sure if I would enjoy this one as it is so different, but all I can say is WOW!!!! Because of the quests that you need to fulfill to build the kingdom and the fact that you have to play as different people to complete them, this does not get at all boring. All I can say is, if you are a Sims fan then this is definitely a must.

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