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Battlefield 1942: The WWII Anthology

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Customer Reviews

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This is one of those very few games that survive years of play. For some reason it does have a timeless quality. I supose it comes down to solid (if now ageing) graphics and great level design. It also has an almost perfect balace of FPS, flying planes, driving tanks & ships etc, and the WW2 setting works perfectly.
I still play it on and off, and never get board of trying to "capture the flag" and flee back to my base in a jeep, pedal to the metal, being bombed and shot at by 25 online enemies!
Buy it, play it online, and enjoy.

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I bought this game when it came out in 2002, and I'm still playing it, both online and single player. How many games like that are there ?
This game is the best there is.

  PC Gaming Excellence

| | See all fredblogs's reviews (1)

This is as good as it gets. Forget about 'Battlefield 2'; it doesn't even come close, having lost its gameplay value somewhere amongst its myriad extra features and "superior" graphics. The third iteration is worse still, stretching, at its most rarified and inspired moments, to touch mediocrity.
'Battlefield 1942' was never like that: its arrival on the scene set the PC gaming world alight. Right from the very first intro-video, together with its uplifting, driving anthem, to spawning in full battle gear on one's first map - one's first let's go beserk and steal any vehicle, kill anyone, go anywhere map - this game screamed out to be played. 'Medal Of Honour'? 'Call Of Duty'? Compared to this they were nothing at all.
If I had to level any criticism at 'Battlefield 1942' it would be to say that its bots, in the singleplayer game, are not the brightest around, but then there are so many of them, as whole armies smash together in a colossal series of explosions and gunfire all around the player's character, that this hardly matters.
Finally, this game is served by a wonderful array of mods. Some are of dubious quality, but several are very good indeed. One of these is the famous 'Desert Combat' mod. Another - and my personal favourite - is the 'Forgotten Hope' mod; a truly great piece of coding, and capable - uniquely amongst games - of making me feel genuine sorrow.
This is the best F.P.S. wargame ever made.

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  Will I ever stop playing?

| | See all JasonK's reviews (6)

I have been playing this game for years, nearly everyday - and I can't see that trend changing!

Still tons of people playing online (not a game for single player) and with mods such as Desert Combat and Forgotten Hope, there's plenty of variety.

Forget the homing "lock on" missiles and weak tanks on BF2, this game is all about the skill, but more so - Fun!!.

Never a dull moment, and a bargain!
I have been hooked since the demo!

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