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Battlefield 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Probably the best game in the world!

| | See all Mrschance's reviews (3)

This game is amazing, no two battles are the same, fly drive walk ride boat you can do it all.

An old game now but still better than every attemp to beat it after.
COD has nothin over this game

5 star all round highly reccomended

  No title

| | See all alexanderkeene's reviews (12)

Cod is better but if your short of cash this is a great game to have, its a bit like a game version of fighting in afghansitan as it has urbam and woodland areas. Great game a must buy.

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  Probably the greatest modern war FPS's ever

| | See all TheChoZenOne's reviews (11)

The title says it all really. Some people may say COD4 but there is no teamwork there. If you get on a big strike at karkand server and join a squad then the teamwork is great.
Ok, the gameplay. The game is very realistic, the guns have different capabilities for damge and accuracy so you can choose a weapon which suits you. You unlock two new weapons after patching the game - Go to the bf2 site and onto downloads, download from ea - so you get a good choice for each type of infantry. Each type of infantry is suited to something - anti-tank destroying vehicles, medics for healing etc. Personally I do best as a medic, I see some people playing assault and others so you have to try them out and see which one gives you the best results.

The rank system is a great idea, I only recently found out about the patch and now the ranking system works. It makes the game that bit more addicting, for instance, I usually play overall about 1-2 hours a day, yesterday when I patched it I played for over 3 hours. Some of the medals and badges are hard to get, if you want to know how to get these, there is a brilliant website if you search in google, it tells you what you need to do to achieve each medal.

I must also mention that strike at karkand is the best map ever. On a big server you end up having a big battle, the best is on either side of the river by the train. It is a great war scenario. Both teams have people running the bridge, sniping, medics reviving. Fantastic. Fast points for ranking too.

The graphics are reasonably good, I have to set them all to low until my new graphics card comes so I don't know how good they can get. Currently running a radeon x850 and the graphics are alright to look at.

The game is well worth the money, in my opinion it would still be worth atleast £20 but because it is about 4 or 5 years old now I think, the price is low, so buy it while you can.

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| | See all winterpauluk's reviews (2)

Yes buy this all i can say its a hell of a game and a good pvp game sirvers some times bit slow but well wourth the w8


| | See all adamni's reviews (13)

Fun but takes alot of skill full of bunnyhoppers but still fun
Helis are disapointing as they are so hard to drive so are planes must buy

  Should work fine

| | See all LewisYoul's reviews (3)

Hey man, if your computer can run Call of Duty 2, it should be able to handle BF2 no worries.

  Help on configuration/system req.

| | See all EthanPerry's reviews (1)

Hey all, im just debating wether to buy this or not, i have a decent desktop and i'm not sure it'll run so i would like to know..

Ok i have:
Acer Extensa
AMD Sempron 2.2Ghz Processor,
ATI Radeon X1250 (128mb) Graphics card
2.25Gb Ram.
OS is Windows XP Home Edition.

It runs counter strike perfectly, but call of duty 2 & 4 not so well, it will install fine and will connet to servers fine, but it seemsto run slow as if it has ping problems but its not the internet connection its definatly the computer.

Can anyone give me any idea if this will run ok on my machine?

Regards - Ethan.

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  The Best of the battlefield series

| | See all highlander1518's reviews (10)

I got this game when it first came out and think it the best in the series , so when I see it for £10 here 2 weeks ago I had to get it back, bf2142 it ok but I love bf2. Keep you eyes peeled for bad company have it for my Xbox 360 it not bad.

  Just fantastic

| | See all Osnatho's reviews (3)

I have to say ive always been a BF fan, wether it was driving tanks into Kursk, Berlin or Iwo Jima, or blasting gooks with an M60 out of the window of my huey, i was always going to be biased towards BF2, and ill say this, it doesnt let my expectations down. Sure the online play will be quite hard for beginners, but it wasnt for me, so i loved it. Battlefield has always had this great, almost sandbox feel to its gameplay. Once you spawn with the your weapon and kit, your free to do what you want. Snipe from a hillside, drive a tank, gun from a .50 cal, run away like a little girl, its all there, something for every gamer and his dog. One thing about the weapons, there are so many! There a three in each class (Spec Ops, Sniper, Assault, Support, Engineer, Medic and Anti-Tank), one for each side (America, Iraq (tactfully unnamed as the MEC), and China). As well as these three, there are two more unlockable guns for each class, ranging from uber-sexy (G36C) and pin point accurate (L96), to pray and spray (MP7) and the downright silly (jackhammer).
Lots of different maps, each with three size settings, for 16, 32 and 64 players, althought you can have 64 players on a 16 man map, which is just insane.
There is limited single player, so only buy this if you plan to go online. But online is great, very addictive and a game i will never regret buying


| | See all Finpaster's reviews (7)

This game is soo addictive and I haven't stopped playing it since I got it....sooo good. But I did have to get a whole new video card to play...:( But it was needed so aye. Buy it's well worth the pennies! :D