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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (22 reviews)"

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  Another Epic Journey

| | See all GodlikeJim's reviews (1)

Epic from start to finish.
Beautiful graphics, smooth actions and engaging combat styles. Faction quests are engaging and each unique. From the Dark Brotherhood to the Mages Guild.
100% most excellent game to date.
I'm still completing quests at level 56 and finding new things every day. Bring on Elder Scrolls Online!! and say goodbye to life as you know it!

  A truly great game

| | See all Dopsuperstar's reviews (7)

A game that betters Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas has to be probably best game around this review done nearly a year after release.
I have played many hundreds of hours on this and yes the hold that this game has on you does die a bit but only after months of intensive gameplay, I dont think many games last that long nowadays
There are a few graphical glitches and quest bugs but these are not major.
I only wish now Bethedsa now re do Arena and Daggerfall using the same 'engine'

  Superb Game!

| | See all mightymackem's reviews (3)

Despite this being a continuation of the Elder Scrolls series, this feels like a brand new game and is easy to get into. People shouldn't be put off by the lack of guns and the focus on magic, Skyrim offers a decent number of spells, swords and bows for players to hack and slash their way through caves, castles and the vast open grounds of Skyrim. There are a huge number of skills to upgrade throughout the game, some will be more useful than others depending on the way you want to play the game.

The difficulty settings are well balanced, so even the newest of PC games can get straight into the action and the settings can be changed at any time throughout the game to make it harder or easier. Controls are the standard WASD, but seemingly don't support the Razer Naga mouse and it picked up the Xbox controller straight away (annoying).

The game is supported by Steam, which hosts 1000's of different mods and downloads. Players can add homes, weapons or even entire villages to their Skyrim map, which makes the game that little bit more bigger and more exciting.

  The Sky's the Limit

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

Bethesda seem to be the masters at taking over my life, they have got under my skin and into my subconscious time and time again. The mighty TES IV: Oblivion, the jaw dropping Fallout 3 and Vegas, the disappointing but none the less enthralling RAGE also had their touch. They do something that just pulls you in, gets a firm hold and keeps you there - for months!! Now Skyrim has topped the lot. A stunningly beautiful world, packed with detail and content. Branching quest lines, an enthralling main story and some very well written characters populate the huge land.

You are the Dragonborn, the saviour, the one who will rid the world of the Dragons and their leader Alduin. Along the way you will make the acquaintance of the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood, the College of Winter Hold and a myriad of others. Each one of these organisations has there own branching story lines and intriguing tales to tell. Add to this a breathtaking number of side quests, character development and exploration and you are set for the adventure of you life.

  Now I can die happy.

| | See all TheDavislp's reviews (2)

If you have a life and wish to keep it do not buy this game.
Once you start you cannot stop.
You'll think 'hey i'll have a cheeky hour of Skyrim before dinner' and before you know it, its 3:00 AM.
Everything will become SKYRIM!
If however you crave epicness and don't mind wasting hours and hours time hunting dragons buy this game and let your second life begin.

  Good, but not Great

| | See all Gerardus's reviews (1)

When first played on a fast machine with high graphics the game is breathtakingly beautifull, the scenery, forests, mountains are very nice.
Caves, ruines, forts all look nice to. Characters look nice at first sight.
There are more than enough quests, weapons and armors and the level system isn't as annoying as in Oblivion.
But the quests are all pretty straight forward, you just follow the floating cursor and kill or pick up the thing it's floating above.
Guild quests are pretty easy and lack a bit of fantasy, they doesn't have nice cinematics because the whole game looks like a nice cinematic.
Some things are unrealistic, if your stealth is over 70 people stand in front of you and can't see you.... If you spend all your skillpoints on archery and stealth you can go through the game like an ghost-sniper whitout ever getting hit, unless your enemy comes too close.
You can shoot an arrow into someone's head, they get mad for a while but after that they turn friendly again.
A lot of NPC's can't be killed because they are related to a quest of some sort.
The AI is still stupid, wild animals still attack you on sight and enemy soldiers rush into your arrows without taking cover.
So in the end the player isn't really as free as the makers try to make you believe.
Personally I think the game is overrated, because behind all the glamour and graphics it's pretty straight forward and if you save enough pretty easy.

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  Superb chapter in the oblivion world

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

My first impressions having waited ten hours for it to download from steam despite me having mega fast broadband (steam servers can run very slow ) left me quite negative. Why get a disc at all if it will not load from it after steam had verified it (unlike mw2 and 3 which did load from disc )

Anyway. The next morning when it was all ready I sat through the obligatory Bethesda plot intro for about fifteen minutes before the real game started. And boy was I impressed. It must have been patched sine the issues mentioned in earlier reviews as I had it on ultra high and it blew me away. I previously had oblivion IV elder scrolls on pc and Xbox 360 and always found the graphics better on the Xbox. After all that's what the Xbox was made for but in this case it is stunning on pc.
I have an Acer 18" full hd 1080p laptop with superb graphics card. It is visually stunning and even on ultra high settings there is no frame lag.

I'm only about twenty hours in and have barely scratched the surface. The mods are available to add things of all kinds. Walk fast is a must as it is a huge area to transverse.

I doubt new Vegas will get played by me again now this is out.

  Amazing to start with, burns out slowly like a fire.

| | See all TheReaSoner's reviews (4)

You'll begin to play this game, become completely immersed in the surroundings, be in love with it for about 6-8 weeks..

And then the 'epicness' will run low. The dungeons become samey and un-imaginative. Weapons begin to feel like copies of each other with different names, so not completely original. You find yourself becoming bored, even with the randomly generated content.

Buy this game if:
-You have a high-end pc that will be able to run it with high graphics (half of the enjoyment is the exploration and the views)
-You are an Elder Scrolls Fan (many little things from previous games that will set off your nerd-sense)
-If you love to be engulfed (you will feel like your character, begin talking to you companions and even feeling compassion for them when they meet theyre deaths [my first follower got stomped by a dwarf centurion. I weeped])

Do not buy this game if
-You get bored easily
-Your a fan of constant change/new tasks

People will disagree with this review, as it is my opinion. I think as an avid Elder Scrolls player it is balanced, it hasn't blown Morrowind out of the water and still feels repetative like Oblivion.



  Does not make use of modern PC capabilities.

| | See all owensouthwood's reviews (77)

Skyrim itself is great, in terms of content there is so much to explore and the landscape of the game is fantastic.

Skyrim's PC treatment however, is poor. It looks and feels like a console port. The menu system is clearly aimed at console users, and the graphics simply do not tap into the power of modern PC graphics cards at all. My first play of Skyrim felt like I was playing something from 5 years ago. I had to tweek the graphics options a lot before I got anything half decent out of it.

I still play Oblivion now and then, and the graphics and interface seem a lot better than Skyrim in places! This can only be explained by the fact Oblivion was designed for PC, whereas Skyrim is aimed at console kids.

So yes I do think that PC users get a raw deal here. You expect better graphics than XBox 360 users get, if you have a PC with a top of the range graphics card with DX11 support. I have PC games from 1 or 2 years ago which have far better graphics than this!

Some better usage of the PC keyboard would have been nice too, instead of having to scroll through menus here there and everywhere. Keyboard shortcuts anyone?

These flaws aside, Skyrim is worth getting. But in so many ways, as a PC game, Oblivion was better!

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  Great game let down by console compromise

| | See all Rustiebin's reviews (17)

Absolutely love the game, the massive environment to explore and the challenges. Moves nicely on from Oblivion.
But their are some downsides. The graphics, by current PC standards, are poor. There's no doubt that the desire to programme it for the antiquated X360 and PS3 has held back the PC version. Which is a real shame as the PC is vastly superior and they haven't tapped its potential.
There are also some graphical glitches with the textures. But i'm sure these will be patched, so no big deal.
Lastly, it requires Steam and I hate games that use either Steam or Origin.
Still rate it 4 stars though for the solid game at its core.