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Dragon Age 2 (PC & Mac)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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  Poor "sequel"

| | See all THESTODD's reviews (9)

After the majesty of the original, this just doesn't match up. Too much arcade combat makes half the game feel like a sub-par Golden Axe! Disappointing, but not terrible.

  Big let down, if u want a good PRG get The Witcher 2 instead

| | See all Cerus432's reviews (8)

I have lost faith in Bioware after this game, it was dumbed down a lot, and nearly every dungeon was copy/pasted a good 10+ times each with 1 city to run around in. The game feel like it was rushed out to make a quick buck.

The Deep Roads were quite a fun part of the game, though 10 minutes later that ends and its straight back to copy/pasted dungeons and the same locations yet again. Couldn't bring myself to finish it, got bored visiting the same locations over and over and over.

Big let down from Bioware :(

  Not as bad as made out!

| | See all Overdriven's reviews (2)

Personally I thought this was a very good game. A lot of the things that became frustrating in the first one have been ironed out and smoothed over. Admittedly the story line isn't fantastic and the side quests seem truly endless, but I still find myself fully absorbed into the game.

This absorbtion comes as a result of some particularly excellent dialogue. The characters are very well voiced and written and stay true to the emotions they are meant to be portraying. I have heard mention that the characters in this don't hold as much weight and are less memorable, but I am inclined to dissagree, I found them far more captivating.

Another improvement (althought many argue) is the combat. With Origins I often felt it was boring and repetetive. I played the game for the story not the combat. Now they have improved the combat, it flows more and feels more interesting. Now some say it's console type combat. It isn't. It's still a role of the dice style affair...it just happens to flow more. However, I will agree that it makes the game less difficult. Normal on Origins was far harder than normal on DA2. But in all honestly that is a good thing. If you want a serious challenge, up the difficulty.

My main criticism however is lack of diversity. Whilst I love the fact that you can explore this city inside out. Part of the beauty of Origins was that you played through several epic quests through equally epic and varied landscape. Here it becomes a bit repetetive, with many caves, sewers ect all having near enough the exact same layout. It feels like the designer just copied and pasted and changed the enemies a little.

But that aside, I do feel this game deserves credit. Whilst it does lack Origins epic story, there are vital improvements that make this game more playable and also flow more and I hope these improvements will carry on into any possible future games.

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  Not as good as i remember?

| | See all Bobby321's reviews (4)

The story is not as engrossing as origins.
The characters are ok.

Overall, it just feels like less of a journey. Its all pretty much based around a single city, not enough freedom to travel.

Still cool though

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  promised so much

| | See all sham12's reviews (1)

I felt really dissapointed with this game, Primarilly the complete change in game play style from origins.
Obviously designed for consoles with a complete disregard for the traditional pc rpg players who prefere the more complex game such as the baldurs gate or NWN games or even origins.
Dont get me wrong its not a bad game BUT it should not be called Dragon age as it plays nothing like the first.
Its a console game

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  Pretty decent.

| | See all Make67's reviews (1)

I liked the orginal game immensely. It was like Baldur's gate, or at least close.
I was reading the 2 star reviews of this new DA game, and decided i wouldn't like it. But i tried it and liked it pretty much. Sure it isn't even close of the original games greatness, but it had it's moments.
I liked the short missions and the rising from the rubble thing. The fighting is the worst part, at least with mouse and keyboard, if you don't pause all the time.. This is sadly what players want these days, fast and furious action and as little thinking as possible. Same problem with ME1 compared to ME2. I'll give it 3 stars

  Sorry it a shame.

| | See all markberg's reviews (1)

Nothing is left from the DAO feeling, it;s not a PC game anymore. It felt like a child game made for ps3/xbox. Try the demo if you consider buying, otherwise you probably end up disappointed like me. I played for only 30 minutes but I couldn't stand more of this. Its ugly, its over simplified and controls is bad. Now I will replay DAO instead. Please make av real PC game next time.

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  It's not as bad as the bandwagon cries

| | See all Solkazo's reviews (1)

Dragon age 2 has recieved alot of bad publicity due to its simplification of game mechanics such as combat, interface and itemisation, to some extent i can relate. But its no where near as bad as people are saying it is.

The game has fixed alot with combat; you no longer feel like your waiting an eternity for your character to respond after a click of a button, instead the reaction to a skill are instant. This was nice to see as my rogue was flipping around performing flashy moves, instead of running from one darkspawn to another then start the same attack cycle over and over untill it died.

Also itemisation has been fixed, when you upgrade your items, you see how much more powerful you are with a stat window that provides all the information on your character; it makes leveling up feel so much more worth it.

The story does make references to the original, not as much as i would have liked mind but you can import your save from DA:O to change the story slightly. Its not going to be game changing but its nice to see your save flow over no matter how small the changes to the new world are.

Graphicly the game is very nice to look at; i had slight frames lag when on high settings (and my computer isnt exactly lacking on spec either) so i turned it down slightly which helps, not sure if its a bug in the game or if a future patch can solve this frames issuee but its no means game breaking.

Overall i can see why people would reject the idea of DA2 being new, flashy and simple - but its not as bad as people are making out; the game is worth playing and you will have alot of fun with it.

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  Second rate hack and slash

| | See all Windass's reviews (3)

Don't be mistaken in thinking that this is anyway a sequel to DAO or really much of an RPG. This is a dumbed down linear hack and slash that only relates to the previous game in that it's set in the same world. Little else bears much relation to it's predecessor. The story is weak, as is the main character and companions and the combat is mindless. If I'd never played DAO then I probably wouldn't be so scathing but in my opinion this has been a huge step backward and if they do make a Dragon Age 3 I doubt I'll be pre-ordering it......... A real shame.

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  No free pass for Bioware

| | See all Thedoctor324's reviews (16)

This may sound funny but i like alot of others came into Dragon Age 2 with a certain optimism and understanding, The game was touted as being more action orientated or in PR speak "when you press a button something awesome has to happen"
(sorry think i just killed some of your brain cells) I feel like i wasted 30 on this DLC pushing rush job cash cow. In the game you play as Hawke a fully voiced (yet strangely just as emotionless as the grey warden) native of Lothering who is fleeing the darkspawn horde but with a little help from a familar face, Flemeth, Asha'bellanar an old hag who talks to much and resident dragon shifter they are wisked away to Kirkwall winner of the worlds dullest, brownest, most lifless and badly designed town of all time. You spend most of your time in Kirkwall completing the main story quest, various MMO style quest that would make Cataclysm blush and sightly better companion quests. Voice acting is good but your companions in this are for the most part unlikable and honestly fit some rather generic archetypes. Pirate lady of the night with a heart of gold, brooding slaver elf with long flowing white hair and the preachy, angsty, unbearable Anders a mage who has a fade spirit trapped within him and god does he let us know about it........ughhhh the only standouts are Varric a streetwise dwarf with a crossbow he calls Bianca and Merril a practicing blood mage with a welsh accent insta win right there. Combat is more fast,frenetic, blood, gore and.....Team Fortress 2 style gibbing..what??? in Origins they had various finishers which looked pretty awesome in this it looks like i have landed a well placed sticky bomb or crocket and while this is good from a visual feed back point of view but it sort of detracts from the overall atmosphere. The overhead camera has gone because....they said so and now you forced to be zoomed in which makes targeting far of enemies and placing AOE spells a pain in the rump. The level design and enemy placement are so ludicrously recycled throughout the game that half way into your playthrough you will be able to pinpoint the exact moment the enemy spawns and spawn they will over and over! Rather than cleverly and meticulously placed enemies now they just spawn in from no where, you literally see them materialize infront of you like the Tardis. With that sloppy mechanic all stategic elements of the fights are quickly rendered completely reduntant.

i would go on but i think i will close this reveiw with a message to those who defend this game. For the majority baring a few personal gripes these issues are what get games bad scores but just because its Bioware we should ignore these glaring flaws no this game was rushed out of the door due to a very short development time frame of a year and half. If we ignore this then it will get worse.

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