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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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| | See all Cirikalis's reviews (1)

Ordered 11pm on tuesday, arrive this morning (thursday)!

Amazed, sealed packaging new disc. Can't complain!

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  great game but it is really buggy

| | See all flyboi92's reviews (22)

ok i know the review below says its 'personal problems' but i have a great desktop and can run call of duty 4 perfectly on it and have had no problems with any other games. however the game saves on star wars kotor 2 messed a a couple of times and then again wen i reinstalled it. dont get me wrong the game is great but i stoopped playing it very early because i had to start again more than once cos of the game saves and overall random crashing of the game.

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| | See all SeriouslyRichard's reviews (6)

The other reviews are complaining about personal problems, say they may not have the most updated version of their video card drivers or the right DX version or whatever

This game is well worth playing if your a Starwars fan - Its not as strong as the first game as it was done by a different producer but is still a worthy asset to the series and for less than £10, i can recommend it to anybody

And as a side-note: I never had any problems running the game on several computers

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  this game is good but.

| | See all hobnobrob93's reviews (1)

this game is awsome once you get going the only problem i had when i first got it was it would not play on my laptop :S i tried it on 3 diffrent laptops and worked on non of them so if u gunna get this game make sure u have a desktop with a good graphics card.. but still amazing game

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  Regular crashes

| | See all Triggy09's reviews (1)

Does anybody else have regular crashes whilst playing this game ? and can anyone tell me why ?

  Vista problems

| | See all deeboss's reviews (1)

Be careful if you have vista, i've had nothing but problems trying to play this game and apparently so has everyone else with vista, i'm currently waiting for a third party company to email me back for a fix, Obsidian's help and support doesn't exist. Shame because this is a great game.

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  Its Good But...

| | See all Metalhead11's reviews (7)

This game is an awesome game once you can get it to work, there are many problems that could not be fix with this game because the idiots at lucasarts rushed obsidian, so what could of been the most awesome starwars game is the second best, first being bioware's original.

All in all once you get this game to work it is an awesome game, you'll just have to put up with saving every 10 mins to make sure that you have your game incase it crashes (btw i think it only crashes on vista but i havnt tested it on xp yet)

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| | See all linthw8's reviews (4)

It is exceptional. Just as good and exciting as the first one. Not only does it have great graphics and gameplay, its also extremely diverse. The play is slightly different for the 3 different classes, and the story is different for the male, female light and dark side. This means you have to complete it at least 4 times to do everything. My life went out the window when i got this and i cant wait for the next one.

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  what can i say

| | See all muttley74's reviews (2)

I played kotor and thought it was absolutely briliant.the plot,the characters and the twist wow. Then i brought the sequal. I was left totally gutted,again the storyline and characters were very good,but the fighting was rubbish and the finale was pathetic. Saying that i have completed it several times because its starwars


| | See all Progamer90's reviews (24)

This game is the answer to the limited activities you can do in this stupid rain. I got back home with this late last night but I begged my parents to install it at least. (we had bought it quite a way away) But I was very sneaky and I was supposedly 'making sure it worked' the trouble is. It took me about half an hour to have the courage to click 'exit game'. What makes this game so good is well for a start the graphics are awesome. When the people walk their hair moves. And don't get me started about the gameplay...Well actually I cannot not tell you about the gameplay because that is what gives it the 5 star. Depending on how you talk with people and what actions you take. You are aligned with either The Dark Side of the Force or The Light Side of the Force which effects your body posture and facial expression. The developers have looked at everything Star Wars and said "How do we make this realistic" and they have succeeded in doing that. The developers have also been creative about what items there are and what you can do with them. E.g. You can change just about everything with a Lightsaber including the colour!! The combat system was a dodle to just click what attacks you want to do unpause the game and the character runs over to the selected enemy (if their weapon is melee or lightsaber) or even if they have a blaster just shoot. And if you have no idea what you want to call your character but want a Star Warsey name then just click random name then customize every aspect of your character. Truly a piece of genius, a fantastic piece of work and any Star Wars fan who wants this should definitely get it!