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Star Wars: Republic Commando

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (4 reviews)"

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  Definitely worth a look...

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Yes, this game is getting on now (approx 3.5 years old) and uses the veteran Unreal 2.0 engine. But along with Medal of Honor : Airbourne - it's the only FPS game that I've played, completed and repeated several times over.

The key aspect aside from the story, is the brilliant dialogue between you (acting squad leader) and your three squad mates. Named Sev, Fixer and Scorch - each member has their own personality that you can't help but appreciate and sense that genuine feeling of comradery between the four. And while they bicker between themselves, they focus on the job at hand when the shots start firing.

I must have completed this game about five times now and each time I see or hear something that I've missed from before. The knack of the game is to utilise your squad in the best tactical means possible. There maybe a turret further ahead that you can issue a command for one of them to man - but it will do no good if the rest of you aren't there to back him up.

To this day, some of the 'hangar' levels of Republic Commando which see you massively outnumbered against a wave of droid generators - easily make it into my Top 5 of FPS moments. There's just something about the way the game gels when all hell breaks loose. One guy firing from a turret - another behind taking accurate sniper shots and you covering the back of the remaining guy trying desperately to splice the control panel so you can get out of there in one piece.

The game is short in all honesty and is slightly marred by the occasional 'boring' level like the one on the Star Destroyer. But those are minor gripes. What we have here is a great little story of four Commandos, born, taught and raised to act as a four-man unit - planted into a believable and enjoyable FPS game.

Definitely one of the few FPS games in recent years that is absolutely crying out for a sequel.

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  Amazing Shooter which NEEDS a sequel!

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I got this game in a 5-in-1 Set and sort of ignored it at first. BIG mistake. This is one of the best shooting games i've ever played and definitely the best squad shooter. the game physics are good and the graphics are excellent. i think it was nice that all of your squad seemed as skilled as you unlike in most SBSs where they have pitiful health and AI. the squad revival system is a (as far as i know) unique and helpful addition as the game has a very realistic (i.e. hard) level of difficulty. the game storyline is left wide open for a sequel and the sooner the better!

  Fantastic hoping for a second

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Star wars Republic Commando is a fantastic game. It has a great storyline and just makes you want to keep playing. thje only one problem is that there NEEDS o be a second because it ends wide open. There needs to be a 2nd.

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  Interesting. Story finishes early, left wide open.

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A decent shoot em up, with good not over complicated command system, all the characters have distincitve personalities and abilities, however i dont think this is emphasised enough when carrying out group procedures (eg sometimes the explosives guy will do door slicing while the sniper sets the charge).
A good mix of enemies and an interesting enought story line.
However your ammo reserves fail miserably at times causing you to resort to the pistol to clear entire levels, not good when you have entire armies of Super battle driods that are hard enough with a full arsenal.
A few things that left me in shock and aww are the wookies, they are supremly hard. How all the other normal clone troops suck, and that youare not that much better than your sqad mates, which i think it is a good thing, unlike in other shooters where ure allies die off relativly early and everything is down to you.
The abilty for you to take over certain roles like slice a door your self, or for you to set the chargers rather than let youre team do it all the time makes the game really interactive.
Over all i think its a good buy for the relativly low price it is now. Even if the campaign is a little short.
This does however leave it open to being rented and still enjoyed well enough. Thought the lack of a PS2 game is a real let down in my opinion.

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