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Dungeon Keeper 2

Rating: 15+ (ELSPA)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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| | See all D0MINIK's reviews (4)

this is almost perfect game - it's must have game - one of a kind - sadly there are some running problems

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  Despite the hardware flaws, this is an amazing game.

| | See all SabotageTheFool's reviews (4)

I wondered if I was the only one that had problems but upon looking into it, a lot of people had/have problems with this game. Some I have now sorted but I'm still cursed and plagued by the game randomly closing for apparently no reason.... That being said, I love this game enough to have taken to constantly quick-saving so I am able to still play it.

In the way of its gameplay, I cannot compare this to anything and capsulate its amazing original ideas. Its funny and entertaining and I have loved it for years now! Dungeon Keeper 3 I am still praying wil be taken out of the bin and made... Til then this is one of the best "god" games I've seen!! Remember, it's good to be bad ;)

  I wish there where making a DK3!

| | See all hazel1988's reviews (20)

I completely agree with Killermancarro's. As much as i enjoy overlord, I just wish it would go back to the style of the original dungeon keeper (but obviously making the graphics better). I appreciate that these have improved the graphics on overlord but to be honest, I much preferred bad graphics and fantastic game play! I loved how you could make your own dungeon and your own army of creatures and to break through the walls to defeat the good guys. Fantastic idea! The old classic games are always going to be the best. I just hope they bring out a game where the game play is as good as the graphics! YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME!!!

  The Ending Of Bullfrog

| | See all PandaDrunk's reviews (27)

Firstly I thought Bullfrog produced game that could not have been produced by anyone other company because they had a great team and people with real ideas. This gift of real ideas of what most people think the gaming world is missing now.

Dungeon Keeper 2 is not as good as the first game and I won't try and say it is but at the time EA had some level of control over the company so it was kept within a cage and was not able to be as crazy as DK1.

This game does deserve 5 stars because of what it did offer the next part of a three part story and doing it well with funny gaming and nice videos. If you're wondering what happened to the third part, EA cancelled the project so no DK3

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  Keeping that is here to stay!

| | See all Killermancarro's reviews (5)

I installed this game last night for the first time in about 10 years, and I was still overwhelmingly engrossed in this brand that stands out amongst all others in it's unique manner.

I was spurred on by the disappointing Overlord to go back to my roots and play some real Bad vs Good action! The first was ground breaking, this adds to the originality of the first and uses better graphics (a little dated now, but it is easy to run at full spec!) and adds more indepth game, whilst still keeping the tough learning curve you get from the original.

I say dump the modern toned down version of this game you get from Overlord and get back into some classic Bullfrog gaming. It is such a shame they are not around to make another!

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  Nothing compared to its predecessor.

| | See all Supafly's reviews (30)

Dungeon Keeper 1 was and still is the best strategy game on the PC. Dungeon Keeper 2 is a very dissapointing sequel in comparisson and also in general. The cutscenes don't impress even when the game was released. It is unlikely you would have stumbled across this game not having played the origional, either way I advise you don't waste your time with this game and you buy the origional which is fantastic beyond its years.

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