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World Of Warcraft

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (142 reviews)"

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  Best MMORPG out their, for all ages, easy to play!!

| | See all Adelphe's reviews (1)

I've played this game on and off for about 5 years, almost as long as its been out, each expansion they bring out is full of amazing new content!

When you first start this time, it seems slow, but get your self into a guild or make your own, the community is alot of fun, doing dungeons, battlegrounds and achievements together!!

Once you reach 80+ ,(max evel 85) u can start earning your self justice points for doing dungeons, these can be used to buy heirloom gear which is bind to account, meaning you can mail it to your other characters, so if u want to make an alt, you can get it up to 85 quickly with this gear!

Time wise, you can manage your play very easily, i think it took me 2 months, playing alittle everyday to get to 85, so not too long anymore!

I highly reccommend this game to any one as their first MMORPG, great story, lore, quest system, everything easily explained, highly customizable with your own addons, great game!

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  Its Okay

| | See all ConnorC's reviews (10)

like i said its okay nothing special just a standard MMORPG
the only issue is its strangely addictive to most people i was not one of these people and found it hard to get in to at the lower levels
i have heard it gets better later on but i really couldnt take the grind of trying to get there
if you like talking to people you dont know and doing the same 4 quests over and over then get this game
but if your easily addicted to things then DONT buy this game as you will be stuck on it for years and it will drain your life and your money away one of my smartest friends failed collage because of this game it really not worth it

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  Lesley would be proud

| | See all Ramelthecamel's reviews (1)

I have been playing this game for a long time now , I live with my mam and I failed all my exams but it was worth it. THIS GAME ROCKS!?!?!?!?!? no flame pls

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  One Of The Best Games Ever! But One Downside....

| | See all jdixon's reviews (1)

Ok, this must be one of the best games ever created.

i bought this in 2007 and thought what the heck i want to try it because so many people think its great.

I got onto the game and thought it was great from the beginning even when you start out at level one. There was one problem of this game and that problem is, IT'S SO ADDICTIVE!

Sometimes i used to be on this game nearly 5 - 6 hours a day and used to hop on the computer as soon as i got in from school. from when i bought it i have been on and off on this game. It has great quests to do and stuff to explore in this huge world.

I am now currently on this game as i have come to a point of boredom at points and it is still fun as it used to be.
If you buy this game watch out for the addictive side, but apart from that great stuff!

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  Amazing game with a significant flaw

| | See all Spudy34's reviews (2)

Great game but im writing this because if u are about to buy this i warn you that it will take up to 3 days of downloading patches and things if u buy it straight out without expansions.

  Great Game To Play

| | See all AshleyM97's reviews (1)

My mate introduced me to this game a couple of weeks ago by sending me the trial, and i must say what a game this is. When my trial ended i went out and brought the full game. This is a game that every one can play and with over 11 million people playing its well worth it!!

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| | See all Spanhki's reviews (4)

I was interested to see what was so amazing about this game so i bought a copy from Play.com at a great price(cheapest i could find). After about a week the game kicked it up a notch and i still play two years from that date, once you've tried this, gaming will be a complete different expreience from then. Absolutely outstanding *****

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| | See all Suayee's reviews (2)

Ive had this game bought a little while ago..
Awesome game..hooked dearly to this ^_^,
guarantee'd plenty to do, worth the money ^_^
took 3-4 days to come.. Pretty fast
and didnt take that long to install either ^_^

  Solve Slow Blizzard Downloader

| | See all TheKrabbyPatty's reviews (3)

If you enter the blizzard downloader. Select view from the top bar. Scroll down to preference. There will be a (by default) ticked box that is labeled "Enabled Peer to Peer Downloading" or something along those lines. This is the main slow down cause. If this box is unticked you are no longer downloading from other users with bad bandwidth, you are downloading directly from the WoW website. For example - The 3.0.1 - 3.0.2 patch was going to take 9 hours. I unticked the P2P box and it was finished in 20 mins.

Hope this helps thanks

  Absolutely amazing

| | See all l337takkular's reviews (9)

I love this game, both my friend and myself play this together and it never gets old. I'm a lvl 10 night elf druid and love the game. Great quests, so much to do. I buy pre paid game cards to fund the online billing instead of dipping into my debit card.

Planning on purchasing the Burning crusade and WotLK when i reach lvl 55 :)