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Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  MMO Rift Review

| | See all TheElder11's reviews (2)

The game is everything you want from an MMO with great character design - which is very unlike WoW. I played WoW for a year already and its the MMO to beat and after much frustration I was relieved to play Rift. Now I cant even summon the motivation to log into WoW because it just lacks something. Rift is the best MMO at the moment and I hope the population of WoW change and support Rift since its much better and deserves to develop. The character you create is much cooler and personal - plus there is a real uniqueness about your abilities that really tailor to your personality. Its cool that you can have a mount at level 1 and all the characters look really nice.

Negatives - There are not as many races - but with updates there will be. There is not as much content but you have everything to play for with updates etc. There is not as many armour options - the armour isn't quite as epic as WoW's top end gear but even so, I prefer the design in Rift. The level is currently capped at 60 since its the first episode in the game.

Overall - WoW would get an 9/10 as an MMO (But its quite childish atm) and Rift would also get 9/10 because its lacks the same breadth as WoW. Titan is the new MMO from Blizzard (Creators of WoW) and this promises great gameplay with up to date graphics. Rift is a great filler if not the change I needed. I would probably recommend WoW for first time MMO gamers and Rift when you get bored or frustrated!

  Good. But nothing to new and it has perfomance issues

| | See all SolarNova's reviews (19)

First of i will NOT compare this to WoW as that game is by no means the best MMO out, it just the most successfull from a buisness standpoint.
Rift is a good game, from the start your thrown into the story and shown how the soul system works to create your 'spec'.The gameplay itself is just a select target and hit your skills type game so dont expect any 'action' elements, its all automatic and most battles both pve and pvp will be determind by gear, spec, and RNG, very little gaming skill is required, tho tactics for bosses are obviosly required like most mmorpg's. So depending the person that can be taken as a good or bad thing.
The graphics can be very nice and realistic when on high and better on max. However. The game is fundimentaly flawed when it comes to performance. It is not optimized for modern or even computers a couple years old. Do not expect FPS over 30 unless ur alone in a bland area of the world, or have the most up to date CPU with a good GPU (even then you will notice Rift as having the lowest FPS out of all your games).
So overall 3 stars due to the lack of new ideas and performance issues that have been present since beta.

  terrible copy

| | See all carlsonx's reviews (1)

if you want a good mmo, stick with the classics, this is the biggest copy of wow i have EVER seen. its all the same including most of the talents abilities and classes. never mind the concept of raids and dungeons.f your going to copy a game, don't use the same names. this game will be bigger disappointment than LOTRO, don't buy this buy WoW or a decent game.

  most buy

| | See all dream2050's reviews (1)

yes, finally this is the wow killer . I have tried many mmorpg but this is percect . Yes , most buy ....

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  breath of fresh air

| | See all arcgabriel's reviews (5)

Awesome game if your looking for a new mmo then give this a try its seriously good fun.....the community is helpful aswell which is always a good sign...10/10

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  This game EXCELS!

| | See all Ommadawn's reviews (10)

I bought Rift as I wanted a new MMO to play.

I don't want to start the 'it's just like WoW' speech as that's been done. What Rift does is take all the BEST BITS out of every MMO I've played and merged them into one game.

WoW will always have a special place in my heart ... but I welcome Rift with open arms. Welcome to 2011.

The bits I LOVE:

1) Graphically ... unbelievable!!! The toon animation/spells/water/trees/fire all look like no other MMO out there
2) THE RIFTS! You could be walking through a field, it's clear and sunny when you hear a loud ROAR and a Rift opens up!
3) Every quest giver (new/complete) is highlighted on the map (you'll never get lost or wonder where to hunt mobs)
4) The quests themselves are well thought out (ok some are kill 10 of these but it's an MMO)
5) Hybrid toon creation r.e. You chose a Warrior, but as you level, you can have 3 different soul trees meaning I can also heal/cast spells :)
6) If you see someone fighting a Rift the games auto groups you as you approach so you receive equal reward and fight as one. Genius!
7) The capital city is easy to navigate
8) In the city you'll find the banker, tradesmen and trainers all in the SAME location (no need to run back and forth)
9) Lots of strategy when playing i.e. you have to plan your runs across country as mobs watch your every move
10) If I kill three mobs at the same time I only have to click one of them and I loot all!

To be honest, this list could go on and on. This game is pretty special.

The bits I HATE:

1) You need a GOOD/GREAT PC to play it
2) Like point 1, a good PC will stop slow down during Rifts

Rift is more than I hoped it would be . It excels in ALL areas and deserves to succeed.

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  good game

| | See all Wraide's reviews (2)

its a good game, i wouldnt have said it beats world of warcraft to be honest...but it has alot to offer, only problem i have found with the game is it does require a fairly decent computer to be able to run the game without severe framerate problems.

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  Better than WoW but that isn't difficult...

| | See all Gavmundo's reviews (42)

I agree with the recent review stating the comparisons with WoW (a very average and dated MMO). For me the best MMO around is LOTRO but that's just a personal opinion. I played the Rift BETA and as mentioned in previous reviews it has a lot of potential. Very nice graphics and lighting effects, an original development system where you combine classes, a decent PvP system and grouping system. In an industry flooded with online games this is pretty good and well worth a try. Definitely better than WoW but then a lot of MMO's are but this is it's own game.

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  Very good, worth playing, has alot of potential

| | See all mikejt72's reviews (11)

This is a really good MMO. After the disapointment of FF14 I didnt think i be playing another MMO for a long while until I decided to pick this up and glad I did. really good gameplay, good engine, customization with any class I believe one of the best as it gives you the freedom to do what you want and change it if you wish.

why people keep mentioning wow Everytime a new MMO comes out is beyond me as soon they play No not as good as WOW i think people need to stop comparing. WOW is overhyped in my opinion, I don't doubt its a good game but this these fan boys should stop acting as if its the ultimate game because it isn't

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  If you like MMO's then this is for you

| | See all RogalDorn's reviews (7)

This game is very enjoyable. It is nothing new but instead takes some of the best aspects of other games and packages it up in a very eye pleasing game. The added, random, world events (and quests that go along with them) mean that you always have a choice of following the story based game or leveling up using these public challenges. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is bored of the other MMO's on the market.

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