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Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth (DVD-ROM)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  A tolkien fans dream

| | See all eLROND's reviews (5)

This game just blew me away, It is voiced by the actors from the movies, and drips atmosphere.
It has a great many problems such as low unit limits, horrendous bugs and few heroes on 'evil' sides ( Isengard only has two) but I have played this game to death
Most of the problems can be fixed with patches off the net , but then it can seriously eat into your life. Unbelievably good game.

  4.5 Stars

| | See all NitroMikeo's reviews (14)

This game truly is amazing. It didn't exactly have the best graphics, even for its day, but the gameplay was totaly unique. The campiagn was epic whilst also being extremly chalanging. There were huge castle battles like Helms deep and Minas Tirith, units would react to other units, cower in fear, taunt them, trolls could pick up tress and throw them, the list of awesome features goes on.

You could even get Mumakil!

The game was fresh, and picked up on the intense popularity of LOTR because of the films.

Great game, worth a buy even after this long.

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  What a Game

| | See all LethalHaircut's reviews (4)

Simply Superb:
Graphics are beautiful
Gameplay is fantastic
Multiplayer is amazing
Such a good game

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  Seriously...that good?

| | See all MiniTrimmer's reviews (5)

This game is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
i broke the disc i played it so much. i HAD to buy a new one.
Still amazing, not many people online, much better than 2nd one. That sucks
Great buy A+++

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  if you like the movie youll love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| | See all montybobsbum's reviews (15)

great game. i love this. A must buy. I would recommened this to any online game lover or anyone who truley loves games

  Campaign amazing skirmishes boring after a while

| | See all Sionedw's reviews (12)

The Campaign is brilliant it follows the 3 Lord of the Rings Movies either be the crippled Rohirrim or The Rising Isengard. Gondor without their King(until Minis Tirith) or the 1000 orc army taking control of MiddleEarth. Skirmishes let down can't build Sauron and Rohan and Gondor have walls Evil doesn't.
Buy this game, number 2 and Rise of the Witch King for amazing fun.

  Swords, bows and monsters

| | See all AfroNathan's reviews (7)

This game is based on the Lord of the rings movie and is an excellent RTS that makes you appreciate the world created by J.R.R Tolkien. The game is simple enough to play but at first you may find you getting your ass a bit whooped if you are not experienced in RTSs, I was not but the game has a good learning curve. The maps are varied and with the chance for expansion from user made maps, you could play this game for a loooong time and still enjoy each game.

The story mode if fun enough and you play as either the evil side or the good side which will see you play as Isengard, Mordor, Rondor & Gondor which will see you playing as all the factions and allows you to play as the heroes who made the movie.

Multiplayer online mode is fun but if you have the unfortune of playing someone much much better than you, you can feel a little bit demoralised.

Overall a good game although one thing I am not keen on is the camera which I feel could zoom in more and also on some multiplayer games unless you have a fast computer the game can start to run slow.

Good game 4/5

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  A must buy!

| | See all alexanderthegreat's reviews (16)

Battle For Middle Earth is an amazing game in my opinion because it has alot of awsome stuff that you can do.
The gameplay is like most other RTS games but it has alot of heroes from the movies to play as which is fun in its own way, such as Frodo, Gandalf, Saruman etc.
The heroes add a unique feel to the game because they have special abilities, some noticable from the movies and some not.
Using these against foes can be fun, dominating armies with a handful of heroes will keep you hooked for hours.
The single player aspect of this game follows the story of the three LOTR films, as Frodo sets out to destroy the ring.
What makes the game so exciting is that you get to fight in those huge, breath-taking battles such as the Balrog, Helm's Deep, Minas Tirith etc. This is was makes the game unique, inthat you can be a part of these battles.
The skirmish side of Battle for Middle Earth is great in its own way. You are able to unlock heroes and use them at your will such as ents, undead army, the balrog etc which offers a huge advantage in this game.
I definately recommend this game to LOTR fans or people just looking for a new RTS to play as it is an incredible game to play through to the end.

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