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Total War: Shogun 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  An Excellent Addition to the Total War Series

| | See all Joe1107's reviews (2)

I have to say that when I heard that Creative Assembly had released a new game to their successful Total War series I couldn't wait to get the game. I was suppriesed that they went back to their roots, and did a second game set in Japan during the Sengoku period, and I have to say it was a good call. I have to say though that there is little change from Shogun: Total War except for the graphics being imporved and the placement of villages in provences (as they did in Empire:Total War and Napolen: Total War). The multiplayer on the game is good but for the Avatar Conquest mode does have it's glitches. One glitch which I am aware of is that when playing the Avatar Conquest mode when Im online it seems to crash, now im not sure weather this is because it's new and just needs a patch or two to fix the porblem, I personaly would recommend staying away from this part of the online matches untill the problem is solved.

Apart from a some problems this game is excellent and I would highly recommend the game to any one who likes turn-based strategy and real-time tactics games.

  Absolutely Stunning!

| | See all mcarts265's reviews (1)

Creative Assembly really refined their franchise with Shogun 2. It is the most user friendly of the series and is incredibly enjoyable. The graphics are fantastic, the battles are epic and the attention to detail is amazing. Definitely a must buy for any PC owner.

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  So much detail...

| | See all 101happyguy's reviews (3)

Just amazing the level of detail on the individual soldiers. User friendly interface, but quite hard for modding, if thats what your into!

  Doesnt Even Install Correct.

| | See all darklord1's reviews (1)

I recently purchased this game, And it took nearly six hours to install 4 of which was used downloading the last 25% from steam, Now i don't know why it cant just be like normal and install files directly from the disc like every game iv played in the last ten years of playing, It didn't load at any point a waste of 7 pound Dreadful.

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  Everything comes together from the old total war games

| | See all Shiny0spoon's reviews (1)

I thought this total war was very good and technically better then the previous entrys. It had all wonderful detail everything ran smoother and a far more enjoyable campaign, the only downside is that everyone shares the same units except for a few unique or elite versions of other units so after a while battles can be a bit boring to look at but i have already played this for 40 hours and im still loving it :D


| | See all Scottmw14's reviews (12)

I loved the Total War series, until it came to Shogun 2. This game was advertised as having an AI system "which obeys the Art of War, and actively reacts to your decisions during battles". It does neither. Worse, it openly cheats - if you send an army at an enemy province, you can watch as the AI gifts itself entirely new, large, experienced, well-equipped armies in said province, and uses them to grind down your invasion force before throwing them out in counter-attack. This cheating literally ruins the entire game, which is unfortunate since the graphics are beautiful. I also find the game over-simplified since Empire - the "rock-paper-scissors" principle is forced upon you with little opportunity for variation. Pirates still exist, and in this game wait until your fleet leaves its home port before spawning a medium-sized fleet and blockading your ports. Pirates blockading ports??? A massive let-down of a game, which has killed the entire TW series for me, and which has ensured that I shall not be purchasing future releases.

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  great game

| | See all juicyxtc's reviews (1)

what a great game, i own the whole series of games. great battle play and the AI is impressive! oh ye, but it l ag s like any thing. so n ot so great. do nt buy un less your pc rocks.

  Total war back to their best

| | See all playcustomer12's reviews (2)

This game is absolutely superb. First the looks the game is beautiful and the graphics are superb but you do need good specs I dont think it is worth playing if you computer barely copes with it.

Now to the actual game I was hooked to Medieval 2 which I think this is similar to. That in itself is a massive compliment the game is on epic proportions. I also feel that the risk like platform coupled with the on field battle and siege option are unrivalled by any game.

But the best thing about this one is a few subtle differences to the previous total war games. Previously there would be times in battles that you would ask a unit to do something and they simply wouldnt. This has been minimised in Shogun 2.

Secondly missile units are also a delicate area in a game like this. Make them too powerful and they are the only units you need. Make them too weak and it takes a lot of fun out of the game I think this has happened before in total war games. But in shogun it is perfect the missile units are great. If you are attacking a fort or a unit stands still too long then they are seriously punished as they should be. But missile units are not too strong you certainly need a good mix of different units.

All in all I think the games looks amazing. It also has all the good features of previous games in this series making improvements where there needed to be making sure to not deviate too far from a proven recipe.

If you have played other total war games and liked them buy this one!!!!!!! If you have never played one then buy it anyway it is amazing.

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  great game

| | See all skolly's reviews (2)

This is a super looking game set in a wonderful but bloody phase of history. I would pay no attention to the first review, with specs like that his pc should run it perfectly. The game itself doesn't require that much to run so don't worry if you think you have a "mid range" pc, it will be fine:-))

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  Time to upgrade your hardware...

| | See all infunctionx's reviews (2)

Its very good, but if you have a mid-range gaming PC like me then the graphics are greatly reduced and on my PC (Quad processer, 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4850) it looks worse than Total War: Empire. Despite this it has a very good multiplayer mode and a nice and lengthy single campaign mode

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