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Mass Effect 3

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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I got this having finished Mass effect 2. some of the reviews critise the ending of this one. I have not there yet and surley the end of a game particularly one this great has to be a dissapointment. I love this game, the upgrades are just find the tech in the mission and pay in the armoury for weapons and armour, and in the med bay for Biotics and powers, no scanning planets for resources. I didn't find that very annoying in ME2 but would now. The weapons and upgrades are great and the combat seams to work better than ME2.
The only annoying thing is the internet access delay when booting the game up and "Origin" trying to sell you something all the time; it also means I have to shutdown the PC twice to get it to switch off. But the game is great and must be worth the annoyance because I'm still playing it.

  Emersive, solid, great game.

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Can't comment on "The ending" as I've been playing it every other night for a few hours over a few weeks and haven't completed it yet, already got my moneys worth!
This franchise offers the closest you can get to playing through an action science fiction film.
The story and characters are as good as ever, The interaction is kept realistic and minimal, so not too much micro managment. You can spend as much or as little time as you want in between missions walking round your ship chatting to the crew, or zipping from place to place in the Galaxy through the command centre.
The missions let you choose a couple of your team to tool up, and shoot your way through a space station, ship, city.....etc to find something, rescue somone etc, all in the aim of saving the Galaxy.
They have great voice actors, with good dialogue, I recognided the bloke from alien as the admiral and the priest from Pitch black.
In Summery, its a solid well made game, that you can take your time to complete, so is good value for money. It may not break any new ground, but its a game worth playing.

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  Amazing game, well worth the cash

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Mass Effect 3 is the third game in a trilogy. The game builds upon the events of Mass Effect 1 and 2 like no game has done before.

There has been a lot of talk about the ending and I'll agree that it was unsatisfactory but the game itself as a whole is still a 5-star product. Do take into account that Bioware are attempting to rectify the ending with an 'Extended Cut' DLC pack that will be released for free quite soon.

The soundtrack is amazing, the combat is amazing, they've added more guns, you get to see new planets/species that were not fully introduced, a lot of things are wrapped up...

It comes down to if I'd recommend the game to someone or not and I most certainly would, no question about it. The fact that so many people are in an up-roar about the ending just shows how deeply engaged the game had people within the story.

Buy the game, support Bioware.

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  Great game ruined by rushed and awful ending

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Ah Mass effect 3 was suppose to be my big game of 2012, how sad it seems that the game was rushed out, with same day dlc, and and a poor ending that failed to meet fans expectations in any shape or form. If you are planning to buy this game wait for the summer when bioware releases the free extended cut dlc, that suppose to help the ending. Though the lack of information coming from biowares end is not promising

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