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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  not as good as expected

| | See all QuiSiLoR's reviews (8)

This game was definately a let down. Black ops was way beter than this.
Also add to it the issues this game has if your a virgin customer.... makes me wish I hadnt bought it.

  Play it online!

| | See all Japes118's reviews (2)

The online game play is where the true value in this game lies.

I too agree that the single player campaign is way too short, but in all honesty, they could make this game without any campaign built in.
The online gaming is where this game holds it's value, and will deliver to you hours and hours of deeply gratifying gaming. With all the variations of the online game modes, I doubt you wont find a niche you truly enjoy.

MW1 = groundbreaking fresh awesomeness.
MW2 = arguably better (I'd argue it's the worst of the lot) suffers from over the top "tactical nukes" that end the gameplay.
MW3 = has got the balance and presentation just right, and with the free Elite webiste, all the stats you could ever ask for (I like stats).

I think it's a shame people are only capable of all or nothing ratings, and this game definitely deserves more than 2.5 stars out of 5.

  To short!!!!!

| | See all GreeneG's reviews (2)

Got to agree with a lot of the comments on here and I'm a COD Fan. Though the graphics and effect are as good if not slightly better than MW2 this game is far to short. It felt like I was just getting into it and it ended. Not worth the 30 - 40 pounds some places are still asking for it. Wait till the price drops then it will be worth playing. Shame.

  some reviews not fair

| | See all Mortuk's reviews (1)

OK so you reading this review as you want to know if this game is worth getting. The simple answer is yes, I cant comment on the single player story I got it purely for the multiplayer side of things. now MW2 was a superb multi player game (if you could find a game without hackers) and this follows in those footsteps the phrase "if it aint broke........" comes to mind. Now you have got some very helpfull people saying if you got MW2 dont waste your money of if you havn't got it it is better value for money but i dont see how either of those comments apply 1) if you got MW 2 for the story (single player) then this is a whole new single player experience 2) If you got MW2 for the multiplayer then you will notice the lack of players and the abundance of hackers so you got to move with the times and embrace the new multi player shooter king. I have got myself Battlefield 3 aswell but until i get a new graphics card so i can play it this is top spot as it is no where near as heavy on computer resources.

  Same old same old

| | See all louisvuitondon's reviews (2)

This is without doubt a good game in its own right but it has not moved on since the first MW as it is still a frantic no frills shoot'em up. Just different maps and story line. To be honest, the first MW is without doubt the best!! Buy if it is cheap but don't waste your money!!

I know there is a fine line between realism and tedeous gameplay but Battlefield 2 and 3 are heading in the right direction albeit not perfect. Best two games i've played this year are BF3 and Crysis 2.

  If you want bf3 get it. If you loved mw2 this is as good

| | See all magoosey's reviews (83)

Yes I agree to an extent that this is mw2.5. But bf3 is almost exactly the same as bf medal of honour so why do people keep harping on comparing two very different games. If you want to crawl around or run miles every time you re-spawn then get bf3. If you loved mw1 and 2 then I fail to see how you can be disappointed. The xp system and levelling up has thank goodness returned to the mw2 system instead of the dreadfully black ops system. The mw3 story mode is a continuation from 1and 2. No complaints there. Multiplayer is excellent as expected with some excellent new weapons and accessories. But for me the best feature by far is survival mode. I got this first on ps3 and was so impressed I got it for pc now so I can play away from home or when tv in living room is otherwise engaged.

I don't get the complaining. People loved mw2. This is more of the same but better. What do people want. If it changed radically people will moan that it's too different and not in keeping. The makers can't win.

I do love all the one star reviews from bf3 fans. Like man utd fans reviewing man city.


| | See all PointBlank68's reviews (14)

All i can say is I feel robbed, I have nothing good to say about this allmost carbon copy of MW2 except gone backwards, save your money and get a great game like BF3 or even better Arma2 and all the add ons that go with it,now thats an experiance.

This will be the last COD that I will buy.

  Save your money buy world ar wars or COD4 last of the great

| | See all batchman's reviews (5)

started playing and within 30mins it felt like black ops and MW2 nothing new, maps are boring and the guns similar. wast of money and lots of cheaters


| | See all patricabh's reviews (2)

it is a good game but dont buy on pc because everyone who has it for PC get headaches and feel realy ill so dont get for pc get for a consle

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  Good FPS but the same as MW2

| | See all Fianoglach's reviews (2)

im very dissapointed with this game , yes its very good but its no different to MW2 its as if they just re released it with a new name , if you have never played MW2 get it you will love it but if you have , dont waste your money

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