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Darksiders 2: Limited Edition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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  Great Sp Game, Lazy port

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Darksiders 2 'DS2' continues on from DS1, but is a stand alone game, meaning you can, like me, play this game without playing the 1st.
The game itself is great, it has the potential to keep you playing for as much as 50 hours, up to 100 if your slow.
However that will only happen if you like the cheap time sinks that have been added to extend the time you play it. These 'sinks' are in the form of collectables, and a 100 level arena.
If you just want to play the game like a game of old, i.e for its story and gamplay, then you will probably be playing it for anywhere between 20 and 40 hours, depending on if you play it through a second time using its 'NewGame plus' feature that allows you to play through a second time using gear and skill points from your first playthrough.

The game itself reminds me alot of the legacy of kain series for the PS1 , more specificaly the Soul Reaver half. However it also has simularities to zelda, and god of war. All in all not a bad bunch of games to be simular to.

It has an impressive rpg aspect to it aswell, you can pick up and chose you gear, shoulder pads, chess armor, leggings, boots, gauntlets, amulet, primary weapon and secondary weapon. Some of these you can build up/level/enchant youself by feeding less wanted gears stats to a 'blank slate' possesed version and thus create some monster weapons. You also have skill points to use to gain abilities, and you pick up storyline skills aswell that are need to solve puzzles, like a grapling arm for glimbing, a gun for shooting distant objects (also usfull in combat) to name a few.

However its letdown is in its 'fine tuning' there are bugs in all versions of this game, and they can cause greif, like corrupting saves files for example.

Its biggest letdown by far though is the PC version, it is a direct consol port with next to no PC modifications. Screen resolution, vsync, gamma control, and different buttons are the only differences between the PC and consol versions. The textures and effects are identical, which for a PC means they suck. However this does mean very low PC requirments and thus constant high framerates.

As a game DS2 is great, however the developers who made it have not done much to help their repuation with the PC version. Thus i dock it 1 star.

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