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L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Detective Game

| | See all raven8907's reviews (4)

This is a great game if you enjoy detective games the cases are well thought out and the main overlapping story line is done very well don't come into the game comparing it to GTA it's not its a more mature and thoughtfull gaming experience in short great voice acting great motion capture great game

  Not GTA!

| | See all Phil8mee's reviews (47)

The expectations of this game are the problem, not the game. Dont expect a GTA clone, Rockstar never said it was so why expect it?

This game has a slower pace, sombre and thoughtful, and that is its strength. It is more like real police work, it is not all car chases and gun fights. It is joining the dots between the clues, using your brain and character judgement. It is very different from anything that has gone before, and that must be applauded.

The absolute stand out feature is the facial animation and the way it is used in game, it has to be seen to really appreciate it (still screen shots dont do it justice). Characters facial twitches and manner can give them away or convince you of their sincerity. It is a stroke of genius really, it is like watching a real person (which you are really, the technology is called performance capture and recreates every nuance of the actors performance).

If you are looking for something intelligent and challenging, unlike anything you have experienced before then check this out. If you are looking for a GTA clone you will be disappointed.

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  Ok game but the performance sucked

| | See all MichaelTurner's reviews (4)

I got this game a few months ago because I heard some good things about it. On one hand I enjoyed it but on the other I was a bit let down. The facial animation and the expressions of the characters is excellent and goes a long way to help improve the story. Other than the characters faces though I felt the rest of the game looked slightly dated visually (I ran the game on a variety of settings which I'll get onto later). The story of the game felt a little disjointed at times with the various crime scenes feeling like they had no real connection to each other. The game felt a bit like a series of mini-missions to me. However despite this I still enjoyed the game. The only thing that ruined the whole experience for me was the performance of the game on my PC.

My PC can run most modern games on full settings: 3.2 Quad Core, Nvidia 580gtx, 8GB RAM which is way more than this game requires to run. When I first loaded the game the frame rate felt like I was playing the game with a 5 year old machine. It was nearly unplayable. I tried messing around with the graphics settings and end tried running it on the lowest settings but it made no difference to the performance. I did a bit of digging around and Rockstar seem to acknowledge this as an issue for the game and gave a few steps to help resolve it. The only one that kinda of worked for me was turning multi-threading off which essentially cut my quad core down to a single core. Personally I don't see this as a fix but it did boost performance to the point where I could just about play the game but it was in no way smooth. I had to give up on the game in the end because during one of the few times where you actually have to shoot people the frame rate felt so low that I was struggling to hit people. This seems like a shame because L.A. Noire feels like it should be a great story driven game but has been let down by a poor PC port. Might be worth grabbing on console though because that's what the code will be optimized for.

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  Avoid Avoid Avoid

| | See all Dopsuperstar's reviews (7)

I was looking foward to 1940's version of Grand theft auto but alas I havent had the pleasure after spending a day trying to get this game to install onto my 2 year old pc (win Xp, quad core cpu and 4870 1gb Video card) installed and reinstalled many times put in different install folders on my pc turned off virus and firewalls deleted different files as required by those who had got this working.I gave up as this should not be like this.I would ask you to check if you intend to buy Rockstar game that you check it works on the pc first.

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  L.A. Bore

| | See all AndyL2009's reviews (1)

Having waited a while for this to be released on PC i was expecting good things, however LA Noire is a bit of a disappointment if im being totally honest. The game centres around you playing a detective and looking for clues/questioning suspects. There is not a lot of variation away from these 2 things, making the game rather tedious and repetative. There are few missions where you are required to use your gun and a few car chases (which aren't very exciting anyway). Your basic role is to find as many clues as possible in each case and correctly determine if a suspect is telling the truth or lying, some of which is almost impossible to do.

Now i would give this game 1 or 2 stars if it was based on storyline or playability alone but i've bumped it to 3 as there are some good things about it. The controls are easy and smooth and the graphic quality is pretty good, maybe on a par with GTA4 (if you happen to be a Rockstar fan.) My suggestion would be try before you buy as personally i don't think its worth the price but you may have a different opinion after giving it a test run.

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