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Battlefield 3

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (9 reviews)"

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  0 Stars if possible

| | See all RobFinan's reviews (2)

Despite Pre-ordering this game all that time ago, it arrived 3 weeks late. The installation was the only thing that worked. Once into the game the it took 3 attempts just to open.
After all this it pales in comparison to BF2142 or BFBC2, or any game for that matter.
The spawning is so atrocious that there are no vehicles available and it requires a lot of running just to get to the start of the fighting. By which point you've had to run over so much open ground that the snipers have just been waiting til you get close enough that you get shot without knowing where it came from and have to wait to respawn before you start the run all over again. If you do get close enough to an enemy, dont think that accuracy will be an issue. Just press your finger down and don't let go until you need to reload. All the guns seem more accurate the more you spray.
I know many of the other FPSs have hackers, but at least steam bans them. It at least costs them another 15-35 quid to buy it again if they want to.
I will prob never play a BF again. I'll stick with CoD and CS.

  Bugs, bugs, bugs and more bugs

| | See all GlenThomas's reviews (6)

The number of fatal bugs in this game is criminal. Typical of EA. They set a budget and release date and release a game that just does not work. Game constantly crashes on loading. Plus there are millions of smaller bugs in-game if you can get it past the loading screen. Check the forums to see the thousands of angry people who have major bugs. I regret buying this game and recommend you don't bother.

  Its a terrific game if your pc can run it...

| | See all TheManWhoCantDie's reviews (1)

If your PC can run this i promise you will enjoy it! Even more so if you like first person shooters or have been a fan of previous battlefield games. However some people moan that it is not better than call of duty using this as an excuse to mark it down as a game, what they dont see is that this is generally a really well thought out, and well designed game, whether or not you think it is better than call of duty is your opinion, however you cant call it, or rate it a bad game solely on this as others have. I bought this game not too long ago and i like call of duty and i have been playing it non-stop and when you play with friends its never boring.

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  not bad but not outright better than COD

| | See all cavedude's reviews (2)

To sum up. Great engine all in all and the sound fx are pretty damn good. SP campaign dsnt deserve the slamming it gets from some critics. Sure its not original but its not bad at the same time. The multiplayer is bit of a let down to be honest, a fair few imbalnces in the game and even in "hardcore" mode your a bullet sponge. Even with the most powerful sniper rifle anything but a headshot will often require more 2 hits..........fair enough you might think if this was cod but why go to all the trouble to make the game feel realistic and include bullet physics (which are great) if you need half a magazine to kill some1. The destructo terrain is classic battlefield and makes the game more diverse but again, an RPG will happily flatten a reinforced concrete wall but not a set of metal lockers ................the game leaves me a little confused. Worth a buy if your a fan of the series, if not theres nothing special here.

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  Could be better

| | See all StnrDaM's reviews (1)

What the other reviewers are forgetting to mention.

This game is flawed, there is 1,000's of people who are having issue with disconnects, crashes.
Each new patch (like today) brings new problems. Lots of people getting kicked for PB errors with no fix in sight.

Cheaters are rampant within the game. The so called hybrid hit detection system (mainly client side) has opened the game up to insane cheats. People killing you from the otherside of the map with radio beacons, med packs and ammo packs.

Sure this game has pushed the envelope with the new engine, but they have totally screwed it up with the amount of cheats which are in it.
You can report them, but nothing is done, even when it is, they just get a stats wipe which is next to useless, as they get backup to top rank with all the unlocks within hours again.

Hopefully they will sort it all out, but I wouldnt recommend buying it until then. Also the price will of dropped.

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  Best FPS ever made

| | See all 2DamnSly's reviews (3)

If you haven't bought this yet go and buy it. Make sure you have a graphics card that can handle the detail that this game delivers. The graphics will literally take your breath away with such features as motion blur (get in a vehicle and look sideways) the same effect as looking out of a speeding trains window. The game play itself is true Battlefield style, no spray and pray COD here this is pure skill. When you finish a 64 player map and finish first its not just down to kills its alos downto teamwork. A massive armoury of weapons is avaialble to be unlocked with special squad unlocks that your whole squad benefits from when used together. Although I am not a fan of Origin's interface the game itself is amazing. Already 100hours under my belt and still finding the game incdredible to play. I have been a FPS player for 15 years and this game is setting the standard for all games that follow to achieve. I suggest getting the Karkand special edition pack as you gain four extra map packs with Back to Karkand, Sharqi Peninsular, Wake Island and Gulf of Oman (if you played BF2 its the same maps but on steroids). This game series is good and BF3 just made it even better.

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| | See all batonik15's reviews (1)

i have pre-ordered this game and the reason for it was it's because i played the beta and to me it was great i love the frostbite 2 engine the destruction is great i have the game now for a few months and i love to play the multiplayer the vehicles are really good feature especially with the huge maps and there are jets i mean come on can't beat that and now with the expansion coming out , more vehicles and weapons to unlock bring it on
it's definitly worth the buy.

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