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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Great game in its own right

| | See all Frankelforever's reviews (3)

I played the original X-Com TFTD back in the 90's and have long since missed it. Bought the UFO triilogy a few years back but got bored of them before I even started the 3rd one. When I heard about this game decided to give it a shot especially for the budget price I got it for. Glad I did now as I've played through it once on normal and am now replaying it on impossible. They have taken away some of the micro management of the original but given that I no longer have endless hours a day to dedicate to video games this worked out as a good thing for me. Most missions take between 10-20 minutes so you can get through a few in a relatively short space of time. Your soldiers need to level up pretty quickly in order to stay alive as the game progresses quite quickly once you get underway. Base management is straightforward enough, just remember to link the same type of buildings together for extra points. Launching Satelittes early in the game is key to getting more money from the X-com nations. The missions themselves do get a little bit repetitive over time but I'm not bored yet on my second run through, impossible mode along with extending the length of the game make it a much longer game to complete. I enjoy turn based shooters so this is right up my street, the only negative I have about the missions is the aiming of rocket launchers and grenades is a bit awkward.

Overall I would recommend the game as although it doesn't fully capture the atmosphere of the original games it is still quite a great game in its own right.

  One of the best games I played in years!!!

| | See all Nomis13x's reviews (1)

I really cannot start to imagine how anyone could write a bad review on this game. Its intelligent and calculated but will nonetheless have you eat your heart out during battle mode.

I recommend this game to anyone seeking a mind challenging game but still loves the sound of heavy weaponry! :)

  What a let down...

| | See all Kimmelom's reviews (9)

I was really hoping for a game following in the tradition of the old games. Yet another example of dumbing of games. No charm... Where is the tactical bit in this. Your just set on a path with enemies apparing every time on the same spot. So so so dissappointing. I thought the guys who made this game were fans of the old game?...
Not worth buying for either consoll or pc... This gama cannot be made for consoll and still be as entertaining as the old games....

  Nice game shame about the Steam

| | See all Forensicman's reviews (1)

Relies on Steam. Steam offline mode doesn't work. Therefore not recommended.

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  Review from a casual gamer

| | See all Gondorf's reviews (4)

I never played the original game on which this is based so Im afraid I can t draw any comparisons between the two but I can say that this is definitely a great game.

The turn based approach is a nice change from the usual frantic pace of many modern games allowing the time to think and plan a bit more and the occasional -zoom in- to a cut scene of your soldiers sprinting into cover creates a nice illusion of more involvement in the battlefield.

There are plenty of options for strategic choices in terms of the modules to build for your base, the perks for each soldier, research products, weapon enhancements and so on and since you are nearly always strapped for cash you simply cant do all of them. This means that you will not just end up with a group of near-invulnerable uber-soldiers that cant lose. Basically dont get too attached to them as some will unfortunately pay the ultimate price.

For me games really come down to one final question:- is it fun? The answer has to be an absolute yes! After a few hours play I am usually thinking along these lines - Just one more scan for aliens then I will stop, Just one more research project then I will stop, I will just wait until this soldier has recovered then I will stop. This goes on for another hour (or two) before I finally realise the time and eventually stop.

I do, however, agree with the previous review about the -casual tactical action game-, it is not a full on micro-managing affair. But, for me, this is exactly what I want as I dont necessarily have the time to invest in massive scale strategy games anymore like I used to ( a few years ago I would spend days playing the likes of Shogun, Medieval Total War, Europa Universalis, the Anno series etc)

One final point, as an added cool (well I think its cool) feature, if you play on an Alienware Laptop with AlienFX (as I do) then the game overrides your AlienFX settings and changes the keyboard colours between red and blue depending on whose turn it is, genius!

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  More Dumbing Down From Firaxis...

| | See all Bertum 's reviews (2)

I cant deny that XCOM: Enemey Unknown is fun to play. But like Firaxis last release of Civilization V, this game has been heavily "streamlined". This is a term I am begining to become very wary of, as all too often it is a double edged sword.

With XCOM the game has been radically simplified in both the tactical and strategic gameplay. Whilst this speeds up game play and removes some of the frustratingly slow bits of the old game, I am left feeling like I have less control over events and the result is perhaps more exciting action, but a less overall satisfying experience.

The fixed character classes, limited inventory (you can only carry one bit of extra kit), inability to swap equipment with characters in the field, unlimited ammo all seems to remove an element of the game I actually liked - ie micromanaging things! Great moments when characters ran out of ammo, and someone throws them cartridge; or characters pick up their dead or incapacitated comrades equipment are gone...
The base management is stripped back now your no longer managing several bases, tessellating rooms into a limited floor plan, or designing bases against outside attack - you're limited to placing rooms next to each other for bonuses. Equipment is made instantaneously, but research still has lead times which is weird. The "ant farm" representation looks great but adds nothing to gameplay.

Dispite people claiming this game proves PC gamers have not been forgotten, I actually think it shows the opposite. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a fun fast moving game, but the gameplay feels like a made for console casual tactical action game, fun and fast moving, but lacking the depth of control which I for one like in my strategy games. This may appeal to a wider audience but is not what I was hoping from the new XCOM game

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