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SimCity: Limited Edition

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Getting a Refund!

| | See all mjfox86's reviews (1)

The game was just so poor. You can only seem to start new cities in new regions and then when you get one going, you sometimes lose the city. I gave it over 2 weeks to get fixed, but I'm bored of this now and am sending back for a refund. Was really looking forward to this game, but I feel let down :(


| | See all MoabJames's reviews (2)

This game is a amazing edition to the simcity series, its alot better at micro managing your cities.. the graphics are amazing, and it all runs so smoothly! cant wait to get my copy, as have played it at a work mates, but truely is amazing!

  An inprovement overall but still got issues...

| | See all SteveyboyArrow's reviews (15)

The pros...
Having played the game for a bit now the actual game play is a massive improvement on SimCity 4. The zoning tool whether it.s residential, commercial or industrial is a big improvement. When you zoned an area in SimCity 4 the tool would add roads for you but in this version you need a road already laid before you can zone. Another plus is you can now upgrade most functional buildings like the clinic. fire and police stations etc. so if they reach their capacity you can just add another wing or firetruck garage rather than having to bulldoze it or buy a massive hospital that you can't even afford. Adding water and electrical services is now much better. Before in SimCity 4 you would have to have power lines and water pipes all over the place and it became a real mess. Now you just have to place you power station or water tower near a road and hey presto. job done. The road itself acts as the connector for your power and water services. The camera angles are much better. Before you could zoom in and out and choose from 4 different angles. now its just like The Sims 3. You can zoom. rotate and tilt the camera anywhere you like. Another plus are the graphics. I have a super duper PC and a super duper 27inch HD monitor so this game looks great.
Now for the negatives....Origin.
Pretty much every time Ive booted up this game there has been a problem at some stage or other with the servers either not letting me play or booting me off mid game. I'm sure Origin are still ironing out the kinks but it is a problem. My PC is always connected to the internet so that's not a problem but my last game I played for several hours and because the servers went down it didnt save my city. Its times like that you just have to smile and wave. However this issue will not put me off playing in the future.
All in all the fundamental things about this game are great but Origin will need to make some improvements to the service they provide to make this game complete. I bought it for 40 pounds. my advice would be. its not worth that. 30 pounds would be a fair price for this game. any lower than that and snap it up...

  Actual review - the game is weak

| | See all Jeynesey's reviews (2)

I just wrote a massive review but it was lost when I submitted. I will update this at a later date but fundamentally the game is weak, irrespective of login / always online problems, which I don't care about.

1. The city sizes are not cities, they are small towns.
2. The linking between towns is very buggy for e.g water, electricity, commuters.
3. Game is very linear and click from one thing to the next, rather than being a clever economy / proper city sim... it's basically just like an addictive facebook game where you click from one level to the next, down the set process.
4. Read the game's forums and you'll see many other issues. Including a guy who has $52m after 1 in game day in one un-linked town, due to trading processors. This is really stupid and emphasises the linear, one-right-way process.
5. AI for busses, garbage trucks etc is poor as they all just follow eachother around.
6. Can't connect to friends in game.

  Online Mess

| | See all RickL1987's reviews (1)

As a big fan of SimCity I was excited to try out SC5 - sadly I never had a chance to see it. I spent 3 hours trying to install and update only to be told there was an "error updating", then I was repeatedly booted off the server. For those who dont know SC is online only - something I dont think EA have been clear about. You MUST play online, no online - no play. A pretty terrible decision when you consider SimCity has always been a single player experience. As a huge fan I'd say dont bother, in a couple of years you might not even be able to access the game.

  Why worry? Play now

| | See all footballlegend888's reviews (2)

People are saying "you always need an internet connection, lost sale until an offline version comes out".
Well guess what? Diablo 3 also needed a constant internet connection, but it still sold 12 million copies on opening weekend, simply because it is a fantastic game and experience. Just like SimCity.

  take it from someone who has played it

| | See all crute88's reviews (1)

I was lucky enough to play the beta, and I can tell you it is amazing, smaller cities make it easier to manage, and its a lot more detailed then people know, best yet, I play cities XL and pretty much ever other city sim out there and I can say this is one of the best

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  A Different SimCity

| | See all Calacorm's reviews (2)

I've decided to write this review based on being a Beta Tester for this game.

- It looks and feels really nice to play
- It is much easier simpler to play than most other SImCity games
- The city neighbourhoods concept works well
-- Interacticting with neighbour cities is MUCH easier than in SimCity 4
- The mechanics of building lots of buildings is easy and enjoyable
- It feels like EA have listened to feedback from SimCity Societies and built something different and closer to the original games
- If you enjoy The Sims you will probably enjoy this

- Online play only (unless EA change their mind), during Beta testing many have not even been able to play
- I can't find any mention of how long you can use the EA servers for after buying he product (eg annual fee to EA...)
- The over simplification play style will probably not appeal to die hard SimCity fans
- The simple play style is sometimes frustrating when you're trying to do something specific
- Less free market and more specific measures

  The game is the best SimCity Ever!!

| | See all bugimb's reviews (1)

Hello everyone! First of all regarding the reviews before. Ok, it will be online because of one reason! The piracy is the biggest problem of modern PC games. Another example is GTA V, if it will ever come out on the pc it will be online. The gameplay gives so much pleasure! So many options, competitions, quest, variety of exploring your city is just incredible! Please watch some gameplays... It shows how much this game can bring joy of playing! Serwers down!? Where did you get that? The EA guarantee at least 5 years of gaming which is result means that you can play for 5 years.. Not enough? In 5 years there will be most probably two new versions of new SimsCity game which you may buy! But more about the game, it looks fantastic! They still kept most of the features, the solution for the electricity a water supply is just perfect! The Citizens protests, quests give you constant joy of play, an option to buy some land from your friend and build there a city is great! Finally I can play something with my girlfriend!! The games which require some imagination and strategic thinking are the best, and the new SimCity is definitely one of them. Highly recommended and cost effective. Cheers Martin.

  Reviews........Please !!!

| | See all jinker's reviews (3)

I've no way of knowing if EA will require an always on connection to play this game but even if they did the comments about the game can hardly be classed as a review. The beta testers comments are at least based on someone actually playing the game. These aren't reviews, just indiviuals griping about something that might or might not actually happen. I think I'll come back when the game is actually released and find out what proper players actually think.

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