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The Secret World

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  great game

| | See all damien2111's reviews (1)

i have just started playing it it is so much fun to everyone out the should play this game i think its better most game if your looking for story to a game and it comes fast on delivery it took 1 day i feel great now later

  Not what i expected

| | See all legluvva's reviews (1)

This game is not what i expected it to be, after reading lots of reviews, i bought it and its not what i would class as a good game, the world is not interact able ie. there are things you can pick up and use there aren't trades ie in other MMOs you could learn cookery, this is just basically going from quest to quest and as the community is generally on there own very boring, i did try and join in and went on the forums but still couldn't get into it, the graphics are very good and i like the fact its set in modern times and you can use guns and normal clothes but they were the only good thing about it in my opinion, if you like WoW, SWTOR, or Guildwars/GW2 i don't think you'll like this


| | See all FuzFuz's reviews (6)

Finally some fresh air on the MMORPG scene.
This game is fantastic: The lore, the combat, the character development are really well thought and well developed.
The quests are amazing, forget the old fetch-me-this quests, you will actually need to use your brain and solve investigations, riddles, puzzles.
The only downside of this game is the pvp, which is not that good.
Still, amazing game.

  not worth a sub

| | See all razziandwizzul's reviews (2)

one of the worst mmorpg's i have tested / played just the first hour was enough to make me get rid - nothing drew me in gfx where bland and unexciting basically as title says not a AAA sub worthy game.

  A MMO that makes you think outside of the box.

| | See all Relshar's reviews (1)

This game has been released and went without any major problems that have plagued past Funcom MMO's. There was one major bug with the chat but its now fixed.
There are no classes or levels for the players to contend with and you can earn the exp to own all the abilities and skills. You can choose between 7 active and 7 passive abilities only. Combat is smooth and well balanced.
The story telling and missions are well written and the cutscenes provide a nice setting and can give clues to the missions your doing. Some of the missions requier stealth, some will need to be investigated and worked out via google or even morse code.
If your looking for something different with a modern setting sandbox type game play in a game that will make you think about your character builds and working out riddles, math problems as well as investigation coupled with a really nice background story take a look at this game.
I must also mention that the community in this MMO is one of the most behaved I have ever seen in all the MMO's I have played.

  Great game!

| | See all Mumrikken's reviews (1)

One of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. TSW has totally blown my expectations out of the water. There is not another MMO that can match the atmosphere and writing that TSW offers. The Secret World is unique, haunting, and beautiful.

  The Secret World

| | See all WillIGray's reviews (2)

A MMO that isn't set in a fantasy world is unique enough, but the new game from the creators of Age Of Conan is looking to reinvent the whole genre.
The engaging storyline that ties all these elements together is one of The Secret World's best features. The game's creative director is Ragnar Tornquist, of Norwegian developer Funcom. He's best known for his work on adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, and here again demonstrates a knack for making even the most absurd plot point seem plausible and enjoyable.

The back story to the game may sound generic - it basically comes down to a battle between ancient forces of good and evil - but the use of urban legends and Fortean myths adds some X-Files style spice that makes the whole thing feel genuinely fresh and unique.

In Short: Some truly innovative ideas that all MMOs would do well to take notice of, but they and the intriguing narrative are wasted on the tedious and derivative combat.

Pros: A well-realised game world with an interesting back story and good writing and voice-acting. Character customisation is deep and innovative. Impressive graphics.

With all this I love this game!

  A pay monthly game

| | See all Munkiness's reviews (1)

This is a pay monthly game, each month costs 12 pounds, with different packages offering some discounts if bought "in-bulk". Not many websites explain this, it's a really good game, just a shame you have to pay so much for it.

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| | See all Kladden's reviews (1)

The game has got great sound and graphics, in a modern day setting. The quest system is by far the best I've ever experienced in any MMO - and the world is extremely well designed, which makes it exiting to explore. If you like the setting, MMO's og RPG's this is a must!

  Simply amazing game!

| | See all Dellamorte's reviews (2)

A breath of fresh air in the genre and extremely fun to play! This is an experience you should not miss out on! Beautiful setting and tons of great content.

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