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Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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Sure the game is extremely difficult and makes you wonder why a butterfly wants to murder you but besides that its an awesome game that i would really recommend.

getting the controller right can be abit tricky but besides that its awesome buy it :)

  Excellent Game Just Windows Live Games Don't Work

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In effect the game is excellent - if i could play it. This version basically is a packaged brick. Windows live games isn't supported and there's well known issues getting this game to work on different pc types. Bottom line my advice - buy it from steam and hope it works - at least there you can get support from the supplier. Namco are great, excellent support - microsoft are rubbish and don't contact you. It's not worth the risk.

  Worst console to PC port ever

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I have re-written my original review because it did not do justice to the game. I am a few hundred hours into the game and feel better placed to review than before. I have upped my score to a 3 because I still think some of the down sides outweigh the upsides. I understand this was the first port to PC for the designers so it is worth noting that. At the price you got a lot of gameplay for your money and the new game and player versus player can help to extend that. On the whole I would recommend this game for the more hardcore gamers. Casual gamers will hate this game.

Good points:

1 - The game is hard and challenging and you have to remember what you are doing because there are no quest markers to remind you. This makes it both rewarding and frustrating at times.

2 - There are a hundred or so different magics and a similar number of weapons and armour. Along with the freedom to build your stats as you like you can configure your character to be anything from a knight tank to a powerful mage.

Bad Points

1 - The games camera can be really frustrating and has caused me to die on several occasions by making me fall of a ledge (the tree down to Ash Lake is a good example of this). Sometimes the camera is way too quick and other times its too slow.

2 - The port was a little lazy showing the controls using the xbox joypad rather than showing the current key configurations set.

3 - When interacting with NPCs you can accidentally attack them. If you do you cannot talk to them again unless you visit an NPC on top of the Undead Parish, after the gargoyle fight) and pay a fine in souls. I only found this out after killing Andre the blacksmith. This locked out my ability to do some upgrading.

4 - The graphics sometimes look look quite dated. There is an unofficial patch that helps with this that makes it a bit prettier at higher screen resolutions. I've added this patch and it works OK for me.

5 - You cannot play online without a valid code. My code had already been registered when I bought it, possibly someone using a keygen because the game was brand new. After speaking with Microsoft and the software providers (not Play) they agreed to send me a code to allow online play. You can play through the single player without this but miss out on some of the online features, like summoning other players to help in those difficult boss fights.

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  quality if not hard game.

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ok so the above review does not do this game justice.
you can save but only at certain *check points*
there is no tutorial because you have to work stuff out for yourself.
usually i find folks who don't like this game do so because they cant play it.
it punishes noobs and bad gamers.
very good game, but expect to die a lot and i mean a lot.