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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (With Bonus Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer Map)

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Not as good as others

| | See all Thejedi's reviews (9)

Played this and didn't enjoy it at all. One the worse single player games in all of call of duty and nothing really new expect weapons. Online was ok but yet again no running your own server. Time for this to end now as game dont ever change much.

  Very average game

| | See all Sonic68's reviews (3)

This game has way too many cutscenes and cinematic breaks. You spend ages before each level watching some boring run up to the action. Also, when are valve going to get the steam system to work correctly?? The game asks you which parts you want to install when you are first setting it up but then comes up "dependency failure" if you don't have all tthe parts installed! Very very average game, I wouldn't buy it again. Treyarch Call Of Duty Games just are not in the same league as Infinity Ward.


| | See all More4000's reviews (1)

This game is all a FPS should be and more!

The online game play is second to none, its both fast and enjoyable and the option to choose what game you want to play (TDM, Hard point Etc) make it so that you never have to play a game style you don't like.

The solo play is not as good as the online play and some of the missions are a bit boring and repetitive, however on harder mode they do provide a challenge.

You will need a high end PC to run this game at is max potential and a good sound system is a must ( so you can hear them sneaky people creeping up on you).

You will find yourself dieing a lot when you first start out in this game, dont give up keep going, everyone does die a lot at the start..

So if you are looking to shoot, kill, blow things up, stab, bomb and slice then this is the game for you, go get it!

  Black Ops 2 PC - An improvement in the Series

| | See all stevomuzo's reviews (7)

Well, forget the previous comment. Some people think that running Windows 7 on a 2 year old PC with a 5 year old graphics card are "up to date". Nope, this is why the PC versions of this series have continued to show increasing quality differences between the PC and their console counterparts! I am currently running BO2 with a i7 Quad Core 2.8 processor, 560Ti Nvidia card and 8Gb of RAM. What a beautiful game. The only thing that slows it down at full eye candy of 1920x1080 with FSAA FXAA and all textures on high is the Ambient Occlusion. This has always been known to need a behemoth of a graphics card to run with everything on switched on, but turning it off still gives me frame rates of over 60 per second.

Beautiful maps, a far improved sound system similar to the Battlefield series and I feed a lot more responsive than MW3, many people put off by the last IW release will be hopefully refreshed with this version from Treyarch. I hated MW3 - it was MW2 with new maps. This is certainly a step up from the original Black Ops and it's worth every penny as far as I am concerned. Enjoy!

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  Great game

| | See all stoneysnutz's reviews (3)

This could be one of the best COD games yet, i have had no issues at all with the game, it did take about an hour to installl but was well worth the wait.
Multiplayer is a blast, good size maps and great fun.
Not played too much SP yet but what i have played is solid COD gameplay.
I would have to say get it, good gameplay, good graphics and a MP as good as it gets.


| | See all Cooperiski's reviews (1)

DO NOT buy this game.
Although I cannnot comment on the multiplayer for this game, the single player is a disgrace. I am running an up to date PC with windows seven and even so I cannot get past the 3rd level due to endless crashes. The game crashes after about 10 minutes, you restart the game and it crashes again.
Seriously save your money and get your FPS fix somewhere else.

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