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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Doesn't even work!

| | See all Rampage9's reviews (1)

This game doesn't even work on my computer, it loads up and I run it and press play, but the silly thing doesnt want to work, this is very annoying, and I have got everything that is required to play this game, I am very disappointed.

  Best Game Ever

| | See all manjulapinto's reviews (1)

don't listen to they story guys. this is the most fun game i ever played. in the online you can have a different game experience and the all movement are so real, you feel like a you in a real war. try this guys. I'm pretty sure you ganna love this game

  Best Online Shooter

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

Playing story mode is OK but it has been done too many times now which is not a bad thing. The graphics are great especially if you have a good graphics card. Sound is awesome and gameplay is addictive and easy when you get used to it. The reason I give this four stats is the online where you have options of 'Death match, Hamburger Hill, Team Death match' This is an online pleasure and I have spent many hours online killing opponents and text tactics to others around the world during gameplay. Very good. For the price you won't be dissapointed.

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  amazingly godly

| | See all Koncino's reviews (5)

This is the best game iv played in a long time
The graphics and the storyline is amazing
Also the multiplayer is immense
Must buy seriously
You wont be dissapointed


| | See all amadman114's reviews (10)

this game is great. not 4 bad computers tho - u need a good processor. Looking at the other reveiws they all seem 2 mention how the squad ur with always do nothing.

having completed the game i would say that they did more than me. it is true that the sometimes get stuck behind objects but u just need 2 re-issue the order.

i don't think any1 has mentioned the fact that you can fully cutomize your, and your teamares' weapons.

trust me, buy it

  Enjoyable but so frustrating

| | See all Kevinios's reviews (3)

This is a great game with some nice missions and impressive graphics. I like how realistic and interactive the environment is However, its little flaws become too much to handle sometimes. Your team mates are stupid, they dont follow instructions and walk right into danger far too often. They can be helpful the odd time but trying to use them in a strategic fashion is pointless.

Despite all that you do find yourself drawn into the game. If you forget about your team and just make them follow you it becomes fun. Sneaking and shooting first is a winning plan. Send a team mate round a corner first to get shot (if your worried a baddie is hiding). Gets very difficult at times...even on 'normal'.

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  Fantastic but be warned

| | See all goonerstu72's reviews (9)

Fantastic tactical shooter!!! A real must for fans of the tom clancy games and fans of the tactical shooter genre. The story mode is great but very challenging, great multiplayer and awesome graphics.


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  A great war experience!

| | See all PippoDaCanosa's reviews (2)

This game is really fantastic!
You lead 3 soldiers that help you very much in the game, you can use lots of wapons and you are supported by air strikes and mortars...
It's a fantastic game...I have not fond out any bad thing.
And sorry for my English...I'm learning it yet!

  Solid gaming experience

| | See all Jadecougar's reviews (1)

The game itself is very good. Nice storyline and you can find yourself getting into the game very well. The single player mission is fun and exciting. Maps are quite good in size. There are a few glitches that exist as in any game but all in all a pretty fun game.

Multiplayer is great fun! Some maps make it easy to create a snipefest which is sometimes annoying but with a good group you can take them out! :-)

The map variety on multiplayer could be a bit better but there are good mods available for download. There are some annoyances with lag on the multiplayer servers from time to time but it hasn't killed the experience for me personally.

This is a good buy!

  Thoroughly Enjoyable... If you like the genre

| | See all GavinClark's reviews (6)

Having recently completed this game, I am surprised to read of people's complaints of bugs. I didn't experience any serious bugs, other than the 'stuck soldier' syndrome, but AI is tricky to code I guess.
My only complaint is that the Sqaud so often get killed, as they appear to be highly trained killers that are afriad of firing back while hitting the dirt...but maybe I'm just too cavalier with other people's lives when advancing on defended postions!

Overall this was an excellent game to play and providing you have at least 2GB RAM, all the latest drivers for your hardware config, plenty of patience with computer controlled characters and like to sneak carefully around, examing the scenery for 'Tangos' and avoiding bottlenecks/exposed areas, then you will enjoy this game enormously. I did!

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