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Guild Wars: Eye Of The North (Expansion Pack)

Released on 31 August 2007

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

(23 customer reviews)  |  Write a review

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In the face of Tyria's greatest challenges, heroes have returned to bring to an end the forces of darkness. Abaddon has fallen, Shiro has been unmasked, and the Titans were driven back to the demon realms. Now great earthquakes decimate the lands, opening huge chasms beneath the earth. Boiling up from that darkness, a threat spreads that may spell the end of the Age of Man...

Guild Wars: Eye of the North is the first true expansion for Guild Wars and calls players back to the continent of Tyria, the home of the original Prophecies campaign. Players must take their existing characters and stand side-by-side with both friends and enemies from the past, recruit new allies and heroes, and delve deep into perilous dungeons to face an ancient evil. Win or lose, the players will set the stage for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars Prophecies, Factions or Nightfall is required to play

  • Sweeping Storyline - Return to the battle-scarred continent of Tyria. Reunite with old friends, discover new allies, wreak vengeance on old foes, and face-off against a menace so great it threatens the very existence of the people of Tyria
  • Dungeons - Explore a sprawling underground complex of caverns that spans an entire continent. 18 multi-level dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and secret passages
  • Immortalise Your Legend - Your achievements, trophies and titles from Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall and Eye of the North will not be forgotten: your Hall of Monuments will preserve them until your descendants can claim them in Guild War 2
  • All-new content designed exclusively for your existing Guild Wars characters
  • 150 new skills (50 of which are special, roleplaying-only skills) to use against your foes
  • 10 new Heroes to help in your adventures
  • 40 new armor sets suitable for the great heroes of the land
  • A first look at some of the exciting, playable races in Guild Wars 2
  • Numerous new items, weapons, and titles
  • customer Reviews

     Average rating (23 reviews)

     Good And Bad

    | | See all jdraven's reviews (1)

    Exellent!! the fact that theres more to do better options and more skills,quests etc. Bad that we have to wait a whole 2 years or more to get guild wars 2 : ( lol

     Its worth it..

    | | See all SiScott's reviews (98)

    Top 100 Games Reviewer Top 100 Mobile Reviewer

    While this expansion is good, and worth investing in if you are a long running GWs fan. Dont expect anything breath taking and jaw-dropping.

    Most of the new armor sets are very generic and just re-hashed models with new patterns. Despite these armor sets being crafter by non-human sources!

    The map area is extremely small, even though we were told it was going to be comparable to Cantha in size.

    There are only (currently) 5 new titles. 4 reputation titles for the 4 new races, and one which counts points depending on quests you complete, dungeons you finish and areas you explore.

    There are new items such as unique gloves and masks, which can be used by any profession and mixed with armors to make unique styles.

    There are also new "mini games" which are based around combat, so if your not a pvp fan you might not enjoy them.

    There are plenty of new quests and dungeons to keep you going, and new species and enemies and improves AI. But it can be completed in a very short amount of time.

    Im giving it 4 stars because I love this game and anything to expand its lifespan is great for me.

     Increasing reliance on repetition...

    | | See all browncoats's reviews (1)

    I've fallen out of love with GuildWars and this installment bares much of the blame, though the problems have been developing for some time.

    Basically, you have to work too damn hard for everything. Titles are no-longer a superficial "I've mapped all this area, or completed all these missions" statement - now they're actually connected to the gameplay. There are NPC's that refuse to talk to you until you've "earned" a certain rank. You can actually complete all the quests, defeat the games major enemy and still find the armourers are too snotty to sell you anything. The only way to get their attention is by going out and killing everything over and over for bounties. It gets very dull, very fast.

    Then there's the much vaunted new "special" armour pieces. The only one we could see in the preview was the Glacial Gaunlets - during that time you had to collect 35 glacial stones for them - quite time consuming in itself. Since then the figure has been increased to 100 and many of the other items are even slower to obtain.

    The actual gameworld is beautiful and the quests are well-constructed, but the "grind", that seems to have been tacked on to draw the game out, is ridiculous.

    So I'm taking a break from GuildWars. Hopefully, in the coming months, they will fix these issues, but this game as it stands, just isn't how I want to be filling my evenings.

     MUST BUY!

    | | See all Scottie207's reviews (2)

    this game is awesome. i played the sneak peek weekend and it simply amazed me. i have pre-ordered my copy of the game and hopefully gettin it tomorrow (release date). there is soo many cool things about this guildwars. my name is Maxam Deathblade if u want to talk to me on there :) only thing is, Play.com are havin known problems with delivery, no one got theres when they wanted to, they are coming late.

     A bit of a drag...

    | | See all ollie2007's reviews (27)

    i like the idea behind the expansion, and don't get me wrong i was one of the first online when the preview weekend started. However, as the title suggests, once you have completed the main storyline and been through the dungeons once with a character, the prospect of taking another 8 or so characters through is just dull. The game becomes more of a chore with it being something that your going have to do sooner or later, rather than an enjoyable game.

    Also, i was dissappointed with arena nets attempt to introduce a subtle sort of grinding to the game, with many npcs refusing to talk to you until you gain thousands upon thousands of reputation points with each respective faction.

    Finally i was extrememly let down to discover that many of the new armors i had been looking forward to purchasing were simply reskins (and poor ones at that) of armor sets in the previous 3 games.

    Guild Wars is a great series of games and i will deffinately be looknig into guild wars 2 intently. However this 'expansion' is a huge let down.

    Rating12+ (PEGI)
    Minimum RequirementsWindows XP / 2000 / ME / 98 / Vista with DirectX 8.0 (DirectX 9.0 recommended)
    1GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent (2GHz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent recommended)
    512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
    3GB HDD Space (4GB recommended)
    64MB ATi Radeon 8500, nVidia GeForce 3 Series or equivalent (ATi Radeon 9600, nVidia GeForce FX 5700 Series or equivalent recommended)
    Sound Card (16-bit)
    Internet connection
    Keyboard and mouse
    DVD-ROM Drive