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Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - Kane Edition (DVD)

Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (45 reviews)"

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  Vista 64bit

| | See all TaniaC's reviews (1)

For those who are wondering if this works on Vista 64bit, Yes it does, all you have to do is make sure you have the latest graphics / direct x (9 or later) drivers and perform the update patch upon installation from version 1 through to version 9, its a big download but worth it. enjoy!


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will this copy still have its online account ability so when i buy it, it will still allow me to create my own account? online

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  Very good game

| | See all baldysteve's reviews (5)

As you'd expect from the tiberian side of the cnc franchise, this game is solid. Good graphics great gameplay, if only i were half decent at it it may then have got 5 stars.

  Peace Through Power

| | See all BonkersBill's reviews (3)

Right ill start off saying im byiest towards this game i love c&c from the very 1st game to this one. I admit its not ra2 but no stagey game has come close to that in 8 years. C&c3 is a good game its probably one of the better stagey out at the min, the game play is good the graphics are good the acting... At times good but hey that's c&c just wouldn't be the same with out the cheesy acting and hard core fans will agree with me. I like were the game has gone nod is very nod with the sneaky underhand tactics, and gdi is gdi where you just send an armour column to the enemies base and jobs a good one, but thats how its always was and im glad they've kept it that way. Even if your not a big c&c fan the game play is good and the single play will keep you amused as long as ur pc can run it you'll also like the nice graphics. For hardcore fans (who im sure already have it!) get this for the storyline alone it fills in a lot of gaps from the previous games.

Hail kane

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  Never seen such bad acting

| | See all HawkEye88's reviews (7)

Great addition. I love the meatgrinder aspect where you can just pile in your army and watch it unfold. It is definately very satisfying but don't expect much with multiplayer. If you are not good at micromanagment you will get battered. Also some of the cut scenes are cringeworthy but that can easily be forgiven.


| | See all gingerelf's reviews (1)

this isnt really an opinion its more of a question, anyone who has this game i was wondering is ses u cant put it on vista 32 bit, i think and i have got 32 bit, so i was wondering is it possible to download patches to make it work, if so plz write back cuz this game looks awesome but i dont know of i can play it on my computer

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  C&C3 A return to the great C&C gameplay

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If you are a C&C fan, you do not need to read any reviews, just buy it and relive the glorious past.

For newbies to the world of Command and Conquer, it is worth a crack if you are a fan of real time strategy games particularly at this low price.

Beware of playing online multiplayer with little experience, you will get absolutely trashed and it is very demoralising. So if you are slow with the keyboard/mouse stick to the computer matches you can setup under skirmish to keep your dignity!

I also own the 360 version which given the console setup is a fair reproduction of this game.

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  well it's different!!!

| | See all sarahpete79's reviews (2)

The graphics are great if you have a powerfull machine, the sounds are great too. Gameplay is rubbish. Even on the lowest setting you have hardly build your second building when you are over-run by minute pixels supposed to be troops. After 2-3 minutes of shooting each other with god only knows what, eventually some of the tiny pixels die. Don't get me wrong, I have all the c+c games and the others are great, it's that this one is so off course from the others that I can hardly see the connection. Will not be purchasing any more c+c games if this is anything to go by. This one has gone off the rails... Total Rubbish

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