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Battlefield 2: Complete Collection

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (54 reviews)"

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  Still pretty good for an old game

| | See all Tw1573dC10v3r's reviews (1)

This set includes the entire back catalogue and It's still a pretty impressive game considering it's age.

It should while away the hours until Battlefield 3 comes out.

  Good game but a lot of hassle.

| | See all richci's reviews (3)

I had so much hassle logging in to even try multiplayer, i haven't even been able to. This is a completely single player experience due to EA's lack of professionalism.

It tells me to log in... okay i provide details i already have with EA and it tells me that an account exists with this information... okay? SO LOG ME IN THEN?... no it wont... what does it want? a new email address? why?... jesus its frustrating... also i wanted the modern combat campaign and i didnt know until i installed it that you dont get it... but for the price you cannot complain as it is a fantastic single player experience just like all of the battlefield series with their conquest style games... get it if you are a lone wolf haha :D

  One of the best FPS EVER!!!

| | See all Pulice's reviews (10)

I was so excited when i bought this game and sure i was right!! This game is amazing if you like teamwork, veichles and huge maps(like me), i just love the fact that you can team up with other to blow the nemy into bits :D

5/5 game own it now for this amazing price!!

n.b. Make sure you download the 1.5 patch from their site so you can enjoy more than 2000 servers with all booster pack maps! Have fun killing:P:D

  Buy it, but...

| | See all Mooneyno1's reviews (2)

buy the game. I dunno if they have lowered the price due to the new patch. The new patch (1.5) includes the 2 add ons, Euro Forces and Armored Fury for free as no one played them before (cause they were dire haha) But this game is great, played it since 06 and still love it.

Even if vBF2 (normal version) of bf2 bores you, there are loads of great mods out there that are constantly being updated, Project Reality for example, which is a mod for bf2 that is based on maps in reality such as Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. With realistic weapons and vehicles and every sound of each weapon sounding 100% completely real. Give this game a try as It is a great game and indeed a must buy.

6/5 stars ;)

  Problems running with Vista

| | See all BagpussRoXx's reviews (1)


Make sure you 'right click' on the BF2 icon and select 'Run As Administrator' when using BF2 with Vista.......works fine then.

You may also have to do a manual update of the anti cheat Punkbuster software.....just go to their website and download the update tool.

  not good

| | See all marty118's reviews (4)

i bought this for my laptop and it didn't work on my version of Vista but it did on a friends' version. be careful when you buy this as it may happen to you which was disappointing for me as i love battlefield.

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  For HA72SE

| | See all Natalia1984's reviews (11)

I've read through what you've said and altho it is true in so many words, I think you've painted a rather grim picture of the game in its whole.

I'l keep it short:

There are bugs in the game but from someone who has spent over 1500 hours playing BF2 i can say i have never thought hang on this game is un-playable because of the bugs and glitches, so that comment right there is pointless.

Punkbuster is a nightmare, but if people read the instructions and have patients they'll eventually get it to work.

There are also alot of exploits in the game but if you pick a good server the admin will seriously maintain the server and spot a hacker a mile off..... THERE ARE 1000's of servers so i have no idea where you got the idea from that there aint many servers, there are so many servers you have to narrow your search to find the right one for you.

If you're going to sit there and byatch about hardware i.e jets and choppers, just play one of the many many many inf only servers on BF2 or even go on maps where there are no choppers or planes just tanks and TOW's.

There reason people get huge kills in planes and choppers is because they'll more than likely spend 20 deaths before getting in a J10 or AH1Z so it works out fair..... 64 players on a map, 4 planes 2 choppers.... agaist: Mounted AA x 4, 4x AA tanks while also plane vs plane chopper Vs chopper....

The commander mode is revolultionary and still hasn't been done by any other game, if a commander is rubbish then there is a great little button called.... VOTE KICK... this way if your team really have had enough of the commandor they can kick him from duty!

All in all this is far better that any other game out there, COD4 is just inf only, CSS is inf only. If you want a true battlefield experiance and not a paintballing with your mates experiance then buy this game!

ROLL ON BF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Mint game!

| | See all wildjamie333's reviews (1)

This game is fantastic, the vehicles, the weapons, the MODS :D
There are sooo many mods for this game it's unreal.
The vehicles are fun to drive...I usually play sniper, so it's great when you're stuck in a bush, you send out a request for a chopper, then it comes, and blows the enemy to bits ^^

10/10 for me, this game is ace!


| | See all Buckmaster's reviews (1)

Despite its age BF2 remains one of the best games out there, it gets even better with the Project Reality Mod.