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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Shivering Isles (Expansion Pack)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all pyromaniacr221's reviews (1)

Most people on sites such as play.com just argue on how good or bad the game is, but i say, argueing on the internet is like the special oymlpics, dosnt matter if you win you will still be mentally deformed.

I loved the game when i first bought itfor ps3, i was slightly confused on well evrything, 2 days later and a read of the manual, i was as easy adn tasty as pie.
I have now bought it for pc with the 2 expansions, this is the better of the 2, it really is.

I wont spoil it, but lets just say the bethseda team really pulled it of! And at the end evryone will worship you as the true mad god!!!

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  In the Wierd and Wonderful World...

| | See all MikeOfThunder's reviews (45)

The Madgod is falling and needs a new warrior to fight his evil foe... Order!

Go through a portal and appear in a completely new realm full of fantastic creatures and shocking horrors!!! And find out of the secrets that keeps the world of the Madgod in constant struggle between chaos and order!

In this new explansion for Oblivion, find an entirely new world in which to gain powerful weapons and abilities!

This is loaded with extra goodies! There is the main quest and many little side quests! Also when you gain 'power' (dont wanna reveal anything) you can control so much cool stuff like the weather for a set time... its ace!!!

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  Not particularly inspired, but still valid

| | See all Snick99's reviews (24)

This is the first full featured expansion to Oblivion, and IMO it leaves a lot to be desired. You have a main quest that is more or less fine, what is lacking is the rest. Most side quests are simple or even contrived, people inhabiting the land of madness do not look so mad after all, and there is not much variety in the new lands.
Still, it deserves its price. Too bad they didn't take the chance to improve the original game interface, that still limits you too much. Some examples? The very few quickslots are not enough to cover all you will probably want to use: magic, different weapons, various items. So you'll still need to pause the game to quaff a potion, pick up a particular weapon or select an unusual spell. This breaks up immersiveness a lot, at least for me. Oh, and it looks like you still cannot delete spells unless you mess with saved games and the console. Shame on Bethesda for this one!

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  Good expansion...

| | See all SK2007's reviews (126)

Expansion is not just added on things. It's almost a whole new world. Massive with new monsters, weapons, characters, missions and of course places to explore. Worth it.

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  A new twist on a now classic game

| | See all Gareth99's reviews (17)

If you loved Oblivion because it was like living a different life then you may be a little dissapointed. If you enjoyed acting as though you were really 'in the game' then it will fall down a bit. This new expansion fails to bring a large number of towns or villages but instead brings what feels a little like a railroad storyline. There are of course other outside quests that are slightly repetitive but keep you amused, however it is the main quest that is the point. Shivering Isles alone, would be a very good game, however, if you compare it to the original Oblivion then it can let you down a bit but if you want an excuse to stay in the Oblivion world a little longer, it is the perfect game.

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  A not quite worthy add-on.

| | See all Depresion's reviews (6)

Now lets be totally hones with the original Oblivion this was an add-on that had a lo t live up to. Being set in the world of madness should add some extra fun but the island lacks the same imagination in plots that you find in Cyrodiil (for example the dark brotherhood's Whodunit? quest and the suicidal troll spring to mind) and occasionally feels a little rail road like. That said it adds a raft of new dungeons if you like to explore, a host of new creatures to kill and plenty of extra ingredients for the alchemic types out there. If it wasn't for the fact it's following on from something as brilliant as Oblivion this would stand out on its own, as a follow up though it feels a little lacking in the inspiration of the original. If you like the original then you should probably get this. (So The Shivering Isles' biggest problem (it's predecessor) is also it's biggest selling point (after all it's an excuse to spend more time in Oblivion).)

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| | See all Azeryk's reviews (56)

The Shivering Isles is an expanion pack designed for people who enjoyed the original game and want to adventure some more and continue with their existing character (although you can start with a new character). The new dotyr is based in the unique relm of Sheogorath where you will go around areas you've never imagined before making it much more intesterting. There is plenty of new creatures, monsters, weapons, armours and dungeons, and whilst it won't last the 30 hours stated on the box it will entertain for plenty of hours and is definatly a worthwhile purchase for all fans of the original game.

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  Some thing completely different.

| | See all BoltActionBob's reviews (3)

Without spoiling it too much, in this add on you get the chance to travel to a different type of daedric realm. Generally the quests are interesting (though there are a few of the "go and find me a..." quests.) Most of the quests are fun and there are a few silly ones too. This game also features a few new armours/clothes and weapons. If you are a fan of oblivion you will like this. In response to the other guy, there is a thing called saving/loading if you die.

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  Decent but not worthy of the full game.

| | See all Medaking's reviews (11)

I have got the Xbox 360 version of this and since I cant review that ill review this. The game starts with a portal appearing in the Nibenay Basin area in a little island. A resident from the Shivering Isles rushes out as soon as you arrive to give you a taste of the sort of madness that awaits you in the portal. The main thing about this in my opinion is, its different to the land of Tamriel. It has got many fun activities to be done, the funnest being rebuilding a 10-foot monster which you once destroyed to get into the realm. Just for the record, everyone in the realm is either disturbed, tormented or just pure CRAZY in some way or another. None beingmore so than Lord Sheogorath, the Madgod. He enlists your help to stop the almighty Greymarch which once every so often destroys the realm. All in all the Shivering Isles is something new and exciting in the land of The Elder Scrolls. It lacks a little in different side quests, with the same old search somewhere and bring back. Also I doubt there is 30 hours of new gameplay, ive got bout 10 thus far. If your willing to continue playing in the world of Oblivion and want something fresh for it with plenty new things then go ahead if your willing to part with £18. One more important thing. DO NOT kill yourself or attack Lord Sheogorath, you'll live to regret that you did.

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