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Supreme Commander

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (33 reviews)"

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  Supreme Dissapointment

| | See all Rinston's reviews (44)

Sometimes I wonder if games reviewers have been playing a different game to the one I bought. I was brought up on simple but fun games like Command & Conquer. I also love games like Rome Total War, complicated, but absorbing strategy.
This game just felt sterile. Your army just looked, how shall I put it......rubbish, everything looked the same, no character to it. This results in you simply not caring if they all get wiped out.
The only good point, the intro video sequence, managed to ruin the game straight away. It shows a very impressive (truly massive) command robot stomping about over the battlefield, which gets you thinking, 'this has got potential' When you see it in game, it looks about as impressive as a toy out of a Christmas cracker!

  Amazing RTS game: Maybe slightly big for the light RTS fans

| | See all BigJaf's reviews (8)

This game is a huge RTS game, The battles can last for many hours up to days of play depending on the map.The battles can be fought on land, sea or air and there are many units to take advantage of these. The largest of maps will take about 10 minuits for land units to get across and longer for sea units, so the scale of these battles is evident from the time taken to even travel to the enemy. Some of the units also take many minuits or even hours to research unless the game speed is increased. Despite the game being so large the graphics needs are reasonable as the game can be run on medium on most new computers but the roccomended settings on the box are probably the best to go by.
Overall: Good game but prepare to spend some time on it.


| | See all Steve011's reviews (11)

You would have thought the makers would have learnt from their mistakes in the past with TA: Kingdoms. What really frustrates me with this game is the lack of T1 units (and just in general, the lack of units, 80 per faction is far too little), making every game too long as an effective attack cannot be launched early on in the game. However i cannot argue that the scope and scale is awesome, and the graphics (on the right card) are amazing! This is something i have just recently dug back out due to getting a new system with a better graphics card, allowing me to play the game on the highest settings. I can only recommend if your graphics card can achieve these. I now have a geforce 8800gt (previously a notebook and a geforce 8600m GT)

  Epic game!!

| | See all Av0011's reviews (3)

to be honest i didn't like the game at first because i started off by playing against a friend of mine who had played this game for a lot longer so because i didn't know what everything was and what to do with almost everything. so i suggest either playing the tutorials but if you want all the tricks and bits that the tutorial doesn't tell you, you should play the campaign mode. and to be on the safe side so that you know most of the tricks in the game i suggest playing all the campaign modes for all three factions so that you have some knowledge about all the factions.

once you have passed the lengthy learning curve then the game becomes much more fun and to be honest once you have played a good game on it then you don't really want to play any other rts, this game is so epic that it blows away every other rts. the main plus point is the number of units you can construct and also the size of the maps, it just makes the battles much more epic.

on a performance side it isn't as demanding with hardware as people say, at this point in technology we already have quad core however because this game was made before this time it will not use all 4 cores. however i have a laptop with and Nvidia 8600M GT and a intel core 2 duo 2.0GHz processor and 2GB RAM. this is enough to play the game in complete full graphics, so i can turn all my settings to the highest possible settings and the game will run smooth. the only problem is that the laptop/desktop gets very hot after around 3hrs so a cooling device is suggested.

This game is much more though compared to other rts games in the time sense, to get the game going(in skirmish) you have to put some time in building your resources and then your defences and then you will want to also upgrade your buildings such as factories and shields and defences. then you will want to think about major defences to repel enemy attacks and then you will want to build your own attacks. and basically a well played game lasts around 3 - 3.5 Hrs. a long time, yes, however it gets very addictive and you need to make sure you take breaks.
The one thing that i suggest you do not do is:


but by all means build strategic missile defence's to counter the AI's nukes.

so overall the game is ridiculously awesome, and is so epic that any other rts will seem boring, smaller, and it will stay as one of the best rts for some time i think.

  Too long and too big

| | See all scoobyjenkins's reviews (5)

I like RTS games but when a level takes hours to finish it's a bit much. I find myself having to save mid-level (as I have to go to work the next day), reloading the next day and the spending 15mins trying to remember what I had going on.
I think the GFX are pretty poor too.

  Truly original RTS.

| | See all BIGBC89's reviews (18)

This game is epic. It takes RTS gaming to a whole new level.
Everything from the on-screen layout to the way your units interact with their environment is fully customizable, allowing you to fight wars the way you want.
The 3 factions are original too, although pretty similar to each other.
This game has massive playability both online + offline with wars scalled all the way up to international levels.
One thing that I feel needs special mention is the naval aspects of the game; it is awesome building these massive fleets and watching them engage with oppposing forces.
The graphics are pretty good too. =]

  a good RTS in its own right.

| | See all TerrorTrooper's reviews (26)

Firstly, To run this game in all its glory, you do need a fairly high spec machine.
To run it on anything like your average family PC, your looking at medium to low settings (whitch make the game look really bland and boring..)
This game is very demanding on system resources, even on lower settings, uneccessarily so in my oppinion.

The gameplay itself however was fairly good, and the AI was quite challenging. a wide number of missions over the 3 campeigns will keep even the hardiest RTS player going for some time.
Also, an impressive variety of units and structures for land, sea and Air.

One aspect about supreme commander that i really felt let the game down was that in several missions, you are attacked at timed intervals, from an infinate supply of enemies spawned outside of the map.
This constant, predictable, and annoyingly unnavoidable "cheap shot" by the developers takes the "strategy" out of an otherwise good strategy game.
I feel the "scripted attacks" card was a little overplayed at several points in this game.

Apart from my one real gripe, S.C. is a worthwhile addition to any RTS Gamers collection.

  Absolutely fantastic...

| | See all Toryas's reviews (4)

This game is probably the best RTS I have ever played. It has it all, superb graphics, excellent UI, great research and upgrading tech tree to units which take 30 minutes real time to build. The thought and attention that has gone into this game is also outstanding. Buildings assist each other, units assist each other, if you join a power plant to a factory the factory uses less power. Things like this make the game's playability last a heck of a lot longer.

You can also have an epic game which lasts hours on end, and still be creating new technologies hours into the game.

A definate buy for anyone who likes the RTS genre.

Graphics 5/5
Playability 5/5
Longevity 5/5

  absouloutly amazing

| | See all michaelJJ's reviews (2)

this game has it all, amazing graphics, amazing game play,and online features too ! although i wouldnt reccomend buying unless you have a realy realy fast pc, check the details of the game before you buy it or else you'll be disappointed to find tht its not working, because of the ram /memory /video card of your pc ect.. :D its a must buy!!!!

  Those of you looking for TA:2; STEER CLEAR!

| | See all Saccharin's reviews (6)

Although this basically follows up without a doubt the greatest RTS ever; Total Annihilation, It's gone beyond was TA was, and not for the better. In it's own right it is a really good game, but TA lovers will hate the tiny changes and the way it doesn't feel as good or as intense.