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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (74 reviews)"

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  Painfull Oblivion meets Farcry in post-apocalyptic Russia!

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This is the best £10 I've spent in a very, very long time! (EDIT- no!!) It's fps with a hint of rpg thrown in, it looks good, plays well (NO!) and hosing down bandits with an AK or MP5 (sorry Viper 5!) is very satisfying (still true)... No downsides yet, but I've only played it for a few hours so far..

For £10 it's worth it to anybody!!

EDIT for downsides-

1/ After a while each in-zone area load will take several minutes rather than be almost unnoticed like when you start playing (game immersion killer) no micropause like Oblivion here!

2/ Patching the game invalidates all your save games and makes the trader items vastly more expensive to buy! Making a tough life even tougher...

Edited down from 5 to 2 stars (assuming the game can be finished before it freezes solid...)

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  Excellent Graphics and good game play

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This game looks very good and has a wide range of different looking areas, the bleakness of chernobyl is well captured. you don't have to complete the game in a rigid order you can vary it quite a lot. Like a lot of FPS games it can get very hard, you dying far to often, but trainers are available that stop this happening. There is a lot of talk of crashing in this game i used a Geforce 8600GT and AMD Athlon 64 4000+ and never experienced a single crash even with a trainer running, did have a few stops in the action, for a second or two, this effect is nearly always caused by windows doing other tasks in the background. I used the 1.004 update, right from the start. This update is quite a small download about 7 MB

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This game is brilliant. Because of how the graphics are built for PC's of today, visually it still looks great. There is so much depth in this game and although you wouldn't expect it when you first play it, it still manages to scare the crap out of you when you least expect it. The reviews don't do this game justice, it puts people off playing this fantastic game. It does have its flaws, but its a masterpiece and every PC gamer should play this game at this cheap price.

  Excellence plain and simple

| | See all zenellifier's reviews (1)

when i say excellence i mean it, i love this game! the only let down is that my PC is slowing down and i can barely play stalker now (x2 4200+, 1gb, ATI X1300 256), HOWEVER! it was incredibly good in the beginning was running it on high graphs, anyway the actual game has lots of depth and can appeal to many types of gamers, im more of an rpg guy myself but this game combines some rpg features with great FP shooting, great detail on teh guns, scenery, detail of everything in fact is great, however was buggy but not as bad as everyone makes out, minor details (im no perfectionist though so.....) overall it is an amazing game and well worth a tenner as long as you can run it, changed my stalking thats for sure =)

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  My favourite game, possibly of all time.

| | See all Xiaran's reviews (4)

Years before STALKER was released i have looked forward to it from an early trailer and interview i saw explaining the game and all of its content.

At the time the game had cutting edge graphics, the gameplay looked amazing and non linear (which is what i like in games) it looked original and it looked overall fun.

I got the game upon its release and had a good enough PC to run it on full spec (apart from full dynamic lighting, which just wouldnt work)

On full spec the game didnt look quite as good as games that had been released at that time as this game had been in production for a long time, but you could tell from its depth that it was worth it.

You start off as a STALKER who has lost his memory, a little unimaginative, but thats only the initial plot. Almost instantly you get introduced by your main sauce of mission, a guy who runs "the shop" he will set you on your first mission which will drop you into some pretty intense combat.

You start the game with nothing but a suit and an empty inventory screen. Pretty much right off the bat you gain ownership to a pistol and some ammo and get put on your first mission.

This introduction to the game really sets you up to know what to expect from the following long well thought out experience.

First you will notice the graphics, not overly impressive but with the amazingly well thought out level design its easy to see that any more graphics strain might cause the game to have slow down. Things such as leaves will blow infront of your face, wind and rain affects, the day and night will change according to the time of day, its an impressive engine.

STALKER has an FPS with RPG elements, similar games such as Deus Ex and System Shock 2 and as such has a lot of NPC interaction. Every character around the "zone" is free to talk to and get information from, some will trade and others will give you side quests.

About 10 or so minutes into the start of STALKER you will have gotten used to the controls and will be on your first mission. This will introduce you to the combat system. At first impression it seems very hard to actualy hit anything, and that you may die rarther easily, but after sticking it out you will find that as you collect better weapons and adding scopes and so on you become a better shot and more powerfull, its almost an alternative way to gaining levels.

The game itself is set in a post nuclear environment caused by Chernobyl which gives you literally miles and miles of freeroaming terrain for you to explore where numerous clans roam and fight against each other whilst trying to battle off whordes of well thought out mutants.

Your main role in STALKER is to infaultrate differnt locations, such as large areas of land, underground bunkers, science labs or old decaying buildings etc... to retrieve information which allows the story to unfold.

Along your travels you will encounter various differnt types of mutants in different well designed environments, the most impressive of which are these kind of telekenetic mutants who actualy mess with your vision and hearing, which you as the player experiences, the screen can go to a kind of black and white and sound can go muffled leaving a steady beating which in some cases can be quite spookey.

STALKER is the kind of game that maybe slow to start off with but after a couple of hours of game play, you just cant put it down. Encaptivating story, combat that gets better and better as the game goes on, more interesting characters, mutants and weapons, larger more brilliantly crafted environments to explore.

One of the best games, if not the best, i have ever played.

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  Snorkling? Stalking? Stalker!

| | See all Namatacka's reviews (4)

This game is good.

I'd like to point that out before I start.

You start off with nothing much, as you do in most games. And during the first hour or two of gameplay, you continue to have nothing.

However, when you finally get into the action, and start picking up AK-47's, and other such guns, it becomes gloriously fun, if stupidly difficult.

The weapons are fun, they make satisfying noises when you pull the trigger, they kill as efficiently as they should, and are basically one of the reasons to own the game.

The environments are huge, this is both a good and bad thing. Good because they are huge and not cramped, forcing you to think about what you want to do instead of tearing through typical corridor shooters, and bad because they cause you to take ages to get anywhere.

The "bad-guys" are quite smart, I was flanked a few times whilst firing down on a group of bad guys, while their friends snuck up behind me and shot me in the back of the skull, and they are also expert marksmen.

They are also quite stupid at the same time, charging towards you on the rare occasion, and sometimes even swarming around a door they knew you went through, so you can just shoot them one by one as they run in.

The graphical effects are really nice. In some situations the screen will go yellow or gray, which is really nice when it's subtly changing as you're fighting your way through a fortification.

And the graphics are good. They look nice, and it performs well on older machines, giving it a boost in marks for me.

There are moments where I said to myself: "This is cool", and one of those moments was stumbling across a group of Stalkers where one was playing guitar. I stood there listening to it for a good 5 minutes as it was really nice to listen to and fun to watch.

However. All good games have to have a few down points.

The game is quite hard. Not only is it huge, but it's also really difficult if you don't play it smart. The AI will continually swarm you with overwhelming numbers, and even if you do have any allies, you will be forced to fight on your own most of the time since your allies will die almost immediately.

The game is really boring to start off with, forcing yourself to learn the patterns for the anomalies, or getting killed by an anomaly and having to go all the way back an hours worth of game time because you forgot to save.

The radiation bubbles you have to go into are annoying, forcing you to either keep large quantities of Vodka on you, or large quantities of antidote. The most annoying thing about it is the amount you have to take. You get rid of some radiation and a few minutes later, it's back.

The ending is a little anti-climatic. Not really worth playing through to see.

The last few levels are rediculously hard, forcing you to play with your head and forcing you to run around looking for ammo, sniping. It's got the whole lot. Do-able though.

In conclusion, a good game, which has it's flaws. Would be really nice to have had vehicles in it (it was planned, but scrapped) to cross the huge amount of terrain, and would be much more fun if the game was polished a lot more than it was.

Nam, out.

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| | See all demonwithin's reviews (1)

ok i cant question how good a game this is, cus its ace,
there are absalutly LOADS of bugs with this tho,
bourght 5 days ago, JUST got it working properly,
there are 5 patches, all sorting different bugs in SP and MP
and the main problem is it crashing every 5 min due to lighting affects (dynamic lighting) which if turned off and lower the grafics settings now doesn't crash
BTW im not the only 1, and ive come across 100's of explanations on solving this very common problem
but as for the game its self---- as i say Ace


| | See all Rich976's reviews (19)

Dont listen to these people they are crazy!! My friend if your a PC gamer you should know that you will need at least a 2048MB of system RAM coupled with 3067MB minimu and 4096MB maximum page file your silly other wise. Also defrag your machine, clean registry (ccleaner), scan for virus. If you have the latest patch 1.05 then I dont see why it wont run well you must have a dual core cpu at least 2.0GHz and 2GB RAM and either a 7600 or an X1800 or higher and you will be fine. Im getting around 150fps in this nice and smooth thats only cause my pc cost over £5K but this game is easily playable on a minimum spec system. Its a beauty of a game graphics are truly awesome, story is griping and gameplay is tense and scary as hell its a steal at this price!!! PRESS THE BUY BUTTON NOW!!! This is everything BioShock isnt cause that game is rubbish!!

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  best game i played

| | See all Lordmichie's reviews (1)

stalker shado of chernobyl is one of the best games that i have ever played.

i personaly think that is it a must buy, the only critersysem that i wold place is the ending cynmatic because it is a bit depresing after you have been throw what seemed to take me i think 40-50 houers on med dificalty but i wont spoil the ending.

the grafics are fabulas, gameplay is amasing and trust me if you play it on hard it takes realism to the extreem, i must also say the map is huge.

A must buy.

  Play on suitable computer

| | See all BlueFlameSkulls's reviews (4)

So I bought this because of the extremely reduced price and had heard good reviews about it.

I advise you to boost up memory when playing this with a minimum of 1GB. My computer was very powerful a few years ago and now it's standard equipment borderline old. First thing I had to do when installing this was increase the page filing to over 2000 where I had it on default of 500. Then I patched it with version 1.4.

After that was done it was time to play. Immediately I found out how slow it was to play this game. The menu screen was fine until I got into the game. It was terrible to play like this, it would "lag" and it felt rough instead of a smooth playback. Add the difficulty of the game and getting killed is mandatory. In one instance you would be doing the first part of the game outside a barn to shoot the enemy. You run in, aim straight for their head and shoot. But because the enemy saw you and turned around the framerate decreased hence you miss. You're looking at the same screen for a couple of seconds and after that is over you're dead forcing you to start again unless you save. You did save didn't you?

However despite all this and not being able to play the game at all I get the feeling it is a very good game but you need a decent computer which is why I give this game a neutral 3.

Don't buy the game on minimum requirements, look at the recommended system requirements and make sure your computer is 10% better than listed.

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