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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (74 reviews)"

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  Worthwhile game

| | See all SteWSsC's reviews (7)

I was one of the people who waited for this game from day one, and as the game was delayed more and more i began to lose interest, a year or so later i heard it was confirmed to be released and got it as soon as i was able, thankfully i waited until this came down in price so i got it for a tenner, Now if your a fan of the survival horror genre get this game, its amazing. Its beutifully bleak atmosphere and amazing creatures make this a great game to play, but sadly it is pretty irritating. It is loaded with so many bugs, first off i had alot of problems getting it to run in vista but after a bit of searching it worked fine-ish. A few bugs i notied in game were, Side missions have a tendancy to not work, Especially the Defend your base and destroy mutant lair missions, they either just wont start or you'll be half way to your objective and itll pop up saying you have completed it. The scripted battles work fine but i wanted to explore and i couldnt because so many side missions just wouldnt work. Another problem was the Arena when battling in the arena my opponent wouldnt spawn for at least five minutes which was a lot of hassle but i figured if u wait until you hear a cocking gun at the other end hit quick save and it does the trick.

The main storyline was great and i never had a problem with the other missions, i would definetly recommend this game if you can put up with a few problems here and there cause it really is great fun and ill definetly be playing clear skys!!

  Well worth playing

| | See all MuppetEater's reviews (7)

At under a Tenner you can't ask more for this game.

I pre-ordered this and i can say that i'm still playing it on and off, so spending £25 6 months ago has proved to be a good investment.

At the time i first had this i had a Nvidia 7950GX2 card and this game with all the graphics turned up (running 1280x1024) it stressed the card but apart from the occasional glitch and bit of lag it didn't cause any real issues.

I've now upgraded my system and now get no issues with any lag (8800GTX's in SLI).

You do suffer from what i consider long level loading times but i'd prefer longer loads rather than trouble inside the game.

The graphics are wonderful. The outside zones are very realistic and i like the radiation effects and the piles of junk and disused gear.

I have found the game tough to play on the default level as the weapons used against you are deadly (and so they should be) until you can get better body armour and better weapons to kill them quickly.

The game is fully free roaminig, you can travel where you want and can if you wish pick up plenty of side missions that keep you moving around the map.

The main story within the game is a good thing, it's not a fantastic story but just as you forget about it, it pops back up and keeps you determined to move that bit further into the zone.

You have a PDA that keeps a track of your missions, the data you've found, what you need to do next and info on the entire zone and it's inhabitants. It also provides maps and icons as to where your markers are for things.

Now for the things that annoy me. You can clear off 'A Farm' of Bandits and then you'll find yourself going back that way and pop, the bandits are back.

Some of the missions don't work very well. I was asked to help a team take out a 'bandit' camp. I did this (it was tough but fun) however the character that asked me to help got killed and so i can't finish nor delete the mission.

Anyways i gave it 4 stars it would have got 5 if it hadn't the cons listed below.

1. Great Atmosphere, the graphics are lush and the music works a treat.
2. Good Range of Weapons and basic body Armours.
3. Nice Maps, the design of the towns/villages and cities makes you think they've actually looked at real maps (maybe they have)
4. Good AI. When you're playing with NPC's they act and duck and provide accurate fire etc. This applies to the mobs, they also can be annoying and hide when you don't want them to.
5. Massive map with great playability.
6. Deadly, you can't take many bullets before being killed.

1. PDA doesn't remember what you've read, so when you hear the PDA updated you have to hunt for the new info.
2. The MAP's can be annoying as you have to wait for them to zoom in at times, whilst you're in PDA mode you can see be shot up.
3. The Inventory is a bit small but very realisitic, ie you can't carry more than 3 weapons without problems.
4. Bandit/Mob camps respawn...

All in all great atmosphere, you feel depressed when running around the zone. It's very deadly at times, has a number of surpises, features pretty good AI and will keep you occupied for hours.


  A Gem

| | See all 85pHotpot's reviews (5)

Great game! The fact that I keep installing it and playing it with different mods is a testament to it's atmosphere and playability. Nice AI, nice (but not groundbreaking) graphics. Patched up with one of the many free mods applied (I recommend the Russian AMK mod which brings unpredictability) it's the best money spent fully clothed.


| | See all stormwind's reviews (10)

played on geforce 6800 and pentium 4 it played ok. I found that if you put the game down for a while then played it again. It was hard to remember where I was going and what I was doing had to spend 30 mins going through the maps and conversations.

  Good but flawed

| | See all BillyTheFish1's reviews (10)

Stalker is undoubtedly a good game. The visuals, sound and game play are good, and its easy to get sucked in and play for much longer than you expected.

However, and it has been mentioned in previous reviews, STALKER is not without its problems. Frame rate, crashing and OS issues are hit and miss. Some users Vista users can play it, some can't. I can. Some people have frame rate issues, unfortunately I do. Some people find it crashes a lot, which I do.

Patch 1.4 is like the game hit or miss in fixing these issues, with some Vista users finding it makes the game worse not better.

£10 is a good price for the game, just be aware that you may have problems.

  A great game

| | See all shaunboulton's reviews (30)

I play this on my high end gaming pc...and WOW!! visually stunning and a fun game too play. Jumpy in places but that adds to the whole experience, huge map, plently of mutant beings to kill and you always have something to do.

Get it and you wont regret it.

  True escapism.

| | See all ShowMeTheMonkey's reviews (10)

Never before have I truely believed I was a game character than since the mighty Half-Life 2. The three things that this game does so very well is the setting, scenery and living in the environment. Scavenging for food, weaponry and somewhere to sell your latest artifact is superbly rewarding as it is entertaining. Due to the A-life no two games are the same, there will always be a person who died before you got there, when you really needed their information to dig up some stash in an underground lab.

Yes graphics may put some people off as this game is very picky about what it runs on, with some top-end PC struggling to keep up and middle-end ones easily running smoothly.

Oh, I forgot. For £9.99 it's a bargain.


| | See all Senseless's reviews (14)

Splendid FPS. Not as polished as Half Life 2 but this is probably down to having a lower budget I'm sure. Few minor annoyances such as time limits on some side quests but a quick search on the net gives plenty of mods to remove this. Otherwise I enjoyed playing immensely, with a unique and interesting scenario which in places may very well scare the pants off you.

  Awesome game and runs fine in Vista

| | See all Elevon's reviews (3)

Just thought I say that I've played this game from start to end in Vista x64,so if anybody says and I have seen some remarks about Vista here,the game runs fine in Vista period!!!!

Game itself is awesome ,bargain at 9.99 and I paid more and still thought it was great.

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  this game has Issues with dual core and sli paired graphics

| | See all MarkOD's reviews (1)

i got a dual core 64 bit 4200+ AMD and 2 x 8600 Sli paired graphics cards

patched the game to 1.4 still got frame rate issues
making it unplayable

tried setting everything to low with no improvement AAHHH!!

I was so looking foreward to it too!! bit disapointed

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